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Healthy living can take work, but the benefits to our overall health, and our family as a whole, are immeasurable. Shopping for groceries takes time when reading every label and hunting for organic produce, working out has to be cleverly woven around hectic work schedules, and chemicals lurk around every corner in common products. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. These days, meal delivery, online natural product sources and fitness apps can help you balance it all. These are the best healthy living subscriptions to start with.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market’s virtual shelves are loaded with various natural brands, along with their own line that produces everything from shampoo to baking supplies. While keeping things junk free, Thrive helps people shop specific to their diet (keto, gluten free, paleo etc), and lifestyle. A membership is just $60 a year, and those funds go toward charity. Shoppers can nab a free gift with almost every order.

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Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest delivers fresh ingredients to easily whip up bowls, smoothies and healthful snacks. Black sesame, ginger, greens, nuts and cacao are just some of the superfoods that can be easily incorporated into one’s diet, with regular box deliveries. Daily Harvest’s costs can be spread out by using bowls or smoothies, to replace one meal a day.

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The Honest Company

The Honest Company makes healthy living subscriptions easy—canceling or rescheduling a delivery is easy to do and they also send out reminder emails. Bundles are customizable, so an order can contain all natural cleaning supplies, beauty items, diapers and basic care products like sunscreen and shampoo.

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Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody on Demand is a combination of workouts streamed directly on your devices, goal setting and meal plans. Signature workouts from the platform have been working for everyday people, for 20 years. Before committing to a plan, try it for 14 days, which is enough to see if the program is right for you. Plans start just under $9 a month.

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Sun Basket

Sun Basket is very flexible when it comes to getting however many meals your household needs every week. Skipping a week is no problem, if food plans change. Gluten free, paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian—whatever a diet calls for, Sun Basket will adjust accordingly. Meals contain lean protein, organic veggies and unique flavor pairings—some take as little as 6 minutes to prepare.

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Hungryroot ships out groceries, that customers then can use in healthy recipes—also provided. Before signing up, Hungryroot will want to learn more about you, such as any special dietary needs, and the ingredients families like best. All the excess work is removed, and folks can just enjoy the simplicity of cooking again.

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Veestro is a completely plant based meal delivery service, that requires hardly any preparation, other than warming. Extremely convenient and healthy, each of the chef created meals are appealing even to people who haven’t adopted a vegan lifestyle. Tuscan calzones, breakfast burritos, portobello steak dinners—the more meals you order, the cheaper each one is.

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MyFitnessPal is the ultimate tool for tracking both food and exercise—a list of apps are available to users, for a customized wellness “fit”. Quickly search food nutrition within an enormous database, scan barcodes on snacks and gather a full picture about your diet. Then use fitness tools to set goals, record distance and reflect on progress.

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Yumble solves the worries of parents everywhere who fear their kids aren’t getting enough nutrition to help them grow. Yumble delivers weekly meals designed for kids, and while they are super yummy, with chicken nuggets and burritos for example, kids will be getting vital vitamins and healthy calories.

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Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative isn’t about food. And healthy living goes beyond what we eat, to what we put on our body, and what we clean with. From toothpaste, deodorant, bathroom scrubs and hand soap, Grove Collaborative has got what every household needs for a healthy, non toxic lifestyle. Shipping is very flexible, as they know every family has different needs.

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Aaptiv combines the power of music, community and great workouts to help people reach fitness goals, big or small. In addition to solid workouts for every level and body type, a massive playlist of motivating music awaits your ears. And to round it out, there’s a community to share successes with, which helps boost motivation not to ever give up being the healthiest possible you.

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Raw Generation

Let’s face it, sometimes incorporating your daily dose of fruits and veggies can be hard to do with a hectic schedule. Thankfully, Raw Generation can help you hit those nutrition goals. The plant-based juices are delivered to your doorstep frozen, so that means they’ll keep until you’re ready to drink them. The company uses raw, unpasteurized and preservative-free ingredients that are never high-pressure processed, so the juices boast plenty of flavor and nutrients. And with options from cold-pressed juices and protein shakes to cleanses and immunity boosting juices, there’s an option for everyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

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