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Don’t make the mistake of thinking the now Insta-famous Loungefly Disney Bags are strictly for serious collectors and seasoned Disneybounders. These high-quality bags are donned by fans who want to weave their favorite fandom into their everyday apparel. The whimsical designs Loungefly is famous for are what sets these bags apart from the average accessory, and of course, feature iconic characters Disney fans love.

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Star Wars
Mickey & Minnie
Vintage Disney

If you grew up in the 90s, you remember how these green little aliens captured our hearts, while they were trapped in a claw toy machine at Pizza Planet. Well now you can show that little alien the world by wearing him on your back on vacations, or just while going to work. He preciously grasps a Pizza Planet box, that we can only assume he scarfed down the contents of. If you buy him, he will be eternally grateful.

We understand that sometimes you don’t want to have cartoons on your bags—we guess. So this backpack is ideal for those who love Toy Story, but want to keep their fandom a little more low-key. With light blue, pink, and white accents, along with precious frills on the side, this pack is an ode to none other than Toy Story’s Bo peep! True fans will be able to take a glance and know exactly what the reference is, and that’s what makes it so great.

Coco is an endearing Disney movie that is not too terribly old. If you haven’t immersed in its culturally delightful greatness, you absolutely should. This backpack is a little bit more basic, and has a durable feel and sturdy straps. Embroidered characters from the movie add the perfect pop of color to the front.

The Encanto bag is a colorful and playful accessory for grown-ups and kids alike, delivering almost 70 reviews and retaining nearly 5-star ratings. We read through many reviews, praising the quality and presentation. However, one fan made some pretty awesome suggestions that we think would take the backpack “next level.” One was placing Bruno somewhere inconspicuously, like within the liner, and the other suggestion was to make the candle glow in the dark. Regardless, it’s beautiful and ties in with one of Disney’s newest classics.

Different green tones certainly fit for an A Bug’s Life-themed mini backpack. Flick, Princess Atta, Francis, Heimlich, and Dot hang out in the front, but plenty of other surprises are less obvious. Look at the back, notice a couple of other stand-out characters, and notice the leaf detail on the golden zipper. The liner is more intricate than some, featuring a lot of characters as well.

Star Wars

From the reviews, the overall consensus is that this bag meets the typical Loungefly standards of being high quality and adorable. However, there were a couple of mentions that the exterior deteriorated faster than anticipated. Further adding to the debate, there are more reviews on this particular Loungefly bag than other Hot Topic listings. All in all, little baby Yoda looks absolutely snuggly and carefree as he plays amidst wildflowers, with an exciting red background behind him.


Maleficent’s eyes glimmer eerily over the exterior zipper pocket of this black and blue women’s bag. Her horns extend beyond the silhouette adding a fun element to an every day useful item. Inside, the lining has an intricate pattern, so this bag most definitely does not lack in detail. Sport your more mischievous side and style.

Crossbody, smaller bags are ideal for carrying passports, and money while traveling, or taking to a fair or amusement park when you don’t want to tote a lot around. Or maybe you’re just a minimalist anyway! The chain strap is the perfect accent to this villain bag. The print is muted, with the faces of our favorite Disney bad women being ever so subtle.


Eleven Disney princesses get an even more adorable makeover upon this light blue backpack. Favorites like Ariel, Belle and Cinderella adorn the dainty pattern that is suitable for Disney loving grown-ups, and younger folks. Straps are adjustable, and an easy access front zipper make this a practical accessory staple.

Loungefly takes things above and beyond, and doesn’t just theme their bags based off of a movie or character alone. The Cinderella bag is a great example, as it features details that take us back to the scene where the mice work their little fingers to create Cinderella a lovely dress. They peek out beyond the fabric of the bag’s front, and on the back birds carry a string of pearls. But the cutest touch might be the measuring tape straps! Now we are in the mood to go watch the original Cinderella.

A blue and purple intermingling of colors cascades down the backpack and its straps. Sleeping Beauty adorns a minimalistic look on the front while she stands in front of the majestic castle. The grand structure’s outline extends above the bag’s zipping point. Flip it around, and you will find the princess with Prince Charming, with the phrase “they lived happily ever after.” Golden hardware adds an extra glistening touch to the authentic licensed bag.

