The 19 Best LEGO Sets for Girls Right Now


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All LEGOs are for girls (and young women), whether they like purple and princesses or want to build a miniature Death Star. Girls who love playing pretend, acting out stories, and building kits that come with figurines have never had so many to choose from. From the Friends line to the Frozen sets to creative builds like jewelry boxes or horse stables, there have never been so many Lego sets aimed toward the many interests of girls.

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LEGO for Girls Ages 2+

What You Should Know

  • Open-Ended play; pieces come pre-built, and no instructions are included

  • Includes Belle, Chip, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth in Preschool-safe sizes

  • 19 Pieces 

  • Ages 2-5

Let little girls get in on the fun with these easy-to-hold Duplo kits for ages 2-5. The set is only 19 pieces, meaning that younger children don’t get frustrated by an overly-complicated build. Parents can help keep up with all the parts and pieces more easily in a small set. Join Belle and her friends for a fancy tea party that also doubles as a way to practice the fine motor skills that preschoolers need.

Review Highlights

“Duplos have a way of including just enough items to make play adventuresome and open-ended, without overwhelming young children with too much “stuff.” 

What You Should Know

  • 129 Pieces

  • For age 2+

For a new take on the typical dollhouse, this LEGO modular build features a cheery color scheme and a family of figurines and is easy to handle and fun to play with for little builders that will enjoy the open-ended pretend play it encourages. With just over a hundred pieces, it also won’t swamp your home with tiny bricks, as the smaller bulk makes keeping it in a single location more manageable.

Review Highlights

“This was easy to build, and my kiddo has been loving it. It has a lot of cute features, and I would definitely recommend this to parents of small children. My kid is 2 and 1/2 and has no problems using this product. I love LEGO!”

What You Should Know

  • Duplo sets are suitable for kids as young as 2

  • 73 Pieces

  • Includes human and animal figurines

For kiddos who are a little wild and hard to tame, this jungle wildlife-themed build is perfect for encouraging them to sit still and pursue a goal. Play with the animal families, sleep in the treehouse, and traverse the swinging bridge while developing fantastic storylines. Great for single or sibling play, there are endless ways to play with this vibrant set, perfect for animal lovers and veterinarians in training.

Review HighlightsOf course, my granddaughter says her favorite thing about this set is the animals. She’s obsessed with animals right now, so this set is great for her.”

LEGO for Girls Ages 4+

What You Should Know

  • For Age 4+

  • Over 200 Pieces

  • 5 Figurines included

Little Marvel fans can play out their favorite scenes with this build that’s just right for small hands. The pre-k set is sure to enjoy the superhero figurines, and you’re encouraging both fine motor skill development as well as creativity. With no batteries and no sound effects, it’s a great choice for quiet indoor play.

Review Highlights

“My daughter loves Loki so this set was a lot of fun for me to put together with her. We didn’t have any trouble assembling it and never got frustrated during the process. It’s the exact quality you would expect from the brand. The end result was a very nice looking play set that paired well with the additional accessories.”

LEGO for Girls Ages 5+

What You Should Know

  • Safe for 5+, but older children will have an easier time with this assembly

  • Includes Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff figurines

  • Comes with external play pieces, like a market stall and boat. 

Reviewers agree that this newly released Arendelle castle is a blast to assemble, but it is better suited to a display piece than boisterous play. You’ll be re-assembling frequently if you have rambunctious little ones, but if that’s not a detriment to your family’s enjoyment, play away. Includes Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff dolls, and the castle can be re-configured to shake things up.

Review Highlights

“The attention to detail is superb. I was expecting just a castle but you get so much more!”

What You Should Know

  • Fantastic for travel, grandparents homes, and minimizing clutter

  • Fold-Up Design

  • For ages 5+

Lego and Disney are a dream combination, and every kit in the storybook series is fantastic both for new builders and kiddos who are well-versed with Lego. With a design that brings back memories of Polly Pocket and other travel figurine kits, but a new storybook flare, they’re visually distinct, easier to keep organized, and perfectly sized for taking along for playdates or overnight trips to grandma’s house.

Review Highlights

“I think the colour coral, transparent opal slide, seaweed and sea shells successfully gives this an underwater feeling and makes it the most visually distinctive out of all of the books.”

