Igloo’s Disney Villains Collection is Perfect For Keeping Your Potions Cold

Wickedly Good

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? You, of course, but also these new Disney villains inspired coolers from Igloo. It’s chillingly clear, these coolers are the perfect addition for the spookiest of fall nights. From storing your favorite potions pumpkin beers and keeping your poisonous apples fresh while you sit around a roaring fire (and maybe a bubbling cauldron) these iconic Playmate 7-Qt coolers are a MUST-have this fall.

The OG Disney Villain, the Evil Queen, has been making us suspicious about our Fall apple-picking hauls since we were little, but that surely isn’t going to stop us! And now that we’ve discovered hard cider, what better way to keep them cold.

Put on your favorite (faux) fur and give your most unapologetic power attitude while your favorite puppy fiend is keeping your assortment of fall treats cool.

Feeling more Donald Duck than Cruella Deville? Igloo has an entire Disney collection to choose from! Ready to stay chilly with Olaf from Frozen or maybe help Experiment 626 aka Stitch keep a cool head, how about hang out with Mickey and the gang? There are so many iconic Disney characters to choose from!

If you’re feeling more spooktacular than downright evil, why not enjoy a chilly Fall night with the king of Halloween himself, Jack Skellington. This cooler is the perfect companion to your next ghostly adventure.

We cannot end a list filled with Disney-inspired creations without our main mouse Mickey. Since 1928, Mickey Mouse has been a part of our world and we absolutely can’t get enough of those adorable mouse ears.

Igloo hit it out of the park and truly created something for every type of Disney lover. But us…we’ll keep stirring our cauldrons while looking into magic mirrors.

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