This Clueless-Inspired Makeup Collection Will Leave You Totally Buggin’

as if!

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Clueless is the quintessential 90s teen movie. With a young Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd and Jeremy Sisto, the perfect amount of rom com charm, and of course, the iconic fashion looks, audiences are still loving it decades later. We all wanted to be Cher Herowitz and find any reason to dramatically proclaim “as if!” Now you can with this glam Clueless-themed makeup collection. We’ve told you about HipDot before; they’re the creative geniuses behind that sizzling hot sauce-inspired line.

Characterized by clean ingredients and pigments in every shade of the rainbow, the brand sells shimmering eyeshadow palettes, brushes, masks and more. Other fun collabs include Kesha, Spongebob Squarepants, makeup artist Kareem Maliek Rogers – and for all you former (and current) emo kids out there, HipDot will soon have a My Chemical Romance-inspired line available. Welcome to the black parade!

First up in the Clueless collection is the ​​411 eyeshadow palette chock full of mattes and shimmers that will help you decide if you’re a fashion victim or simply ensemble-y challenged, as Cher would say. The palette has adorable names like “Doll Face,” “Botticelli,” and “The Valley” and is covered in chic pink fur that screams 1995. It also includes a massive mirror, which we always love. You’ll “totally pause” after unwrapping this beauty for the first time.

Then we have the Totally Clueless blush palette shaped like, what else, a retro pink flip phone! Remember the days when having a Razr phone meant you were the coolest person in school? Ah, to be young again. The blush palette comes with four versatile shades for all skin tones, plus it has a built-in mirror for on-the-go application. Don’t get caught looking like a full-on Monet!

Next up is the Total Bettys tinted lip oil kit named for our favorite leading ladies: Cher, Dionne and Tai. The packaging pays homage to Cher’s iconic yellow plaid outfit seen in the first few minutes of the movie that left audiences buggin’ (and inspired Halloween costumes for many years to come, TBH). Stylish shades of red, mauve and nude will ensure you’ve cemented your reputation as a total Betty.

We can’t pass up an opportunity to accessorize, of course! The three-piece pin set adds sass to any outfit or bag with the quotes “way harsh,” “as if” and “I’m outie, whatever.”

If you’re looking to do the ultimate makeover, snag the entire collection in one adorable box set. Cher’s locker contains all of the products listed above plus a fluffy pen, packaged nice and neat in a collectable box. Raise your hand if you’re feeling extra nostalgic.

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