How the Lovevery Toy Subscription Helped Solve My Playtime Dilemma

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Being stuck at home with your kids can be challenging. Whether it’s a rainy day or more recently, a national quarantine, finding ways to keep your kids entertained and educated, while staying away from the screens, is a difficult task. But thankfully, Lovevery made that easy for me during 2020 and beyond.

Lovevery got me through the Covid-19 quarantine with kids and has since been a staple in my playtime arsenal. I have two daughters — now ages 3 and 1 — and they play very differently. One loves reading and playing games, while the other is more physical in her play and started walking early. While they generally play well together, there are times when each needs one-on-one time to learn and explore through play (and get some extra time with Mommy), and Lovevery has helped me solve that playtime dilemma.

The stage-based play kits and play gym have been go-to resources for play with a purpose since my weekly playgroup went on hiatus and my daughter’s preschool closed during the pandemic. I was first introduced to Lovevery by a friend who had the Play Gym, which is the perfect baby shower gift for any expecting parent. This award-winning play gym has everything you need to foster your baby’s development for a year — from learning to focus to batting to teething and more, there’s a purpose to your playtime and tummy time with this play gym. It’s an activity gym and play mat combined into one, which means you only need this one mat for baby’s first year. So when I had my second daughter in April 2020, I donated our old playmats and play gyms, and consolidated to the Lovevery play gym and it has been a wonderful addition to playtime.

While the play gym was perfect for the newest addition to our family, my toddler benefited greatly from the play kits. Every three months, she received a kit in the mail (and kids love getting mail) with age-appropriate, Montessori-inspired activities that kept her busy and entertained — all while learning and fostering developmentally appropriate skills. Your little one will learn early STEM lessons, practice shapes and colors with puzzles, perfect fine motor skills with art projects and more. Plus, each kit comes with a guide that gives parents ideas on how to play during each developmental stage, all backed by research that as a parent, I just don’t have time to read. And let’s take a moment to appreciate that all the parts of the Lovevery Play Gym and Play Kits are made with sustainable materials and the toys meet or exceed global safety standards for babies and toddlers — another big win for parents (and the planet).

Fast forward a year and I’ve continued the play kits for at-home activities and as a supplement for educational play for my now 3-year-old and 1-year-old. As a parent, Lovevery has helped me feel confident I’m providing them with something that fosters their developing brains, especially in this unprecedented time when playgroups are on hold or preschools are closed. While the world gets back to normal, I’m still able to help my kids grow and learn using expert-designed toys with Lovevery.

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