18 Hocus Pocus Halloween Decorations For Your Spooky Party

Party Time

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Halloween has arrived; the black candle is lit;
Time to plan a spooky party that will undoubtedly be a hit.
An abundance of themes can surely be spine-chilling;
But a Hocus Pocus party will be all the more thrilling.
So whip up the spells, and gather your brooms;
The Sanderson sisters will surely loom.
We found supplies online that will surely do;
Going above and beyond, practically screaming boo!

Keep reading for our favorite indoor and outdoor decorations for a Hocus Pocus-themed party, based on great reviews and personal experience, of course.

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Indoor Decor

Things to Know

  • Takes AA batteries

  • Made of polyester

  • Dimensions: 96″ L x 18″ W

The reviews so far on this Hocus Pocus mantle scarf are solid. People mentioned that they love the detail of the officially licensed piece, which also has lights to illuminate the Sanderson sister silhouettes. Some transparent comments included that the wires take a little time to hide, but it can be done. One person also gave this a higher rating and mentioned that it works better on lighter-colored mantles. Darker wood tends to make the overall design less visible.

Things to Know

  • Takes AAA batteries

  • Dimensions: 39” H x 76” W

  • Spot clean

Cover your windows with seemingly aged black lace intricately detailed with silhouettes of the Sanderson sisters. Like another officially licensed Hocus Pocus polyester piece of decor on this list, this one is pre-lit, adding an ambient glow to bring out the details. Batteries are not included, and you’ll need two AA batteries for the lighting. Just like any window treatment, it can add a lot to the overall spooky ambiance of a space, especially during a themed party.

Things to Know

  • 9 inches in diameter

  • Eight plates in a pack

Paper plates are an inexpensive way to theme the table of your eerie get-together. Coming with eight plates, buy a couple of packs unless you are just planning a small Hocus Pocus dinner party. Each plate is 9 inches, featuring the silhouette of Winnifred, Sarah, and Mary. Enhance each place setting by layering these on top of shimmery purple plates. Include a small cauldron full of goodies and a place marker to mix up the seating. A purple martini on the side, made with ingredients like cranberry juice and blue Curaçao, adds a haunting touch – – numerous purple martini recipes can be found on Pinterest.

Things to Know

  • Made of wood

  • Dimensions: 8″ x 1″ x 8″

In the description, this “you’re the Hocus to my Pocus“ table sign is detailed to be made of wood. If you are someone who pays attention to materials when picking out a product, you probably know something that is truly made of wood is hard to find. Various colors complement virtually any type of Halloween decor or theme. The sign could be a lovely centerpiece, whether you go glitzy and sleek Hocus Pocus or more campy hocus-pocus.

Things to Know

  • Dimensions: 12″ H x 16″ W

  • Material: MDF, paper

This sign is designed a look like an old newspaper and has a lot of details if you pay close attention. From a weather forecast to a few news features, the vintage-looking product is yet another fun detail to add to your Hocus Pocus party. You’ll notice iconic characters appearing in various spots as an officially licensed piece. You could set the sign up in a photo booth to be used by arriving guests. Consider incorporating a digital Polaroid camera, so you can print out snaps for guests as you take them.

Things to Know

  • Total length is about 40″

  • Made of plastic, spot-clean

Appear to be ready to take to the skies on this ideal costume prop, no matter which Sanderson sister you decide to attend your party as. Even if you opt to dress up as a non-Hocus Pocus character for the themed get-together, you can still use the plastic prop etched with the phrase “It’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus “as a finishing touch. Prop a few on the front porch as if the sisters will be grabbing them to take off at any moment.

Things to Know

  • Blu Ray

  • Multi-screen

If there’s one item that seems like an absolute necessity for a Hocus Pocus party, it’s the film itself. Walmart offers the Blu-ray edition for a steal of a price. Simply play it in the background, or incorporate it into various party games. One game that is a ton of fun is pausing the movie at various points, with each person taking a turn trying to predict the dialogue.

Things to Know

  • 2-6 players

  • Ages 8 and up

In this card game, players try to prevent the Sanderson sisters from obtaining all the ingredients to make their wicked potion. Playing a round is estimated to take about 30 minutes, which is ideal for incorporating multiple partygoers into various games. Each card is adorably detailed, featuring a light-hearted approach to the film’s overall style. Many who reviewed the game detailed it to be complicated at first but a ton of fun once you get the hang of it.

Things to Know

  • Material: Paper

  • Product Dimensions 4″ L x 4″ W

Banners are, simply put, party essentials! They take drab open doorways, empty mantles, or lackluster food tables to the next level! If you have a space you don’t know how to fill, a glittery banner is likely a phenomenal solution! The “I put a spell on you” decoration is delicately strung so that the light reflective letters glisten above the desired space. Little bats add a lovely accent to the relatively neutral product that could be incorporated into a kids’ party or a more elegant adult get-together.

