9 At-Home Spa Tips & Tricks From the Pros to Keep You Feeling Fabulous

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Whether you’re on a budget, can’t make it to your appointment or you’re stuck at home during this coronavirus pandemic, nothing can replace the expertise of your trusted spa professionals. But there’s hope for us homebodies after all, as a few tips from the pros can help us improve our at-home self-care routines.

We reached out to Kathy Rivard, spa director for Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vt., and a former Esteé Lauder professional, and asked her to share a few things we can do at home to keep our skin glowing and our nails neat, while also helping us relax when we need it the most.

While we know nothing can compare to the soothing treatments at your favorite spa, we hope these at-home spa tips and tricks from a professional can keep you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What’s your favorite go-to home spa treatment?
Start with the Tinkle at home dermaplane razor, then a Deep Cleaning Facial with Tata Harper refreshing cleanser followed by Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask — leave on 20 minutes. Apply Dr. Gross’s new stress-proof line. My favorites are Superfoods Stress serum, Stress repair cream and Stress SOS eye cream.

Let’s face it, manis and pedis aren’t the same at home. Any tricks that can help us achieve the look and feel we’d get from a nail salon?
I purchased an OPI at-home gel light and gel polish, then taught my husband how to paint my nails!

When you’re sleep deprived, what do you use to soothe those tired, dark circles under the eyes?
I use a jade roller that I keep in the freezer to roll under my eyes as well as an ice roller for my face.

When you need to catch some Z’s, what combination makes for a soothing bed-time routine?
Melatonin gummies, a Slip pillowcase as well as lavender sleep spray.

Any easy recipes for an at-home facial mask or body scrub?
I use Barr Hill’s raw honey mixed with Epson Salt as an amazing body scrub.

When you want to turn your bathroom into a make-shift, spa-like atmosphere, what’s your approach?
Make sure it is very clean, and it smells good with Lafco candles and diffusers.

Do you have a recommended at-home skincare routine?
Tata Harper’s regenerating cleanser followed by Vitner’s Daughter Botanical serum, Tata’s Illuminating moisturizer and Dr. Gross SOS eye cream.

What’s one of the most underrated at-home spa essentials?
A highly active face serum and a facial ice roller.

What are some of the easiest at-home remedies to help you relax?
I use the Peloton app for yoga and cycling classes. I keep the room dark and burn candles during the classes.

Check out more on Kathy Rivard and the luxurious spa at Topnotch Resort in Vermont. And check out this list for more ideas on at-home spa essentials.

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