Hot Topic’s New Toy Story Collection is Pure Nostalgia and We Love It

To Infinity and Beyond!

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Hot Topic, no longer the exclusive venue of edgy teens, has gone full millennial nostalgia depot with a new line of Toy Story gear. With about 250 different show and movie licenses, there’s really nowhere else you can get merch from Disney, DC, and Studio Ghibli all in one place.

With the upcoming release of Toy Story 4, you won’t find anywhere better to indulge in a fandom splurge.

Toy Story-themed clothing is available in a wide range of sizes and includes everything from throwback Sid Skull shirts to subtly slinky-dog or “The Claw”-themed wear-anywhere skirts and dresses — there’s truly something for every occasion.

There are plenty of accessories too, like bags, backpacks, key chains, and the one toy we’re all nostalgic for: the original embodiment of anxiety himself, a squeezable Rex plush.

If your favorite character was anyone other than that green dino — and we’ll withhold judgement on your taste if so — there are shirts, hoodies, and more for almost every character,  including some gear to introduce upcoming sure-to-be-favorites from Toy Story 4, Forky and Duke Caboom.

Villain enthusiasts will find more than just Sid gear to love — there are numerous Evil Emperor Zerg designs, as well as some Lots-O’ Huggin’ Bear items.

These classic designs make it a line that’s sure to last, and since it even includes ugly Christmas sweaters and Halloween themes, you can inject Toy Story gear into your wardrobe all year round.

Shop the full line here!

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