Top 11 Low Carb Meal Delivery Kits

Counting Carbs

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Low-carb living might be a diet venture for some and a lifestyle for others. Many different diets can fall under the low-carb umbrella – from the Mediterranean to Paleo to ketogenic. Putting together a grocery list to create low-carb recipes can be a daunting challenge, even for the most familiar with the lifestyle. We analyzed who offers the best low-carb meal delivery kit.

Meal Kits For Those Who Want Variety
Meal Kits For Those in a Hurry
Extra Nutritious Meal Kits
Keto Meal Kits

For Those Who Want Variety

Home Chef

Pros: Low or no prep meals

Cons: You have to put in your email address before seeing a lot of information.

Home Chef gives consumers the ability to pick between calorie or carb-conscious meal plans. Another drop-down field allows you to rule out foods you do not want in your meals, such as tree nuts, beef, and so on. Typically, Home Chef has about 30 pre-proportioned meals to choose from every week. We do wish that there was more information on the types of meals they serve – without having to put in information like an email address.


Pros: Add-ons available, such as breakfast and snacks.

Cons: Assembly required.

Sunbasket is a vibrant meal delivery service that brings ultra-fresh ingredients to your door. The low-carb meal plan offers recipes that are 35 grams of net carbs or less and at least 10 grams of protein. There are more specific options than just low-carb, such as diabetes-friendly and Mediterranean. Ingredients are organic and responsibly sourced, which just adds to the flavor. Sunbasket has quite a bit of variety, whether it be a delicious assortment of drinks to sip on throughout the day or on-the-go breakfasts. It’s fun to scroll through all of the additional items that can be added to the weekly box.


Pros: More specific options, like pescatarian or kid-approved.

Cons: More prep required than with ready-made meals.

HelloFresh is largely geared toward low-carb and keto eating. You can choose which is your preference. Customers will have up to 50 meals a week to choose from, that can take as little as 30 minutes to make. While you may have to do a little bit of preparation, all of the ingredients are pre-measured in recyclable materials. Recipes are designed to be ultra-simple, and your meal will be freshly prepared. The variety is also impressive with a wide range of foods, from Szechuan to Italian, to classic American dishes.

Blue Apron

Pros: Easy to see recipes before you commit.

Cons: Non-GMO ingredients, but not always organic.

Blue Apron also goes with an easy-to-follow recipe system. Their meals are centered around whatever is in season, and customers can choose more plant-based options or something that is focused entirely on wellness. When choosing your meals for the week, look for the carb-conscious badge on the recipe. Carb-conscious meals through Blue Apron have 42 grams or fewer carbohydrates, after deducting grams of fiber. A huge plus for Blue Apron is how transparent they are about menu offerings before making any commitment.

For Those In A Hurry

Fresh N Lean

Pros: Organic!

Cons: Meals are pre-assembled, which is only a downside if you love to cook.

Fresh N Lean creates ready-to-heat meals that are comprised of organic deliciousness. If your low-carb diet has you leaning more toward the Mediterranean diet or the keto diet, they’ve got you covered. Not only do they have interesting menu items, but they also have low-carb takes on classics like sloppy joes! If you’re short on time, meals from this delivery service can be ready in three minutes.

Trifecta Nutrition

Pros: Price transparency.

Cons: Premade meals, which again, are only a downside if you are a major foodie who likes to actually cook dinner.

Trifecta has either low-carb keto or Paleo meal plans. Paleo would be higher in carbs, because some meals include things like eggs and turkey sausage with sweet potatoes. We like that there is a quiz that you can take, which helps you decide which meal plan might be ultimately the best. Maybe it actually is Paleo and not low-carb that you were looking for. But luckily they have both. It’s hard to go wrong with Trifecta, since ingredients are locally sourced, and include organic produce, grass-fed meat, and wild-caught seafood.

Extra Nutritious Meal Kits


Pros: Impressive variety made with holistic ingredients.

Cons: You have to dig a little bit to find the prices.

Sakara is hyper-focused on intense nutrition, with revolutionized modern recipes that are organic and extremely good for you. Meal plans are designed to not only not do bad stuff to your body but enhance focus and skin clarity while improving digestion and reducing bloat. Needless to say, meals pack a serious punch. Potential customers can click to see the following week’s menu. You’ll find meals such as black garlic burgers and quinoa bowls, all of which are infused with gorgeously bright produce. Seriously, these meals are pretty.

Purple Carrot

Pros: Pick from meal kits or pre-assembled options.

Cons: Not a ton of low-carb options quite yet.

Purple Carrot is a plant-focused meal delivery service that turns interesting produce into incredible recipes. Most of their foods are hyper healthy, and those with a keen carb eye can quickly identify that there are some solid options. When searching under their specific carb-conscious selections, there are only a few recipes. Since Purple Carrot is intensely healthy, we felt they are a worthy mention on this list, with the hope that they’ll continue to categorize low-carb options.

Keto Meal Kits

Green Chef

Pros: Organic!

Cons: Sometimes dicing, chopping and peeling might be required.

Unfortunately, keto diets sometimes contain artificial sweeteners, inflammatory meats, and quite a lot of protein. This is known as “dirty keto.” Protein has been connected with a process known as glucogenesis – when the liver produces sugar. Green Chef takes a balanced, wholesome approach to ketogenic eating while incorporating organic ingredients into their easy-to-prepare meals. We are talking salmon with a delicately balanced sauce and the perfect vegetables to complement it. Each meal takes about 30 minutes to put together.

Snap Kitchen

Pros: Hearty Meals.

Cons: Not a lot of info initially.

Snap Kitchen has a dedicated keto menu. The recipes look extremely satisfying from their burgers to seafood options. The keto-friendly list isn’t huge, but it certainly offers a variety of meals to enjoy throughout the week. We do wish there was a little bit more detail on the website, without having to input a zip code and email address. But overall this looks like a solid option for those who are looking to eat low-carb.

Territory Foods

Pros: Community supportive.

Cons: Not in all zip codes.

Territory Foods takes a unique approach to the food delivery service. They accumulate chefs, small businesses, and other food experts in your area to create customized plans. Up to 35 meal options are available to choose from for the week. You can also get ultra-selective about preferences, whether you are gluten-free or want to fine-tune your macronutrients. The whole idea of Territory Foods has ultimately developed a diverse platform. Unfortunately, some areas are still not accessible, but you can put your name on the list to be notified when service becomes available.

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