7 Nontoxic, Clean-Burning Candles For A Calming Space

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Choosing a clean-burning candle is complicated. Regulation lines are blurred, and it’s hard to find information on what is and isn’t okay to breathe. But we do know that petroleum-based, paraffin wax and lead wicks are major “no no’s,” and nontoxic fragrances and essential oils are better options. We’ve filtered through reviews and ingredient lists to bring you a selection of “clean” candles. So get ready to fill the house with warm scents and lots of cozy “feels.”

Fontana Candle Company

Fontana Candle Company was dreamt up by a trio of folks who realized the negative impact of toxin exposure. Beeswax candles have been around for ages but are less common because they don’t release blended scents very well. Fontana created a perfect balance of coconut oil and beeswax into their product, which turned out to be the trick. The result is a completely clean candle that adds incredible natural aromas, such as pressed coffee oil. Swoon.

Slow North

Slow North is a company that produces all kinds of botanical products, from body care to home goods. Their selection of candles come in simple but beautiful containers, whether it be a shiny travel tin or a colored frosted glass jar with branded cork lid. Lavender cedarwood oil is just one of the natural, refreshing scents—only essential oils and soy wax comprise the mixture.

Sunbeam Candles

Sunbeam Candles offers gorgeous pillars, votives, tea lights and even essential oil bug repellent candles to enjoy on your porch. Sometimes soy wax can contain pesticides  and petroleum, and the label doesn’t have to reveal this. But Sunbeam ensures their soy wax is free from all of that stuff, and the beeswax comes from farmers they know.

Aluminate Life

Aluminate Life was started by a doctor who believes holistic care has an important role in our lives. Each natural candle scent is designed to enhance the way we feel. The Recharge candle is invigorating, with notes of lemongrass, geranium and basil. Aluminate uses coconut wax and 100% cotton wicks.


Everspring candles are made with 100% soy wax, and the scents, such as lavender bergamot, are naturally derived as well. Conveniently sold at target, the price is pleasing to those used to paying a high price tag for clean options.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s does it all it seems, and each seasonal candle that debuts is equally as amazing as the last. From winter’s balsam, to summery citrus scents, these tin containers are just one of the many things to find their way into our carts during a shopping trip here. Candles are made with a soy coconut wax, and lead free wicks. We won’t judge you for sneaking a box of Jojo’s on your way to the check out.

DOG Candle Company

DOG Candle Company began because the founder wanted to do more for shelter dogs. So she started making soy, hand poured wax candles in a variation of scents. Some have hilarious phrases, while others are made from sanded down wine bottles–customers can customize with quotes or pet photos. Some of the proceeds from these candles go directly to shelters to care for pups until they find their forever home.

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