12 Inexpensive Home Security Purchases That Give Peace of Mind

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The biggest names in home security systems often come with expensive setup fees, long-term commitments, and monthly service costs to keep video feeds and other data stored. Luckily there is an ever-growing menu of options that are less expensive, require less tech-savvy, or avoid permanent fixtures that aren’t feasible for renters. Whether you invest in a multi-unit whole home system or are just looking for some easy-to-operate door or window alarms, there’s an affordable solution for every concern.

Double-sided mounting tape makes these door alarms ideal for renters trying to keep their deposits. Simple to operate, there are only three settings, so tech-savvy is not a requirement, and the pleasant “chime” setting makes it ideal for announcing expected arrivals, like children home from school. Switch to the “alarm” setting for nighttime security. These are fantastic for families who need some extra help with solutions for sleepwalkers, special needs children who may wander, or elderly grandparents with dementia.

These do a great job of keeping windows tightly closed, but where they really shine is allowing windows to be left cracked open for cross-ventilation; the locks keep them secure in place, so neither suspicious characters nor rambunctious children can get them any further open than you designate.

Leaving a spare key outside your home often feels like the only option, whether you’re accommodating visiting family, kids returning from school, or are subletting your home. Keyless entry systems remove the risk, and let you keep your keys to yourself. It’s easy to change the access code whenever necessary, and gives you a way to get back inside quickly if you’re ever locked out by accident.

A trusted name in home security, this 18 piece kit from ADT includes motion sensors, temperature alarms, fire and flood alarms, and lots more. A bit pricier than many DIY kits, it’s great for every day use, plays well with other smart home elements, but where it really pays off is if you’re looking to keep tabs on an unoccupied vacation home, and those ADT yard signs still carry quite a bit of weight as standalone deterrents.

Versatile enough to fit a range of doors, these can protect not only thefts, but can save lives when installed to prevent access to pools or hot tubs. Adjustable and with a removable head that makes it suitable even for sliding glass doors, it’s the kind of lightweight, easy to carry, and simple solution that’s ideal for travelers looking to up the security of an AirBNB or other rental.

It’s the simplest solutions that are often the best, and homeowners can install a peep hole like this for less than 15$ and in less than fifteen minutes. Families with small children may consider installing two, one at child height, so little ones can learn (and demonstrate their knowledge) about only opening a door when it’s safe to do so.

Most home security concerns are about criminal behavior, but protecting yourself and your property in the event of natural disasters should be an important aspect of your security system. Keeping social security documents, bank statements, passports, and other hard to replace items protected from burglary is important, but one shouldn’t neglect to protect against floods, fire, and earthquake losses too.

If you’re looking for a modular security system with a large range of available add-ons and a subscription service that isn’t mandatory, but is actually worth upgrading to, SimpliSafe has to be one of the top contenders. There are different levels of additional coverage, so you can choose no subscription, a 15$/month plan, or the upgraded 25$/month plan that includes app controls and other higher-end features. The more tech-savvy you are, the more benefit you’ll find in this customizable system, and the easier you’ll find it to add or move monitoring sensors, install panic buttons, and integrate a smart home design in with your security.

If you’re a homeowner with the freedom to mark up the walls, hotel-style security additions are often extremely effective as well as inexpensive.

If your primary security concern is package theft, setting up a high-res camera indoors to catch thieves in the act may put a stop to your losses. You can get results with half the work by also installing a discouraging sign.

Eliminate dark corners, alleys, or parking areas with smart outdoor lighting. Motion activated, these are great for standalone use, but they also integrate with Amazon’s Alexa or the Arlo camera.

Another ideal choice for travelers, this door stop alarm is fantastic for dorm or apartment dwellers with nearby neighbors, as the 120 decibel alarm can carry far enough to wake neighbors.

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