LEGO for Girls Ages 6+

What You Should Know

  • 602 Pieces

  • For ages 6+

  • Endlessly re-playable

Perfect for sisters and friends, this Lego Friends set comes with Mia and Emma figurines, making it a great choice for partnering up for adventures. Treat the five animal figurines at the veterinary clinic, or perform daring rescues at sea with the included sea-scooter.

Review Highlights

We were very impressed with the quantity of sea life included, and finding a favorite is impossible. This set also ties together other sets in our Lego world, and in many cases, for the ‘friends’ editions, it breathes new life in some past sets…”

What You Should Know

  • 363 Pieces

  • Story-driven build about rescuing a trapped dolphin

  • Includes two dolls, two dolphins, and one submarine

The Lego Friends line contains story-driven builds with endless play options, so even after they’re constructed, your girls will keep enjoying them. The plethora of tiny figurines make this set unsuitable for families with little ones that still pop things into their mouths. Still, older girls will love piloting the submarine, exploring the sunken ship, and having adventures with the dolls and dolphins included in this kit.

Review Highlights

“…this submarine set with the dolphins really hit the spark. She’s done countless rescue missions and keeps expanding her storyline. As a Lego Parent/Fan, it is a joy to watch.

What You Should Know

  • 585 Pieces

  • Includes Cinderella, the Prince, a horse, and more

  • Swap towers and turrets for a unique finished look

  • Ages 6-12

A huge piece, little ones aged 6-12 will love showing off this finished creation, so be sure you have a suitable place to display it once they’ve finished. Suitable for custom reconfigurations, your girls will love telling you all about Cinderella’s adventures dancing, dining, or exploring this massive castle.

Review Highlights

“Purchased for a 7-year-olds birthday, she had it built in two days.. she felt so accomplished when she was finished, so it was totally worth the money. It’s a good size and has a lot of cute details… it’s been 3 months, and she still plays with it. Awesome project for any kid.”

What You Should Know

  • 300 Pieces

  • Ages 6+

  • Includes Elsa & Nokk figurines

  • Comes with two rings to store or share

This build kit finishes as a working jewelry box, with a turntable top designed to accommodate Elsa and her companions. Perfect for girls who want to complete a build and then show it off, this locking jewelry box looks great displayed on a dresser or shelf and gives girls a place to store all their treasures.

Review Highlights

“Perfect gift for my daughter! She is a frozen fan and loves to build things. This kept her busy for a long time, and she really enjoys this!”

What You Should Know

  • 186 Pieces

  • Ages 6-12

  • Includes Mia figurine

  • Fun beach theme

Work and play at the Lego Friends Surf Shop with Mia and her adorable seal companion. This summer adventure includes surfboards, a surf shop, a kayak, and more, so girls can explore the ocean without going further than their toy box. Add on to existing sets or start fresh with this fun, imaginative kit.

Review Highlights

“All my kids love these little kits. I use them as little rewards for jobs well done. They are very cute and easy complete independently. They are a little pricey but all LEGOs are. Pretty colors and the little characters are always a big hit with my kids.”

What You Should Know

  • Includes Emma and Ethan figurines

  • 378 Pieces

  • Fun cafe pieces, like a panini machine and mini cakes

  • Ages 6-12

A beautiful corner boutique design makes this a one-of-a-kind build for young Lego enthusiasts. Kids 6-12 will have hours of fun building this 378-piece kit, and with a big imagination, it’s endlessly replayable. Enjoy a meal, create an artistic masterpiece, or just relax and this fun cafe.

Review Highlights

“Bought this for 6 yr old grand daughter. Her mom helped her put it together the first time, but I think now she’ll be able to do it herself. I would describe it as a sort of puzzle. It’s a time-consuming, fulfilling project that you finished, but not something you’d want to do every day. Good rainy day project or hot summer day entertainment.”

Lego for Girls Ages 7+

What You Should Know

  • 908 Pieces

  • For ages 7+

  • Not a bath toy

The adventure takes sail with this Lego Friends set. Whether your kiddos play rescue boat or treasure hunters, this 900-piece build is endlessly replayable. Take off the top level, and you’ll have immersive play in the sturdy boat, and the three included mini-dolls make it fun for a group to play together.

Review Highlights

“My kids have watched the Lego Friends show on TV a handful of times, but they’re more interested in toys. My daughter isn’t so much interested in the characters as she is in building a big, beautiful, fancy boat. This is every bit a quality Lego set. The pieces are separated into numbered bags, so you don’t get overwhelmed.” 