Sometimes I look back at Disney films from my childhood, and I’m like, “that’s a little obscure and maybe kind of dark.” But that speaks to the era, and it’s interesting to watch how Disney films have developed over the years. The heart box from Snow White, which was initially intended for the princess’ heart after she is killed (yikes), is the theme of this bag, and it’s quite an unexpected yet loved one. Those who reviewed the bag mentioned the beading and embroidery to be even better in person. Some were disappointed with the red interior that did not feature a print, but I personally like the more subtle approach for this particular bag.

Mickey & Minnie

Adorned with a minty green faux leather, the wristlet bag is ideal for carrying small essentials, around your wrist as expected, or even on a belt loop. You’ll get all of the adored features of Minnie Mouse, her bow and ears covered in sequence. However, since the bag is a relatively quiet color it can look quite sophisticated as well.

Mickey Mouse and ice cream – – sounds like a combination made in Disney World! Kind of like an ode to all of the amazing food that the park offers, this backpack is topped with fudge and sprinkles, while Mickey Mouse excitingly holds an ice cream cone himself. The backpack has the typical Loungefly set up, with ample storage space, while it is their mini version.

From a distance, this lovely product could pass for a designer fall bag! But upon a closer look, a relatively old-school drawn Minnie and Mickey are added into the pattern. Vibrant orange leaves pair seamlessly with the light brown faux leather straps, and golden Disney emblem. Now we just need a great sweater and apple cider to go with it.

Warning, this small crossbody bag might make you hungry! The exterior was made to look like an ice cream sandwich with a detailed brown material shaped like Mickey Mouse. The heart of the bag looks like ice cream with sprinkles, and the liner continues to carry on the theme. A golden chain strap takes it from middle school to elegant. You could totally pull off wearing this accent piece to a dinner party with a sleek dress or powerful pantsuit.

If you’ve been to Disney World or Disneyland in October, you know the significance of the Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lantern pumpkins! Even if you haven’t been, you might even know the significance. Even though a seasonal item, this one’s too good to pass up for a mention. The Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lantern actually glows in the dark, which is completely a selling point, in our opinion. Even the tiny Mickeys spread throughout the entire exterior glow-in-the-dark. Any season can be the “Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lantern” season.


It’s bold, yet also quite urban and cool, but it is actually a Falcon Captain America backpack! The front of the backpack displays the winged, white star of Captain America’s uniform, and the wings move. The signature stripes and color patterns from the Marvel hero’s super suit are on full display here. It’s absolutely striking to say the least.

Spot your favorites from The Marvel Universe on this mini backpack in stylized artwork inspired by the Funko Pop! figures. You’ll see Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Black Widow together on this colorful bag with silvertone hardware.

Vintage Disney

We. Love. This. Backpack! With somewhat of an old-school feel, the bag has a scalloped front pocket cover and other deep brown accents. The pattern displays characters like Bambi, and Thumper, in a lighter tone. So from far away, this might look like your average vintage bag, but it’s even better because it features a Disney classic.

The sassy and fun cats from the Aristocats film dance upon the front of this pink backpack. Two below are making music on piano keys, while our favorite little lady cat walks seemingly in front of a sheet of music. The straps of the bag are actually piano key printed, adding that extra element of uniqueness.

Bold red stripes will catch everyone’s eyes as you walk by with this Dumbo backpack. Dumbo was such a great film, and should certainly be carried on from generation to generation, and this backpack is a great reminder. The circus tent striping is front and center, while Dumbo peaks up from behind the pockets with those piercing blue eyes a largely wonderful ears.

One of the most magical scenes from Peter Pan is captured on the front of this backpack, as Wendy and the gang head to Neverland. One of the most iconic film phrases is written in script font across the top. Below is the grand silhouette of the city of London, which takes us right back to the moment when we first saw the film. This bag will at least help you remain a kid at heart.

The Fox and the Hound demonstrated how friendship could overcome differences and obstacles. What better way to remember the classic cartoon film than with a bag that displays one of our favorite puppies, and xox friends, on the front, rolling around and playing in wildflowers? Big Mama the owl and her friends, Dinky the finch and Boomer the woodpecker, hang out on a tree limb above. A beautiful intertwining of forest green hues makes this an eye-catching piece.

