Hot Sauce Tester Wanted: We Send the Sauce & Pay You For Your Thoughts (Application Closed)

Feelin' Hot!

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Hot Sauce, the spicy side kick that will elevate just about any dish it’s paired with. You can keep it classic with crispy buffalo wings, sauce up your scrambled eggs with some Tabasco, add some “Los Calientes” to your carne asada…the options are endless!

With so many flavor profiles and Scoville levels to choose from, the Wishlisted team is looking for one brave individual to put their taste buds to the test and become a sommelier of hot sauces, a surveyor of spiciness, and a specialist of the Scoville scale.

Applying is Easy

Answer a few questions letting us know about your love of hot sauce, why your taste buds are made for this job and the types of food you love adding hot sauce to. Application will close Jan. 31st at midnight.

Here’s How it Works

If chosen, you’ll be sent a variety of hot sauces from our list of Top Hot Sauce Brands of 2022, we’ll even throw in some of YOUR favorites and a few items we happily refer to as “Hot Sauce Survival Gear”! As an added kick, you’ll be paid $500 for your time and honest opinions.

**Application is Now Closed**

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