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Jiobit is the smallest GPS tracker on the market for kids, pets, and elderly family members. The tracker was founded after one father temporarily lost track of his son while at a popular destination in Chicago. Luckily after a frantic search, his son was found safe and sound, but the incident prompted an idea that would offer peace of mind to parents everywhere.

How does Jiobit work?

Jiobit Smart Tag is the smallest, longest-lasting real-time location monitor on the market, according to their website. To unpack what this means, lets start with the intelligent and thoughtful design. The device is the size of an Oreo cookie (a brilliant metric for comparison for anyone, but espescially parents) but has the silhouette of something closer to a spaceship. The tracker weighs less than a palm of quarters (again, such a helpful metric) which means kids will not be encumbered when wearing it as they play throughout the day. Multiple accessories are available to choose from when it comes to deciding how you’re going to secure the device.

Is Jiobit a reliable tracker?

Jiobit has an impressive charge duration of seven days, giving some flexibility in ensuring that the device is powered up when needed most. But one of the best practical features of the device is that it uses numerous resources to ensure signal, from Bluetooth and dedicated cellular. Even if your child is indoors, the tracking device will be able to ping their location. If something should indeed be wrong, there is a higher likelihood that this device will be able to detect the exact destination.

Who can use Jiobit?

This handy device can be beneficial for more than keeping track of kids. Jiobit is invaluable for elderly family members who tend to wander. Fur babies can also benefit from having the Jiobit attached to their collar. The design advances GPS tracking technology that will help keep your family and loved ones much safer. The small tracking device is designed to be discreet and comfortable for kids, seniors, or pets to wear at all times.

The Jiobit tracker can receive data transmissions regardless of platform, from anywhere the wearer may be. Caregivers can track the wearer from an app on their phone while utilizing several other features. Add trusted users to the account to help you keep track and receive notifications when children are leaving or arriving at an input trusted place. Should something be suspected wrong, you will have quick access to notify the police. It is low-key enough to wear without disrupting everyday life.

How much does Jiobit cost?

The Jiobit tracking device is widely affordable, with the kits starting at around $129.99 and the monthly service plan starting at $8.99. Different subscription plans offer various features to accommodate different lifestyles and needs.

Jiobit Tracker Reviews:

“This is a very helpful tool. My father has dementia and wanders… because of Jiobit, he never gets far. We are able to track him ASAP.”

“We are loving the Jiobit for our daughter. She walks home from school alone. It brings such peace of mind to ‘watch’ her walk home while I’m at work.”

“I love being able to track him on the bus in real time so I know exactly when to head outside to get him.”

The neutral color will easily blend in with most clothing.

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