10 Hilarious Games for Adults Confined at Home

Fun at home

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The Netflix watch list is running low, your lawn is meticulously manicured, the monthly internet gig limit is maxed and the kids really want parents to stop posting Tik Tok videos. What else is an adult supposed to do to enjoy themselves these days? It’s time to go old school and whip out the board and card games. But more modern ones are available, that add adult twists to classics. Ranging from the totally offensive, to some the kids might be able to play, we’ve pulled together highly rated, gut busting games for adults, to help liven up time spent at home.

Drinkopoly takes traditional Monopoly and replaces spaces with drinking prompts. That’s basically it. Just kidding, even though that sounds pretty fun. Different crazy tasks are sprinkled into the mix of classic board game play gone wild. Time goes a lot faster than with the traditional version.

Not up to date with your inappropriate slang? You might want to have an urban dictionary on hand while playing Drawing without Dignity. And unless you just are super open with your fam, this might be a game best suited for you and your friends, because you’ll be drawing some very uncensored things. Similar to Pictionary, players must quickly draw to help others guess the word they’ve been given. It’s a hoot, and kind of awkward.

Who’s Most Likely To is  “a game that’s best played with a good sense of humor and minimal rules”. What could be better when stuck at home with people? Because this is not a good time for bitter feelings. A new judge each round will draw a card that asks something like “who’s most likely to have a 20 minute conversation with Siri?” The object is not to be “the most likely to”, as the first person with seven cards loses. No one wins technically.

Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition is for peeps 17 and up, but a family version can be found on Amazon, Target or other mainstream stores. You won’t spend hours trying to figure out odd rules or unidentifiable pieces, it’s a card game with literally no “nonsense “. You get a nutty phrase, and everyone will have to say their phrase in the “accent of the round”. Yes, like an English accent for example. It’s funnier than one would think, and nearly 600 people on Amazon have given it nearly five stars.

Charades are fun, but Sick and Twisted Charades are hysterical. A handful of manipulations have been incorporated to totally dismantle everything you learned while playing the game as a kid. Aside from the more grown up prompts, opponents can nail actors with a dodge ball, along with other mischievous sabotage opportunities.

You know how some games are labeled for adults, but it might be okay for more mature kids to play? Joking Hazard is not one of those games. That stack of cards has the potential to create some seriously inappropriate stories, focused on some really inappropriate topics, and it’s just, well, crazy inappropriate. Create your own word cards give players the power to make things even more diabolical.

Drunk Confidence is a drinking game that can break the ice or pass the time. Going beyond just trivia, each challenge card puts player’s skills to the test, from singing to answering history questions correctly. If the challenge is failed, then it’s bottoms up! Drunk Confidence is easy to play, which is good because some of those random tasks might have you tipping the glass a little more than usual.

Things They Don’t Teach You in School is definitely a trivia game, but the theme is that there isn’t a theme, which is why it’s excellently bursting with senseless knowledge that will have you laughing so hard, you’ll be glad you took that pre-game pee break. You didn’t ask to know these things, but now you’ll likely never forget them. But we kind of do want to know why Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows.

Several variations of What Do You Meme exist, but this baseline version is a nice crossover for families with kids. Each round, a new judge draws a picture, and each active player then selects the best catchphrase from their own collection of dealed cards. The combos can be weird, accurate or downright outrageous, making for a solid game to entertain adults.

Based off of a prompt like “pizza toppings” or “things associated with pirates”, participants secretly create lists of words they think their opponents with write down. Every answer that matches up with someone is a space forward on the game board. The answers provided by your friends might not be expected, which makes it all that much better.

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