Lego for Girls Ages 8+

What You Should Know

  • Over a thousand pieces

  • For ages 8+

  • Amusement park theme inspires creative storylines

While the price puts this set squarely in the “splurge” category, it can’t be beaten as a gift for siblings. The price per piece is actually very reasonable given that this set is 1,251 pieces; it’s big enough to keep a squad of kids entertained for a very, very long time, with figurines that both boys and girls will love playing with. Build out this amusement park however you want, take your figurines on a relaxing trip to the pier and ride the carousel, or outfit the haunted ghost ship with a skeleton pirate crew and fend off octopus attacks. Imaginative kids won’t ever be bored with this set at hand.

Review Highlights

“…so far I’m blown away by the design and we are a small fraction of the way done with the build. If anything changes in my rating I’ll update but this is looking to he well worth the money. After the haunted castle this is quickly becoming my favorite LEGO set!”

What You Should Know

  • Builds Hagrids Hut and pumpkin patch

  • 496 Pieces

  • Includes 6 character figurines

  • Ages 8+

Help Harry, Ron, and Hermione save the day with this Harry Potter-themed Lego set that’s perfect for the whole family to play together. This 8+ build has hundreds of pieces and includes popular figurines for hours of story-driven play. Perfect for building during a movie marathon, or as a reward for kids working hard to finish those long chapter books.

Review Highlights

“My 12-year-old was able to put it together by himself. He really loves it. Said it was one of his favorite sets ever…”

Lego for Girls Ages 9+

What You Should Know

  • For ages 9+

  • Over 1000 pieces

  • Pairs with three other available kits for a massive combination

The LEGO shows and movies are hilarious and immersive. Ninjago is responsible for encouraging so many kids to pick up LEGO for the first time and create their own stories and characters to play with. Particularly fun during the Halloween season, the Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeons set includes a ton of fun, not too spooky characters that kids will love.

Review Highlights

“This set is SO much fun! It comes with 8 action figures and a gameboard. The assembly instruction manual comes with it, or there is an electronic version you can use by scanning a QR code. I would recommend assistance by a parent for kids 5-6 years old. This set has LOTS of parts, but the details are very cool!”

Lego for Girls Ages 16+

What You Should Know

  • From the Harry Potter design set

  • For age 16+

  • More than 5000 Pieces

For teen girls and young adults who are proficient builders, this supersized kit is an enormous, display-worthy build that they are sure to want to have on a shelf or mantle. This set is currently also the only way you can get official Lego figurines for Gilderoy Lockhart, Florean Fortescue, and Lucius Malfoy, so huge fans that want a truly complete representation of the characters of the world of Harry Potter are sure to appreciate it. Review Highlights “Diagon Alley is the most challenging and enjoyable set yet. Don’t let the price deter you because it is really 4 sets in 1, works out to be about 100 dollars per building which is in line with other sets.Building it was a blast and the finished product is spectacular.”

What You Should Know

  • Highly desirable set that is frequently out of stock

  • Over 4000 pieces

  • Ages 16+

  • Comes with five LEGO Disney Miniatures

Whether you and the kiddos are huge fans of LEGO or Disney annual pass holders- or maybe both- many want to get their hands on this impressive, massive build. A keen eye and a fast draw on the “checkout” button will be necessary to snag this hard-to-find kit, but bringing it home will be worth the wait. Available from the Disney Store and, the competition on the hunt for this beauty is sure to increase as the holidays draw closer.

Review Highlights

“The box is huge as expected, and the castle doesn’t disappoint at all! My daughter and I have always loved Legos, but this is as good as it gets if you’re a Disney fan. And the instruction manual is huge, like phonebook huge. We are halfway through the build and have loved every minute of it and look forward to the rest of it.”

What You Should Know

  • Over 2000 pieces

  • Combination upside down/right side up is fun and complex

  • 8 Character figurines

  • Ages 16+

Fans of the 80’s throwback favorite Stranger Things will love this intensely thematic set. Eight minifigures and a generous part count make this a great choice for a family build. Complex enough for adults and older children, there are so many options for pretend play that younger kiddos will also have a ton of fun.

Review Highlights

“This Lego set is the coolest one I have ever built, but also one of the hardest. As soon as I saw that a house was upside down, I knew I had to get it not only as a fan of the show but also a Lego fan. The details put into both the normal house and the upside down house are amazing and really excited me. The figurines are awesome also, especially the Dustin one. It looks exactly like the actor.”

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