The Hipdot X Tapatío Collab Means Hot Sauce-Inspired Makeup

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For a little background on HipDot Cosmetics, they are characterized by clean ingredients and pigments in all shades of the rainbow, HipDot sells glittery eyeshadow palettes, masks, brushes, and more.   I’ve come to know them as movers and shakers in the world of makeup joining other beauty brands in their more inclusive and diverse approach to makeup, designing fearless cosmetics for real people with real stories to tell. Every product in the box is vegan, free of parabens, talc, mineral oil, and phthalates — oh, and did we mention it’s not tested on our furry friends?

The Hipdot X Tapatío Collab

In 2020 the brand unveiled a red-hot, sizzling collab that made me do a double-take. The HipDot X Tapatío collection — yes, as in Tapatío the hot sauce, is a striking line no doubt perfect for adding some flavor to your bland makeup routine. The line was wildly popular; HipDot says the first run sold out in a mere 24 hours due to popular demand.  This popularity has led to multiple collaborations between these two icons and we’re reaping the benefits. Check out what’s available below.

Shop The Hipdot X Tapatío Collab

Limited Edition Box Includes

  • Dia De Los Muertos Tapatío Pigment and Cream Palette

  • Tapatío Dia De Los Muertos Liquid Lipstick Set

  • Tapatío Dia De Los Muertos Glitter Set

  • Tapatío Dia De Los Muertos Beauty Sponge

In the palette you’ll find buttery-smooth cream pigments in bright shades so you can take your experimenting to a whole new level. Tapatío liquid lipstick is designed to look like mini versions of the actual bottle! How cute would this be to pull out of your bag for a touch-up? There’s a variety of shades for every occasion. The applicator is nice and soft so you can decorate your lips with ease.

You can also buy a sponge in a fierce blood-red color that’s free of latex and ideal for dropping liquid foundation and blending concealer like it’s hot.

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