11 Household Products Every Fun Grandparent Should Have On Hand

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Grandkids are the ultimate joy of many folk’s lives. Having them over for the weekend or even a few hours can be the highlight of the week. However, it can be difficult to entertain and watch after rambunctious little ones. Things have changed since your kids were little. So we’ve gathered together a list of some things we think are completely essential for all grandparents.

Watch out, a truckload of delicious creamy mashed potatoes are coming through! Grandparents can totally condone playing with food, especially if it involves getting them to eat something kind of healthy. Grandkids will be delighted to see this construction themed plate and utensils set.

Bath bombs make getting clean seem like playtime. Special fizzy discs go inside this awesome bath time volcano. After the eruption of smell good “lava”, a dino toy emerges! Kids can enjoy playing with the plastic volcano and recently emerged plastic figure.

It’s taco night at grandma and grandpa’s! As if that weren’t exciting enough to basically have chips for dinner, just wait until you serve them theirs within these dinosaur taco holders! Dinner suddenly turns into dino spikes, which is super cool.

Are you wanting to pass on your guitar playing skills to the grandkids? This basic three string guitar helps kids learn chords through more simplistic methods. Ultimately they will catch on a lot sooner than with a traditional six string. Plus, it just looks really cool.

How special will your pretty little princess feel when she sees this magical duvet set? When she cuddles up within the blankets, the illusion of her wearing an elegant ballgown will be incredibly mesmerizing. Fairytales happen at grandmas.

Kids love going to grandmas to eat cookies! But why not take things to the next level? This set comes with a personalized book with characters reminiscent of you and your young baking assistant, and they will get a personalized apron too.

Collapsible play tents are overall a fantastic idea for people who don’t always have kids in the house. Set it up for when they come to visit, then put it away in a closet. This set comes with a tent, a tunnel and a ball pit. You’ll be the coolest grandparent ever.

Okaaaay, so we will get the boring one out of the way. Having some sort of child locks on toilets, and cabinets that contain things like cleaning supplies, is an absolute must. This set requires zero drilling, and comes with eight locks.

Cameras can be handy when used in the house, the backyard and in this case, the car. When baby’s car seats is faced the other way, you’ll want to be able to have a way to see them. This camera puts baby in your peripheral vision at all times.

While nothing is truly injury proof, the wide surface area of the circular swing is better than most flimsy old school versions. Securely fasten it to a structurally strong base, and the swing can be enjoyed inside or out. Of course outside, they are getting the benefits of the sunshine.

Growing up, it always seemed that there was that one special element at grandma and grandpas house that stood above the rest. Something that was completely and totally magical. This could be it for your grandkids! A gumball machine! Fill it to the top with their favorite candy, and use it as a reward or special treat. You will go down in the grandparents Hall of Fame.

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