The 12 Best Slime-Making Kits for Making Messy, Stretchy Fun

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Slime kits are popular for a reason, kids and parents both love them. Sure, they can be a little messy, but in the right space, it can be a fun activity for families to do together. Slime kits can also be educational, teaching kids about chemistry for example. Slime time means more time away from electronics, and overall it’s a great sensory experience. There are a lot of reasons to take place in this trendy activity, and if you’re looking to do so, these are the best slime kits to buy.

With a five star rating on Target, Elmer’s slime kit eliminates a few steps of the creation process. The Magic Liquid base means lovers of the squishy concoction can bypass adding various ingredients like contact lense solution and baking soda. With bottles of natural glow-in-the-dark, red glitter, purple translucent, blue, and white glues, a vast pallet of hues can be achieved.

The above is a great sampling of all Elmer’s slime kits have to offer, but this selection zeros in on all things glow in the dark. Mixing up illuminating globs is a ton of fun for a camp out style birthday party celebration, or just something interesting to do with the kids during the summer. Less materials come with this one, but it’s cheaper.

If the rainbow and cloud case doesn’t draw you in, the fact that this is a make up kit combined with a slime kit just might do it. Eyeshadows and other glittering makeover supplies can either be applied to the face for a fun sleepover style makeover, or mixed into an ooey gooey ball of fun. Over 35 pieces reside within the case, so this would be a ton of fun to use while having friends over.

The Original Stationary unicorn slime kit is one of the highest rated on Amazon, because it’s less expensive than some but does not lack in any area. A super soft clay can be colored by various inks and given satisfying textures with items such as foam beads. Then, time to add glitter or other beautifying add ins. Everything comes in a convenient plastic case, and a guide offers ideas and suggestions for slime creation.

Simply put, Elmer’s just has a ton of really awesome slime kits. Seriously we could write about several more. The snow kit in particular is awesome for snow day fun, even in the middle of the summer. It’s relatively simple, and relatively inexpensive. In the kit you get supplies to make white slime along with artificial snow to make the mixture extra fluffy. Have fun making snowballs, or maybe even a snowman.

National Geographic has even gotten in on the slime game, and they’ve done a darn good job further adding discovery and sensory possibilities. A combination of putty and slime mixes come in the kit. Kids can experiment with magnetic, color changing, bouncy, and other interesting squishy materials. More like a mini science lab, kids might learn a thing or two.

Who doesn’t love poopsie, the poop shaped icon that adorns clothing, bedding, toys and now slime kits? Referred to as pooey puitton, the purse style carrying case helps keep all the included inks and add ins organized and protected. Make unicorn poop, or just something with a lot of textures.

Along with sprinkles, multiple colors, and other add ins, this prehistoric style slime kit also comes with little dinosaurs to add to your masterpiece. Even little slime eggs are included, so you’re young one can pretend like they are excavating a gooey fossil site. This slime gets stretchier the more you play with it, so there will be hours of fun with this one.

Playing on the “sciencey” nature of slime, this kit has a chemistry theme. A guide, and online instructional videos, have been proven to help kids learn while they’re creating something super fun at the same time. Enjoy using test tubes and other equipment, while experimenting with colors. A surprise toy is also included.

Those with a strong stomach would particularly enjoy this educational slime kit. Yes, your kids will actually learn important information to help them do well in school, while also creating concoctions that resemble boogers, eyeballs and poop. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but kids may find it pretty hilarious.

Naturally, there are a few pretty great nickelodeon slime kits. Didn’t nickelodeon kind of create the whole obsession with slime? Anyways, this selection in particular comes with 12 different slimes in a rainbow of colors. Some mix ins also come in the pack. This is a pretty great basic and versatile slime kit for beginners or more experienced crafters.

Zen laboratories jumbo slime kit is the number two seller on Amazon, right under the unicorn slime kit, by Original Stationary. This one is a great starter kit, because it has a little bit of everything. You could also use it as a party centerpiece, as a lot of kids could interact with all the items that come along in this selection.

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