Things to Know

  • Polyester

  • Dimensions: 18″L x 18″W

Each phrase on one of the four pillow covers is adorably relatable to the beloved Hocus Pocus film. Yes, these are just covers, so you must find your insert. Luckily, each polyester cover comes in various sizes, so maybe you already have something that might fit! We chose the perfectly square 18 x 18 option for this listing. We love these covers because they can be used for the entire season year after year, not just for one party.

Things to Know

  • Dimensions: 22 x 4.72 x 11,” each cauldron 5.5 x 4″

  • Can hold up to 2 pounds

While these aren’t specifically licensed Hocus Pocus cauldron serving bowls, they certainly fit with the theme and are quite versatile! While the rack itself is metal, each of the three cauldrons is plastic. Some guests found this aspect to be disappointing, but we see this as each cauldron being less breakable. While pictured holding dips, you could definitely use this as an adorable candy jar. One thing consistently mentioned in customer reviews was that the set turned out to be bigger than expected.

Things to Know

  • Snack Bowl Stand Dimensions: 9″ dia. x 13″ H

  • Bowls: 7.4 oz. capacity each

If plastic food serving items simply aren’t your thing, this set may be an option for you. An adorable broom with cast iron loops holds three ceramic pumpkins. You could serve hot or cold items within each dish. Being microwave safe, you can easily serve something like buffalo chicken dip up while being able to toss it into the microwave for a quick warm-up intermittently. Hummus, guacamole, and cheese dip are phenomenal options for placing within each precious orange pumpkin.

Things to Know

  • 9-1/2″W x 8″D x 6-1/4″H, 6″ diameter at opening

  • 99 oz. capacity

  • For indoor use only, hand-wash

Made 100% of stoneware, this authentic-looking cauldron also has a pairing ladle, should you decide to serve spooky drinks within it. The quality is evident, and the words “hocus pocus” are displayed across the front. How fitting! We see this being something that you can keep on hand for generations to come. Maybe you could hand it down to your grandchildren. Make this not only a jaw-dropping Pocus Pocus decoration but a Halloween staple whenever you choose to throw a get-together. Keep in mind that this is a hand wash only item.


Things to Know

  • Dimensions: 3′ 5 23/32” H x 1′ 4 1/8” W x 4′ 11 27/32” D

  • Ground stakes included

This fun inflatable, which features a cartoon-like take on all three Sanderson sisters, sells out really quickly! It might be a rarity whenever you see it in stock, as I have tried to purchase it without luck. The decoration comes to life within a few seconds of turning on the blower! Those who have reviewed it so far mention that this is a “focal point“ of their Halloween decor. When hosting a skin-crawling-themed party, a popping yard decoration is a must.

Things to Know

  • 60% MDF, 40% solid wood

  • Dimensions: H 24.02”, W 1.57”, D 15.31”

Give your porch some serious flare using this A-frame sign—it can be converted into an easel. You could also hang this from a wall if you’d prefer. Orange and black lettering pop against the white background, giving almost a vintage or older look. Surround the sign with hay bales and pumpkins, and you have a charming yet grand welcoming attribute for all your party guests. While not completely made of wood, the reviews overall are quite solid.

Things to Know

  • Assembly required

  • Dimensions: 60” H x 9.72” W x 1.26” D

This sign is suitable for inside and out of your home, therefore making it multi-functional. Prop it up beside your fireplace, or add a bit of flare to the back porch. A back porch can be an extended entertainment space when hosting Halloween parties. Pull up the fire pit, lay all the ingredients out for spooky s’mores (use ghost Peeps instead of marshmallows)—the options are endless. Reviews detailed that the design arrives in two pieces, so some mild assembly is required.

Things to Know

  • Dimensions: 18″ dia. x 48″H, 10 lbs. each.

  • 3-foot electrical cord between each light with 4-inch lead cord

  • Plugs into standard outlet

How precious would these brooms be, lined down your sidewalk or driveway? Conveniently light the way while building anticipation and excitement about what decor may lie inside. The brooms are accented with ambient orange lights, which give off a cozy and very “fall” vibe. Customers loved these so much that they bought multiple boxes. So that really says something about the quality and overall appearance.

Things to Know

  • Dimensions: 15.7″ W x 23.6″ L x 3/16″ thick

  • Vinyl non-slip backing to keep mat in place

  • Runs small

“Oh, look, another glorious morning – makes me sick!“ There is hardly any more quotable line from the entire movie. Actually, there are a ton of quotable lines. The rubber back mat can add an extra punch to your welcome of all the party guests. In the description, they specifically recommend that this be used indoors only. There are both positive and negative reviews, with the main complaint being that this mat is pretty small and thin. That’s what takes us back to the description – – consider using this as an indoor accent rug only.

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