Holiday Wreath Storage: Everything You Need to Do it Right

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When the holidays are over, it’s easy to just want to cram every decoration into a plastic box as quickly as possible. But when the season rolls around again, the regret easily floods over, as we pull out crumpled circular decorations that once displayed intact ornaments, pinecones or berries. Wreaths can be an expensive investment depending on where you get them from, and it’s an investment you want to protect. Multiple methods are available for protecting these delicate beauties during the off-season. Below we’ve listed several ways to store your wreaths the right way.

Plastic storage boxes provide true protection for individual wreaths. Typically, they snap closed, and can be sat in a corner in the garage, remaining relatively free from any interior debris. If you have an extra special wreath, it would be worth spending the money and sacrificing the space for it to have its very own storage location. With a convenient carrying handle and around 30 inches of diameter space, this version from Michael’s is a win.

Flat boxes, designed to fit the average size wreath, might be one of the best options. You’re not going to be dealing with any awkwardly shaped containers, and they are totally stackable. We actually appreciate the little things about this product, like the pearl colored base, and festive red top. Coming with three boxes, you will be able to store those essential favorites.

Cloth storage containers may not be as sturdy as plastic, but they have their benefits, as they are more malleable, and take up less space. A bonus for the below product, it attaches to the wreath’s frame, to keep the fabric from sagging or warping. The zip enclosure makes storing easy, and the moisture resistant fabric will protect if storing in a more humid environment. There are loops from where this particular storage container can be hung.

If you have a lot of space in your home, wreath storage is likely an absolute snap. Do you have a craft room? Or even better, a room where you have designated storage for holiday decorations? Maybe the space is an empty room in the basement. Place any old hooks from a home improvement store on the walls. Use a tape measure, or level, to evenly place each one a uniform distance apart. Now for the fun part— hang your wreaths in categories, according to holiday. The perfectly lined organization will certainly bring peace of mind.

Consider purchasing some other rack for your garage wall. Maybe you ran across an old bicycle hanging rack at a yard sale. That will work! The same design that is meant to hold bike wheels, can more times than not perfectly hold a wreath. The bike rack below could seemingly hold five wreaths, maybe even more, if they are small enough to double up on each hook. There are other bike racks out there, that consist of two extended poles, to hang each wheel on. So this would be phenomenal for lining up several reaths on each side.

Shower curtain rods are extra handy, whether you’re needing to add extra space in a closet, or a place to hang festive wreaths! Find a space to where you can snuggly secure a rubber ended shower curtain. Before putting into place, slide all of your wreaths on the pole, then cinch against the wall. Your wreaths will hang freely, and even stay fluffed for the next season.

Do you have a coat closet that you never use for coats? Consider turning it into a wreath storage closet. Carefully bend wire hangers into a J shape, to accommodate each wreath (you could actually not bend at all and place the hanger one side at a time through the opening). Sliding them back-and-forth to select which wreath you would like to display on your front door is a literal snap. No more digging through boxes, and having to re-shape all of the branches, mesh, or whatever material it is made from.

Perhaps one of the most out of the box, quite literally, ideas, is using a metal trashcan. A brand new one of course, that has never contained any trash! The sturdy exterior is ideal for protecting the round shape of your favorite wreaths. Packing, such as cardboard or bubble wrap can be placed in between each one to ensure protection of its contents. Toss the lid on, ensure it is secure, and store in the corner of the garage until Christmas rolls around again!

Turn an average clothing storage rolling rack, into the ultimate rolling Christmas storage. The wheels allow you to pull loads of glittering decor out of a space, and into the main area which you are decorating. Wreaths can easily hang from the poles, or can be gently stacked on any above, or lower racks. Also store your lights, garland, and other holiday essentials upon various hooks and hanging points. When it’s time to take everything down, just roll the rack back in and load it up!

Do you have an attic, or anywhere else in your home that isn’t finished? In a secure place, nail a simple wooden strip, and tap in a few nails. Wreaths can hang easily from this homemade contraption. It will be easy to just walk into the attic, and grab the wreath of your choice. Secondly, this keeps them off of the floor, and much cleaner and in better shape.

Falling in line with some of our other wreath storage methods, such as hanging them in a closet, or from an attic nail, we introduce the idea of taking the protection one step further. If hanging from a regular hanger, poke a hole in the top of a trash bag, and wrap it downward around the wreath, and tie into place. This will keep the debris and dust away.

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