This Meal Kit Company Solves Your Dinner Dilemma — You’ll Love How It Works

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– Takes just 30 minutes, or sometimes less, to put a delicious meal on the table

– Easy, step-by-step recipes for perfectly portioned, well-balanced meals

– Choose from a variety of meals each week, and can be tailored to picky eaters or food allergies

We’ve all been there — that time of day when someone says ‘what’s for dinner?’ and your answer is met with ‘didn’t we just have that last week?’ It’s a vicious cycle in many households, and one that can cause quite a fuss. But what if you could spend less time talking about dinner and more time enjoying it with your family? That’s where HelloFresh comes in. This meal kit delivery service takes the stress and guesswork out of cooking, making it a simple and delicious solution to preparing weeknight meals. HelloFresh can help you break up your monotonous weekly dinner rut with new recipes to add to your repertoire — and it doesn’t require top chef cooking skills.

Convenience is at the heart of HelloFresh, and many other meal kit delivery companies. These pre-portioned ingredients are delivered to your doorstep with easy-to-follow recipes that help streamline the cooking process. The result: perfectly portioned, well-balanced meals that add nutrition and variety to your weekly dinner routine. It’s like the ultimate meal prep, but without the hassle of planning and shopping — who wouldn’t love that? But what makes HelloFresh stand out from other the meal kit delivery services is its quick, time-saving dinners as well as its straightforward and simple process.

HelloFresh offers three different plans — Classic, Family and Veggie — to choose from, all starting at less than $8.99 per serving, with some as low as $7.87 per serving. These prices include fresh, wholesome foods and high-quality produce sourced directly from family-owned and operated purveyors across the country. Each week, you’ll pick your menu from a variety of tasty, chef-curated recipes and the ingredients arrive neatly packaged on your doorstep. To help you save even more time, the ingredients are all labeled and there’s minimal prep work required — less time slicing and dicing, and more time savoring your meal. Your total cook time with most recipes will be 30 minutes, while some will only take 20 minutes. Time is a precious commodity in our lives, so anything that saves you from spending hours in the kitchen and fewer trips to the grocery store is a win.

Worried whether a meal kit delivery service can accommodate your picky spouse? Or maybe you have a food allergy? HelloFresh offers dietarily diverse menu options and every recipe comes with detailed nutritional information. It’s as simple as telling them your likes, dislikes or foods to avoid. While selecting your menu for the week, HelloFresh labels recipes with categories like Calorie Smart, for those sticking to a diet; Hall of Fame, for customers’ all-time favorites; and 20-minute meal, for time-saving options.

The simplicity continues when it comes to your subscription, and HelloFresh is flexible with your schedule. If you need to skip a week while you’re on vacation or cancel or pause at any time, it’s just a few clicks away.

With HelloFresh, the old “what do you want for dinner?” struggle will be erased from your life, welcoming you to a stress-free world where dinner is already planned, and you’ll enjoy a simple, delicious and nutritious recipe. Instead, your next question will be, “what do I do with all this free time?”

* UPDATE: The folks over at HelloFresh are extending a limited time offer to our readers: $80 OFF – $20 off your first 4 orders. Follow this link to claim the deal.

BONUS TIP: Feeling confident in your cooking skills? You can upgrade to gourmet with recipes like scallops and truffle mushroom risotto or pan-seared duck breast.


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