The 10 Best Lululemon Shorts for Men in 2024

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There are plenty of popular athletic brands for men out there. You probably know all of the big names, but Lululemon is a major contender for the fellas as well, offering luxurious and meticulously made options that work as casual wear or exercise wear. Lululemon has created many different designs of shorts for men: short, long, breathable, fast-drying, or just super comfortable. Below are our top picks of men’s Lululemon shorts.

How perfect is a pair of shorts, when you can wear them to an upscale summer barbecue or a light athletic event, such as golfing or fishing? Any man would look dashing in this simplistic, yet somewhat refined design that still manages to be moisture-wicking and accommodating to movement. You may never buy a regular pair of nice shorts again after giving these a try.

Need a really great pair of shorts that are basic enough for just about anything? Well, you have found them. The Pace Breaker Shorts are moisture-wicking and have a four-way stretch capability. Clever pockets also feature zippers, providing an optimal safe place to keep valuables when doing yoga at the park or going for a run.

Imagine gliding these lightweight shorts on before pounding the pavement on a warm summer morning. The fabric will gently whisk away sweat, allowing it to evaporate, keeping you comfortable and dry. The length is ideal for allowing your legs to glide effortlessly above the pavement. A convenient pocket that zips will safely hold small valuables. And last but not least, the style is neutral enough to be suitable for meeting up with friends for a quick brunch afterward.

Your look will seem so effortless when wearing these pleasantly simplistic shorts, which are far more practical than they look. An underlayer fits snugly to prevent chafing and irritation while running. Another handy feature is the waistband loop, perfect for holding a towel or even your shirt should you decide to get a little bit of sun while exercising.

This fabric is specifically designed to prevent abrasions and is made with Lululemon‘s signature four-way stretch material. So, needless to say, you will be kept in complete comfort during most any activity you choose to use these. The look is neutral, and the multiple zipper pockets could mean these are ideal for wearing to an amusement park or any other place where you may not want to be carrying a lot around.

These shorts are swanky, and they’re athletic – they are a perfect combination of styles. We also love the cool, earthy assortment of colors in which these can be purchased and the cleverly placed pockets that allow small items to be safely zipped in place. Need to keep a little cash in your pocket if wanting to stop for a quick snack along your run? No problem.

Being a little bit shorter, these swim trunks are designed to be both high performance, and fashionable at the same time. For those who are more competitive, lesser fabric means better movement. However, some may opt for these just because of their comfort level. A convenience pocket, and a loop to attach keys to, are appreciated features of the solid design.

Laser-cut detailing not only gives this pair a great look but adds ventilation. Taking your pup on a walk in the morning just got a little bit less sweltering during the summer. Overall, we think the design is eye-catching and noticeably symmetrical. A mesh waistband allows any sweat to dry super quick rather than it sitting against your skin.

Cargo shorts are a closet staple, with their multiple pockets that make for awesome snack storage, or whatever else you might need on a scenic hike. However, some cargo-style shorts absorb water like a sponge, but not these. Made with Lululemon‘s signature water-repellant fabric, brushing up against rain-soaked branches won’t mean hours of soggy drawers. And yes, there are plenty of pockets!

While the print is fairly simple, it seemingly adds texture and depth to the design. Shorter than your average pair of basketball shorts, these allow for more range of movement and are noted to be ideal for those guys out there who enjoy a yoga class or even some Pilates. There are a couple of patterns to choose from, which pair fairly neutral with a wide range of shirt colors.

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