Heffalumps first appeared in the dreams of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet during the original debut in the 1920s. This significant elephant-like creature is a fun choice to be included on the front of this themed backpack. A striking blue striped pattern, with even more Heffalumps raining down, covers nearly the entirety of the exterior portion. However, a sleek brown and white backing, and straps, add a slightly grown-up feel. The interior liner is a bright and fun orange.

The wings really bring this mini backpack home, adding that truly unique touch that is typical of the well-known bag manufacturer. In the reviews, folks mentioned that the wings are strong, shiny, and iridescent. Wendy and Peter Pan silhouettes have “taken flight” on the back, and another adorable addition is the white pom-pom connected to the zipper on the front pocket. Pixie dust is subtly sprinkled across the front. One commonly mentioned positive in the reviews was that the bag tended to be bigger than most Loungefly options.

Seasonal Loungefly backpacks are truly unique and might enhance your holiday spirit. The Jack Skellington Santa backpack is a streamlined blend of white, red and black, with a couple of surprise extras here and there. We do want to mention that some people said the fur-like substance from the beard rubs off easily, but that didn’t affect many giving the product an overall five-star rating.


Lilo and Stitch captured our hearts as a dynamic duo that is all about family. The adorable little alien sits sweetly on the front of this crossbody satchel bag, as he stares at little ducklings. Aside from being just too incredibly cute, the bag is a practical option for carrying all the essentials when needing to keep things close to you, and on hand. Bonus – – there is a matching wallet sold by Hot Topic as well.

While backpacks are awesome, and super practical while being easy to carry, sometimes it’s nice to just have a purse. The satchel fits the typical profile for a great handbag, but of course is brought to life with a haunted mansion theme. The characters adorn the sides, while the rest of the purple fabric features subtle touches like tiny bats! The interior looks like it provides ample space.

Perhaps one of our favorite Disney romances would have to be that of Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Their love is complex, yet genuine, and is wonderful to display on a satchel purse for an every day reminder of kindness and devotion. The purse is practical as well as it is adorable, as the exterior is sturdy and the interior large enough to carry essentials.

This one’s definitely for the collectors: Check out this backpack for your Disney nuiMos plush! Your favorite plush will love this delectable treat inspired by famous snacks at the Disney Parks.

Dive into out-of-the-box Little Mermaid merchandise with this watercolor, stunning purse. Subtle hints of blue, and elegant black outlining, are used in the bag’s creative design. Contrasting the simplistic center are more dainty accent prints along the side panels. Wear across the body for comfortable convenience via the detachable, adjustable strap, or utilize the hand straps for a quick grab solution. Secure valuables with the zipper closure or interior zipper pocket.

Can you believe “The Princess and the Frog” was released in 2009? Time sure does fly, and we are certainly glad that Princess Tiana joined the lineup of inspiring princesses. If you haven’t seen this one, the storyline is refreshing, as it is based in New Orleans in the 1920s. Of course, green is the focal color, displaying a lighthearted array of pastels. Tiana is front and center, with her prince frog in hand. Practical functions include a removable, adjustable crossbody strap and interior drop pocket.

We love the dual incorporation in the artwork of the satchel, with one side displaying an Ariel silhouette amongst a colorful pink, purple and blue backdrop, sitting on a rock, seemingly longing to be a part of life on land. On the other side, her friends Sebastian and Flounder happily pose in front of the underwater kingdom. While being The Little Mermaid themed, there is something grown up about this bag at the same time. Maybe it’s the gold details or the practical size and detachable straps. Either way, it’s a lovely addition to any Disney fan wardrobe.


One of our favorite things about Loungefly is that they can take an oddly specific part of a film and turn it into an ultra-unique piece. Blink, and you miss it, but there is a razor-sharp tooth wreath in Jack’s spooky version of Christmas. The wallet features the bizarre yet endearing film element on the front of the bold black and white striped print. The interior is a brilliant red, with a little bit more of that striking striped accent. Notice the numerous card slots, a clear ID sleeve, two currency pouches, and an exterior zipper pocket.

The half billfold wallet features four card slots and a clear ID slot with a zip-around closure. Although not technically a bag, more folks are utilizing a wallet as their main essential storage method when on the go. We chose this one because it was unique, like all Loungefly items. While Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, and other princesses might not be obvious on the print, three-tiered cakes are preciously themed to represent each of them. There is a matching backpack as well!

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