11 Best Iced Coffee Makers

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Iced coffee is particularly refreshing on a warm day when drinking something hot doesn’t sound too appealing, but can also be wonderful in the winter if you’ve just worked out, or simply want to feel invigorated. Differing from a traditional coffee maker, iced coffee tends to be less acidic, which can result in a more pleasing taste to some. However, making a hot cup of espresso and dumping it over ice is going to result in a watery drink, so being able to make a cold coffee beverage is ideal. One of the downsides of making a cold brew, or iced coffee, is that it can often take a while, as the flavors have to be slowly extracted from the filter over time. But luckily, we have found quicker variations for those in a hurry, and ones that artfully pull the notes from the bean over 24 hours. Keep reading for the best iced coffee makers.

Enjoy the simplicity, and the price, of this basic yet fully functional coffee maker. The idea is to allow 12 to 24 hours to brew the perfect cup of iced coffee, that will be ready during a busy morning. No worries about taking the time to measure and start up a regular old machine at the busiest time of day. Made of BPA free plastic, the canister has a locking lid to prevent spills.

Some folks just aren’t into using any kind of plastic, so we bring you this easy to use glass carafe, that has essential components to pull the most flavor out of your favorite coffee grounds. Coffee made within this container can be up to 65% less acidic, making for an incredibly smooth sensory experience. Around five servings can fit into the freshness preserving container.

Ninja provides a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to a coffee maker. Not only can coffee lovers create a classic cup, lattes, and concentrate, they can create the perfect non-watered down cup of iced coffee. The machine suits those who like to change it up on a daily basis, whether that means keeping things simple, or getting a little fancy with the milk frother.

Stainless steel, and glass come together to make a durable, safer iced coffee creator. The sleek design would look great on any modern or old fashion countertop, becoming an actual part of your home decor. Laser cut and also made of steel, the filter provides a unique system for drawing out each bean’s maximum flavor. So get the most out of that premium bag of grounds you’ve purchased from Trader Joe’s or that funky shop in Bend.

Are you hosting a brunch, or perhaps a coffee themed birthday get together? Then this ultra thick glass dispenser is a must. No, you won’t have to make the coffee elsewhere and dump it in risking a major mess, because there is an ultra fine steel mesh filter within the interior, that slowly releases a most excellent brew within the aesthetically pleasing container itself. Guests can conveniently use the spicket to serve themselves. We recommend providing organic heavy cream, chocolate shavings, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, and super cute straws to build an epic iced coffee bar. We won’t tell anyone if you add some rum in there somewhere.

You are just four steps away from an ultra rich cold brew that might just change your life. Well, we at least think a good cup of coffee could change someone’s life. The design is quite simple, with your basic high functioning filter, a glass carafe, and an ergonomically positioned handle. But those elements come together to create something great. The lid secures into place, and allows for a precise pouring experience.

Let’s just say this cold brew coffee maker looks quite sleek, whether keeping it on your counter or in the refrigerator. Stainless steel comprises the majority of the construction, and the best part is that it will fit like a glove upon most refrigerator shelves. So you can truly have cold brew, whenever you want it. Kitchen aid is a well-known brand that can be found amongst numerous stores, for those who like to stick with the familiar.

Twelve to 24 hours is quite the commitment for waiting on an iced coffee. However, we are not saying that the wait wouldn’t be well worth it. But if you’re looking for something that could whip up a cup of chilly goodness in, let’s say, about 25 minutes, then this Cuisinart iced coffee maker might be the ticket. It’s shapely design looks quite cute tucked in the corner of any kitchen.

If the electronic super fast brewing feature doesn’t sell you on this iced coffee maker, maybe the beautiful pop of light blue color will! Designed to make delicious Italian style coffee, the machine can whip out an iced masterpiece in just a few minutes. Worried about having yet another cord on the counter? A convenient cord storage will keep it out of the way.

All of the perfect components are present, for an iced coffee that will blow your socks off. The ultra fine mesh filter allows the perfect amount of flavor to seep through, and the Rainmaker water distribution feature ensures each coffee ground is excellently coated so that its flavor is extracted. Use the 4 cup capacity carafe to store any leftovers in the refrigerator.

Creating French press coffee is an elegant experience that will immerse you into bold flavors and a smooth consistency. Traditional French press carafes use pressure by pushing on a mesh top which slowly descends toward the bottom to make a concentrated delicious concoction. Use this particular design to make a cold brew French Press, that will allow you to pour directly over ice, while adding some organic cream, to create a quick on the go latte.

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