10 Influencers We Love for Social Distancing Distraction

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The world is a crazy place right now. The new normal is wearing pajamas everyday, donning a mask at the grocery store, and by this time, we’ve probably watched all of Netflix. So how do we escape this new reality of being stuck at home? Thankfully, there are plenty of vloggers, bloggers and social influencers here to pull us out of the quarantine funk and bring a little happiness to our home. We know there are so many to choose from, but we’ve rounded up some of our favorite influencers who have been the perfect social distancing distraction.

Brianna K

Need a little cleaning motivation? Then Brianna K, also known as Bits of Bri, is your new gal pal. This vlogger is known for her extreme cleaning and organizing — something we all have time to do right now. She also shares new recipes regularly, which is helpful when we’re looking to try something new since we’re all probably cooking more than ever. Her day-in-the-life videos give a glimpse into how her family has handled quarantine and some ideas to keep the kiddos entertained. If you don’t feel like cooking and cleaning, watching one of these YouTube videos will definitely inspire you to break out the gloves and mop and get to work.

Kate from The Small Things Blog

Hair and makeup tutorials haven’t gone away with quarantine. In fact, it’s one of the best times to try a new look since no one will know if you totally fail the first time. That’s why we love turning to Kate from the Small Things Blog to keep us updated on all things self-care. From tips on reviving day three hair (because dry shampoo is our best friend these days) to new makeup products, Kate shares ways to stay fresh even when you’re stuck at home. She also shares a weekly roundup of links to products and outfits she loves, because retail therapy does exist and quarantine just made online shopping even more tempting. So if you’re missing your makeup bag or need a styling tip for your luscious (and possibly untamed) locks, Kate is your go-to for self-care distraction.

SGN with John Krasinski

Because we all need a big dose of happiness these days, actor and filmmaker John Krasinski launched Some Good News on YouTube, a news-style show that highlights the good news happening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Krasinski directs the show from his home and features inspiring stories from around the world, interviews with celebrities, and more. From supporting health care heroes and weather reports from Brad Pitt to hosting a virtual prom night for high school seniors with special guests Chance the Rapper, Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers, SGN is a heartwarming and refreshing respite during a trying time for the world.


For all the parents out there balancing kids and homeschooling along with your own work, GoNoodle may be your new saving grace. GoNoodle is a free app that offers movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Many parents may already be familiar with it, since more than 600,000 teachers use it in their classrooms, according to a report by Forbes. These interactive videos give kids a quick burst of physical activity, which can help them concentrate on home school during the day. It’s also a great way to get the wiggles out if the kids need to break up their day. The app can be installed on your smartphone, smart TV or you can find videos on YouTube — the best part: it’s totally free.

Charlie Berens

If you need a good laugh, look no further than Charlie Berens. This comedian and Emmy-winning journalist is the creator of Manitowoc Minute, a YouTube video series that fans say perfectly encapsulates the stereotypical Midwesterner. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Wisconsin comedian has approached quarantine with plenty of humor, even launching a spin-off series called Quarantine Kitchen. But he’s also taken the opportunity in his videos to focus on humanity, offering people ways to donate to charities if they can do so during this time. It’s a great balance of laughter and feel good vibes we can all appreciate right now.

Sailing La Vagabond

While we’re stuck at home, it’s nice to daydream about traveling again and that’s why we love watching this family sail around the world. Riley and Elayna are an Australian couple living at sea, going wherever the wind takes them. They’ve been sailing since 2014 and have crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific, and now their baby has joined the crew as they continue their journey. From an inside look at what it’s like to live on a boat to the incredible journey (and even a few mishaps), this couple gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to live at sea and travel the globe. Definitely a dreamy escape from quarantine, and it sure beats Netflix.

Dude Dad

You’ve probably seen Dude Dad in your feed, lovingly making fun of his wife (or just about every woman out there) who shops at Target. If you haven’t, here you go and you’re welcome. Comedian and actor Taylor Calmus began the Dude Dad YouTube channel before becoming a father in 2016. Since then parenting has never been funnier with music parodies, sketch comedies, pranks, DIY projects and more. The best part: You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate the humor behind these videos. During quarantine, he’s posted videos like “my wife in quarantine,” “the five stages of working from home,” and his wife joined in on the fun with a funny one called “my husband in quarantine.” The couple also recently announced they will have their own TV show called Super Dad on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new Magnolia TV network. The show features Calmus and his construction crew building extreme projects for kids. It’s a happy distraction for us parents stuck at home 24/7 with our children.


One of the most-viewed creators on YouTube in 2019, Jimmy Donaldson — aka MrBeast — is known for his attention-grabbing stunts and high-dollar giveaways. MrBeast originally got his start at the age of 13 with video game walkthroughs, but got his big break after the video of himself counting to 100,000 went viral. While similar stunts like running a marathon in the world’s largest shoes are part of his regular content, he also puts on last-person-to-leave challenges and catchy donation and charitable videos. He’s given away free cars and thousands of dollars to lesser-known streamers on Twitch. One of his biggest campaigns was raising $20 million to plant trees. These fun stunt videos can be a welcome distraction from the world during quarantine, so we urge you to give it a try.

Dan Levy

Maybe it’s because we all love his hit show Schitt’s Creek or maybe it’s because he’s a comedic superstar, but Dan Levy’s Instagram stories are everything right now. The Canadian actor, writer and producer shares an inside look into his quarantined life during the coronavirus outbreak and invites us into his kitchen where he tries new recipes. Sometimes they work out and other times they don’t — nice to know we’re not alone in that department! The way he does it feels like a make-shift cooking show with quirky commentary from Levy we’ve come to know and love. While the cooking fails and funny jabs at his outfits make us feel more human during quarantine, we also love cheering him on when he successfully finishes a recipe. And also, we just love him and we know you will too.

Bobby Bones

You may know him from his radio show, Dancing With the Stars or American Idol. Bobby Bones seems to be everywhere these days. But while he’s stuck at home like the rest of us, he’s helping us make the most out of self-isolation with his new “Super Easy Trivia” game show. You can find it on his IGTV, YouTube channel or Facebook every Tuesday and Friday at 10am CT — he’s most likely sporting his suit jacket with basketball shorts while he hosts the show, similar to what we’re doing at home on Zoom conference calls (just admit it). The game show features easy, rapid-fire questions like “what breed of dog is associated with firehouses” and contestants range from Bones’ friends and celebrities, as well as a few lucky followers who message him on Instagram that day asking to be on the show. While silly and fun, it’s a great way to keep your mind moving during quarantine.

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