Must-Have Gear for Your At-Home Workouts

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Getting creative with home-based workouts while your local gym is unavailable is a surefire way to banish boredom and attack stress with those post-workout endorphins. While our usual standby weights and even those whole body workout machines may be tough, or even impossible, to get delivered quickly, some creative thinking will help bridge the gaps between what gear is available, and what types of workouts you’re interested in pursuing.

The worst part of a workout is usually knowing where to begin, so let this dice set mix things up for you. With three difficulty levels to choose from, you can get a randomly chosen workout that’s just right for your fitness level; they even offer video instructions if you need them, so getting in great shape is as easy as playing a game.

You could shell out big bucks for a high-end exercise bike, but this trainer system lets you convert the bike you already have into an indoor stationary exercise bike, and saves a bundle.  Never again worry about rough roads, bad weather, or losing your finely-honed condition.

They may have a vintage reputation, but aerobic classes use steps and platforms for a reason, and the combination of lower-body toning and high intensity cardio make this multitasker a must-have. While they’re available in a standard gym-class size, this smaller model is a more convenient choice for small apartments, and even slides under most beds or couches for no fuss storage between workouts.

Part workout, part therapy session, adding a punching bag to your home gym is a fantastic way to burn off some energy. The adjustable height makes this bag an excellent choice for kicks and core work as well as punching, and the base can be filled with water or sand, making it sturdy and stable enough to handle anything you can throw at it.

Protecting your hands during a boxing workout is incredibly important, so a quality pair of gloves is a worthwhile investment for anyone who regularly works with a punching bag.

Supportive for any kind of core workout, this durable yoga ball keeps you in perfect position for difficult stretches, keeps pressure off your joints, and helps you reach new goals for sit-ups, pushups, and more. Available in a range of sizes, it’s also a core-focused substitute for your standard home office chair.

There has never been a better time to pick up yoga! Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help ease anxieties and develop better body image and flexibility, all at the same time. Your favorite yoga studio may have moved classes online, offering you options that allow you to support your local teachers, or find new favorite instructors. This seven piece set includes blocks, straps, a mat, and knee support, so no matter your level of strength and flexibility you can move steadily closer to your fitness goals with plenty of support.

This pull-up stand supports a wide range of users, with a height range from 4′ 10″ to over 7′ and up to 330lbs, so the whole family can use and enjoy this machine, without worrying about racking weights or adjusting to different capabilities; as a body weight only machine, everyone brings exactly what they need to it.

While the weather is nice and the local rinks are closed, it’s street hockey’s time to shine, and this high intensity sport always provides a workout, both for kids and adults. Grab a net and practice those shooting drills, as being on skates naturally forces you to work to improve your balance and coordination

Skating is an incredibly fun way to spice up a morning jog, and can be lower impact on knee joints than running– providing you have decent balance and can avoid wipeouts.

Getting kids away from the screens is always hard, but enticing them into outdoor play and workouts gets a little easier with fun, unusual toys, like this swimmers monofin. An inexpensive above ground pool becomes instantly cooler with just this sort of accessory.

Adding weights to squats and crunches gets you improved results without even needing to change up a workout, but medicine balls can help you tone almost every muscle in your body, and are a favorite of physical therapists for their flexibility of use while rebuilding strength after an injury.

A DIY rock wall isn’t as crazy as you might think, even for people with no plans to be the next stars of American Ninja Warrior. Climbers have to focus on whole-body workouts to stay at the top of their sport, and with this do-it-yourself approach you can customize a climb precisely to your skill level and available space.

No longer just the cozy companion of the double-dutch crowd, speed jump ropes are a punishing cardio tool that anyone can learn quickly, and is ideal for working out in a small space.

While everyone adjusts to home being the de facto workout space, it’s pretty hard to find a weight set. Not like “finding toilet paper” hard, just inconvenient. The heavier the weight you’re interested in, the more time you’re going to spend searching for it. However, smaller weight sets, like this 3 pair package of 3, 5, and 8lb weights are still relatively easy to find, so embrace the high-rep life for now.

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