14 Wickedly Awesome Hocus Pocus Gifts & Merch for Your Best Witches

Ghoulish Gifts

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More black cats seem to be roaming the streets, porches glow with jack-o’-lanterns, and the distant cackling of witches seems to echo in the distance. It’s that time of year again, Halloween, but also the season when we pull out one of our favorite, most-mood setting spooky season films — Hocus-Pocus! Walking into stores, it’s not uncommon to see multitudes of merchandise adorned in the silhouettes of Winnie, Mary, and Sarah. The following Hocus Pocus merchandise will be even better than the chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark.

Transform almost anything into Hocus Pocus merchandise, with this iconic Winnie silhouette sticker. Maybe your suitcase needs a touch of flair, so you can identify it on the luggage carousel, or perhaps you want to be able to quickly identify your water bottle. We can think of so many uses for this.

Have some brew from this mystically purple wine glass with all of your best witches, while watching Hocus Pocus of course. Look closely, and you’ll be able to identify each of our beloved Sanderson sisters.

Add this subtle touch to your October wardrobe, so you can be festive all the time. True fans will absolutely flip out when they look close enough to notice Winnie’s iconic creepy eye choker necklace subtly adding a spellbinding pop to your outfit.

Pops of purple and little dangling fringe turn this Hocus Pocus dish towel into the perfect Halloween accent for your kitchen. We imagine this being a perfect gift when combined with the purple wine glass on this list. A Hocus Pocus-themed girl’s night sounds like a good idea.

From far away you might miss the little touches that make this a wonderful collectible from the film. Icons that relate to various scenes are sprinkled over the faux leather. It has plenty of practical compartments, while gold accents add an elegant look that even the Sanderson sisters would approve of.

The witches get a cool and edgy makeover, while adoring the front of this super soft casually fitting short sleeve shirt. They really are the ultimate squad aren’t they? We love that this shirt is somewhat muted, likely prompting many double takes.

The multicolored cauldron mug definitely has a spooky vibe about it, while also being totally awesome. The wooden spoon is that authentic, rustic touch that really rounds out the boo-tifully essential kitchen item. Both sides have the printed phrase, and it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

What a perfect way to greet everyone when they walk in the kitchen in the morning! We love the idea of making a coffee nook themed all around this phrase, including the fun cauldron mug that we also have listed in this compilation. Coffee will definitely turn it into a glorious morning.

Cuddle up with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning, while snuggling this cozy fleece blanket. The ultra soft material and sparkling colors will definitely brighten up any morning, or candlelit movie night.

Only those who have actually seen the movie will understand your shirt. We love the obscure phrase, and the fun meaning behind it. Lighting the black flame candle is what brought our favorite bunch of witches back! So if wanting to keep your Halloween wardrobe relatively tame, this is a great one to add to the closet.

Having too many dish towels is like having too many candles — it’s kind of a good thing! Swap this one out while washing the other towel on our list, and celebrate all the weirdos that come out on Halloween night!

Celebrating more of our favorite Hocus Pocus phrases, these four glasses can make a great decorative accent, or a serving dish. Keep in mind, these have to be gently hand washed. We can see candy corn, or other treats, looking perfect in these for a creepy October party.

Grab your broom sticks and fly to get your credit card, because you’re going to want to buy this super cute cauldron mug! Made of ceramic, it has a quality look and feel. However, to preserve it you will need to hand wash it rather than tossing it in the dishwasher.

The Sanderson sisters sit in a bubbling green cauldron among this simply perfect door sign! We love the caricature design of the cartoons, and can imagine this looking particularly bewitching in the center of a large deco mesh wreath.

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