Your Complete Guide to the Kenzzi Home IPL Hair Removal Handset

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Do you dream of having smoother underarms or ultra-silky legs all summer? Or are you just tired of going to a hair removal clinic? There is a long-term solution other than heading to a clinic for more painful laser hair removal therapy. So go ahead and get started now, in preparation for that big Hawaii trip, with the Kenzzi home laser hair removal device.

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What Is IPL

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, hair removal is a convenient, nearly pain-free way to reduce the appearance of hair in various areas of the body. IPL is exactly what it sounds like. An intense light is used to stunt hair growth. The flashes of brightness attach to the hair’s pigment and travel down to the strand to stop growth at the source. Because of the way it works, by attaching to a pigment called melanin, the device doesn’t work quite as well for people with gray, red, or other lighter hair tones. The pigment needs to be there so that the energy can travel down to the follicle. Kenzzi, along with other IPL devices, is FDA approved.

Does It Hurt?

While most don’t feel any pain, some people can feel minor discomfort. Those with eczema and other skin problems should avoid using IPL unless approved by a medical professional.

How Long Does It Take?

It can take up to 12 weeks to achieve results, and even then, they may not be permanent. When heat treating the area, the follicles are supposed to be destroyed, but sometimes this just means they enter into dormancy. However, when hairs come back, they are often much finer and less evident.

Are The Results Permanent?

If you want to attempt to achieve long-term results, use your Kenzzi device for regular maintenance sessions. This might result in more semi-permanent or permanent hair reduction. Some reviews note that it took consistency and a little longer than 12 weeks to see an improvement.

How Do IPL and HPL Compare to Laser Hair Removal?

HPL is another version of IPL, in the “H” ultimately just means “home.” The therapy is considered safer and less intense while also delivering long-term hair removal results. However, given the design of the Kenzzi and that it is relatively pain-free and easy to use, we think that the two might be relatively equal. Laser hair removal, while having some similarities, is widely different because it uses one high-energy light beam versus the several light streams used by IPL. This ultimately makes laser hair removal a little more intense than IPL. Laser hair removal might be a more long-term option for stunting hair growth, and those interested should talk to their dermatologist.

The Takeaways:

Overall, using the Kenzzi device has many benefits, along with convenience. In addition to hair removal, some use IPL to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and spots, while overall rejuvenating the skin. It is recommended to use the Kenzzi device about once a week while trying to achieve your initial results. After that, it can be used two to three times a month to maintain an overall smooth look. If you are looking to reduce the amount of time you spend waxing, shaving, or using other hair removal products, the Kenzzi may be a great option.

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