The Ultimate List of Ideas for a New At-Home Hobby

Entertaining Ideas

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So. you’ve made it through your Netflix queue and are looking for something to keep you busy while staying home. There’s always time for a little self-care with an at home spa treatment, and you can keep the kids busy with Lego builds and other puzzles. Little yards can still be big fun with a small swing set, and there’s no reason being at home has to mean brain drain when kindle versions of so many excellent books exist. If you’re itching to learn a new skill, discover a great read, or find ways to stay connected with friends over distances by gaming together, hopefully there’s something here to inspire you.

Boost Creativity With a Craft Kit

Man Crates is all the rage for guys who like crafting; from DIY folding knives to fishing lures, there’s a plethora of productive afternoon killers available through their website. We love their brawny builds, but when a dude wants to flex his brain, their puzzle kits are the real must-have item.

Peruse Comics and Graphic Novels

If you’re stuck at home with no chance to head to a local comic shop, that doesn’t mean you can’t revisit all your favorite heroes and villains, or introduce friends and family to new content they’ll love. Comics and graphic novels are easy to find online, and every age range and interest can find something that suits them. Whether you’re a long-time fan getting back into a favorite character’s story, or are getting kids into comics with fun, family-friendly storylines, like Wallace the Brave or the Minecraft comic series, there’s never been a better time to re-read old favorites or find new ones.

Try Your Hand at Gardening

Curbside pick-up makes it easy to pick up all you’ll need to start a garden this spring, whether you’re planting pollinators to help feed bees and butterflies, or starting some seeds for delicious vegetables. This 36″ raised bed brings gardening to a standing height, perfect for keeping anyone with back or knee pain from having to dig and till at ground level.

Go Hobby Hunting With Cratejoy

Cratejoy is a menace, first of all, because you can’t get just one and you’ll spend more money than you planned to, and you’ll constantly be trying to get your friends to try it too. The Adults & Crafts Crate might actually be the best for your budget because it lets you try out a wide range of hobbies with a single subscription. A rotating collection of DIY goodies and clear, easy to follow instructions means you can learn about candlemaking, engraving, woodworking, and tons more.

Become a Master in the Kitchen

Cooking can be a way to de-stress, and everyone needs a break from meal planning and shopping sometimes. All skill levels can still enjoy fresh, home-made food with meal subscription services, and it’s the perfect time to teach kids how to cook.

Become a Cricut Master

A Cricut is a DIYers dream assistant, and it is an insanely helpful little tool for all kinds of crafting. Papercraft, to decor, to custom stickers, to one of a kind iron-ons for truly custom clothing, this thing helps you make it all.

Plant With High Quality Seeds

Beginners and advanced gardeners can both gain a ton of knowledge, as well as some fun to grow seeds, with this affordable subscription box. Choose from flowers or veggies, affordable basics or a premium for higher-end goodies like helpful tools or even live plants.

Hone in Your Drone Flying Skills

Some of the best drones on the market go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and are piloted by experts for use in commercials, real estate photography, and professional races. Before you buy one of those expensive drones, you need to buy a lot of these, so when you send your first drone careening into a wall, a tree, a ditch, it won’t have cost half your paycheck. These little minis are indoor-friendly and perfect for beginners of all sizes to learn on.

Rekindle Your Love of Sketching

Choose a single box or a subscription to art supply curator Sketchbox and you’re not only getting the necessary equipment to express your own artistic side, you’re also helping to provide art supplies to students in need.

Improve Your Fishing Skills, Safely

Being forced to stay inside for long periods of time gives anglers or wannabe outdoorsmen time to dream and plan. Until you can safely hit that favorite fishing hole once again, it’s time to study up, learn the terminology, master your technique and practice knots. Lucky Tackle Box offers a ton of youtube guides, a curated subscription box to help try out new goodies at a reasonable price, and a well-written blog that will take any amateur to master angler.

Try a New Game That Sharpens Your Mind

Having a campaign mode to learn the basics drives home the fact that the digital version of Catan is actually the superior version for beginners, and if there was ever a time to learn how to play such an engaging and immersive game, it’s now.

Have an Online Game Night

There’s no reason to abandon regularly trouncing your friends at your favorite party games just because of social distancing. Move your whole friend group online and play Exploding Kittens no matter the distance.

Take Scrapbooking to The Next Level is offering their already affordable classes for free, to encourage anyone who can to stay home, learn a new hobby, send someone a homemade card, and preserve photos and other mementos in beautiful ways. If you’ve been sitting on a stash of ticket stubs, baby pictures, or family mementos and want to take the time to make sure they’re beautifully displayed, this is the info hub you’ve been looking for.

Learn Origami

You know you’re going to spend too much time staring at a screen, so why not make some of that time productive. Follow along with a yoga instructor, improve your skill in the kitchen, or pick up the basics of origami, like this charming tutorial for making a paper Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Explore The World Through Local Artisans

Wordy traveler is in a higher price point than many monthly box clubs, but knowing that your subscription goes towards artisans and small producers is a feel-good bonus, and it’s a way to explore the world without having to leave home. Each box features a selection of books, art, teas, and focuses on a specific place. Checking out their shop is a quick way to sample some of their curated collections.

A Curated Mix of Coffee and Classic Novels

Coffee and a classic is an ideal way to spend some time cooped up at home, and whether you’re interested in classic children’s books, must-read literature, or a perfectly tailored gift for your favorite bookworm, this subscription box is the right way to go. Sign up for a subscription or try a one-time purchase by visiting their Etsy shop.

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