9 Light Up Shoes for Kids That Shine as Bright As They Do

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When you’re looking for a new pair of shoes that kids will love, there’s nothing better than a pair of light-ups. Whether your kiddos need new tennis shoes for playing sports, are looking for bright and peppy rain boots for playing in puddles, or need that perfectly matched set of fashionable shoes for parties or Halloween, there’s a fun pair of light up shoes geared toward every taste and budget.

  • Multi colored lights and ombre fabric
  • Single Velcro closure strap
  • Non marking soles

These Skechers multi colored flashing shoes are fun, sporty sneakers with tons of cute accents to make them stand out in a crowd. The subtle glittery highlights play up the light-up effect, and the mesh fabric gives the color an iridescent, layered effect. Available in navy, pink, or black top fabric, they’re eye catching and sure to please.

Reviewer Feedback
“These sneakers are so very lightweight! My daughter says that they are extremely comfortable and she never wants a different kind of sneaker. The shoe opens plenty wide to easily put the shoe on and the velcro strap holds very well, so there is no worry about the shoe coming off while running and jumping around.”

  • Comes in three color choices
  • Double velcro snaps stay on tight
  • Pink soles for an extra pop of color

Available in silver, gold, or multi-color design, these glitzy girls light up sneakers are eye catching and tons of fun. Double velcro strap closures keep them snug on little ones feet, and the grippy pink soles help keep them surefooted and stable.

  • Characters from the popular Paw Patrol show
  • Single strap for easy dressing
  • Non marking soles are great for indoor wear, like at preschool and playgroups

Paw Patrol’s heroes Chase and Marshall can join your little ones on their everyday adventures with these lightweight, non marking shoes. Available in seven colors, the single velcro closure makes them an easy on easy off shoe for toddlers learning to dress themselves. The light pattern of these sneakers is unique, and reviewers appreciate that it goes on flashing longer than some other light-up shoes.

  • On-Off switch
  • Solid or multicolored mode
  • Rechargeable

For older kids who may be less interested in brightly colored patterns or cartoon character themed shoes, but are still young enough that they can’t deny the continued appeal of bright, light-up shoes, these Skechers sneakers are the way to go. Constantly on lights instead of the flashing patterns commonly used make these a vivid and distinct pair of shoes. Kids will feel effortlessly cool wearing these while bicycling, skating, or playing outside, and parents can enjoy the added visibility the always-on lights provide. Rechargeable, they come with a cord and are charged like most other USB powered devices.

  • Girls or boys designs available
  • Comes in toddler or big kid sizes
  • No charging or programming required

Comfortable, durable, and supportive, these light up shoes by Stride Rite keep your kids in the game and having a great time. Plenty of children have difficulty finding shoes that fit comfortably, and these wide toddler shoes eliminate some struggle to find a pair that fit correctly, which may help defuse the morning fight over wearing shoes that many families go through. The light up heels and multi color design further help them stand out from the crowd.

  • Durable traction sole
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Padded footbed

For the fashionable little crime fighter who still has to hold hands while crossing the street, these Batman light-up shoes are an essential piece of their wardrobe. Toddler sized, they’ll make a flashy statement with a Batman Halloween costume, or as a gift for a superhero sized birthday.

  • Pull on handles
  • Light up heels
  • Tons of cute designs

While other light up shoes may come with cautions and instructions to keep them far away from water lest you damage the light system, these rain boots encourage the complete opposite; splash away! Over a dozen cute designs make them a great choice for young kids, and you’ll be sure to find their new favorite shoes no matter what their taste or interests. The light up heels add extra visibility and flashy colors on rainy days, so outdoor play or the morning walk to school is safer, and more fun.

Reviewer Feedback
“Our toddler loves these. Perfect puddle jumpers. We were wanted to get rain boots for spring and I am so glad we found these. They fit true to size and who doesn’t love a light up shoe?!”

  • Comes in a wide range of shoe and light colors
  • Retractable wheels for added wearability
  • Fits up to Big Kids size 6

A two in one combo of the most fun features available in kids shoes, you’ll need to be prepared for the onslaught of people asking where you got these these wheeled light-up sneakers. Retractable wheels make them functional everyday shoes, and reviewers note older children won’t have any difficulty learning to operate the wheel system by themselves.

Reviewer Feedback
“I bought these for my 8 yr old since it was on Christmas list. I bought one size more than her usual since she outgrows the size quickly and wanted them to last a while. She loves these- and can be seen “skating around” in the grocery stores, malls anywhere. It is fairly easy to switch between the skates and sneaker mode.”

  • Choose solid or flashing color patterns
  • Cotton lined to wick sweat away from skin
  • Not recommended for rainy days or puddle splashing

Give kids control with these adjustable light up shoes. Change patterns or colors while on the go, or turn the lights off in venues where they’d be unappreciated or distracting, like movie theaters. Available red, black, pink, and a range of other colors, they’re easy to operate and recharge as needed.

Reviewer Feedback
“I love these shoes – my son got SOOO many compliments on them while trick or treating – and they really completed his costume. They are easy to charge and have good battery life. Such a cute design. Only thing is they run quite small. I got a whole size up from what he normally wears – and they are tight on him.”

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