12 Best Lululemon Shorts for Women

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Lululemon is one of the leading athleisure brands for men and women. All of the forward-thinking apparel is designed to keep up with the trends while also being ultra-practical and comfortable to wear. You can buy a pair of shorts, and they can be worn with a cute tank top during your weekly Pilates class or paired with a stylish top for date night! Versatile design is no doubt one of the reasons so many people love Lululemon. As hard as it was, we went through the top-rated shorts and picked out our favorites for every occasion. So get your credit cards ready because you’ll want to buy at least one of these!

Our Top Picks

Best Lululemon Shorts Overall

Customers love this style. And the only problem is that they are really hard to get a hold of -– with people snapping them up like Christmas cookies, customers are often met with an out of stock message on the page. But there’s a big reason for this: These shorts are super comfortable and great for any activity. Slightly larger leg openings allow more movement, and a built-in liner gives that needed coverage.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Running

First of all, how fun are the colors that these shorts come in? From a bright neon mesh of pink and purple to a cool teal and blue mash-up, there’s no doubt these will attract the eyes of those at the gym. More importantly, the brighter colors can help make runners more visible on the road. Particularly designed for running, these are complemented with a drawstring that stays in place and a waistband that sits comfortably flush against the tummy.

Best Lululemon Shorts for CrossFit

Made with Lululemon’s fastest-drying Everlux fabric, the Wunder Train High-Rise Shorts are perfect for CrossFitters or anyone who prefers a high-intensity workout. The highly breathable fabric quickly wicks sweat away, so you’ll feel less sweaty during your workout — in fact, reviewers say the material dries almost immediately. The waistband drawcord ensures your shorts stay in place, and the length is perfect for preventing chaffing. There’s also a convenient pocket in the waistband to hold your card and keys.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Hiking

When you’re on the move, the last thing you want to do is stop every few minutes to tug at your shorts. That’s why we love the Invigorate High-Rise Short for anyone hitting the trails. The fabric is highly breathable for those hot, sunny (and sweaty) days, and the added Lycra fiber makes sure these shorts stretch while still holding their shape. We also love the side drop-in pockets and waistband pocket so that you can carry all your small necessities while on a long-distance trail. Pair these with a cute Lululemon sports bra, and you’ll be functional and fashionable!

Best Lululemon Shorts for Cycling

There are a variety of colors that these cool-to-the-touch shorts come in, so go wild or keep it neutral. Five waistband pockets provide ultimate convenience storage, and an addition of two side deep pockets make our dreams come true. Pockets are the best! The waistband is specifically designed to keep things in place while chasing the kiddos or working up a sweat during a Peloton workout.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Long-Distance Running

Runners particularly love these shorts because they stay in place while remaining breathable during hot weather. Pockets within the interior serve as the ideal place to put a cell phone, lip balm, or even a medical device like an insulin pump. The flowing exterior fabric adds a touch of style, and the pink selection is cheerful but not too loud. You might find yourself looking forward to a morning jog even more when thinking about putting on these comfortable adjustable shorts.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Casual Wear

Durable enough for your daily workouts and pretty enough for a night on the town, these extra lightweight shorts are the perfect summer wardrobe addition. The fabric dries much faster than many other materials, making them a good selection for an extra sweaty workout or even activities that may involve water. Customers love the extra deep pockets and the more concealed zipper pocket, perfect for storing a wallet clip or even your ID when out for the night.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Yoga

Made with the fabric designed to literally feel as soft as butter, these shorts are a great go-to for yoga or even lounging. A waistband pocket provides enough storage for some small necessities, and the ultra-high waistband provides a beautiful smoothing effect. We love that these are designed to feel so lightweight that it is almost like nothing is there. So comfortable!

Best Lululemon Shorts for Training

The muted colors and the camo pattern of these shorts are a great combination for those wanting to keep things low-key. The thick waistband is not only comfortable but practical when doing any kind of activity that requires a lot of movement. The fabric is lightweight and wicks away moisture when exercising on those super hot days. The fabric is also Lululemon‘s commonly used four-way stretch material, which adds to the practicality and comfort.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Any Workout

In these crop-cut shorts, you won’t feel constricted, whether doing lunges or lounging around the house. The waistband is made with less seams, so it provides smooth support and control. Even when sweating, the fabric continues to promote airflow, helping prevent overheating. Go ahead and do those cartwheels and handstands, as these are made to stay in place, so you won’t be tugging at them during your active time. Freedom!

Best Lululemon Shorts for Lounging

Going roller skating on a beachside pathway? Heading out for a casual picnic date? Or maybe you just like to look super cute at the gym. These are perfect for any of that. The pink color is truly the most eye-catching, and it has adorable little speckles. Why do these make us think of Easter candy? The design gives extra room for a spacious and breezy fit.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Dance

There is an in-between when shorts are just too short, and pants are too long. This Align short has the perfect mid-thigh cut that is ideal for anyone looking for something that sits right in the middle. The ultra-high waist cut is an allure for many who like a practical fit, and the same lightweight material used in many other selections gives these an almost bare skin feel.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Low-Impact Workouts

These shorts come in just above the knee, so they are optimal when looking for something with a little bit more coverage than the average running short. But it is also a great option when it’s too hot for yoga pants! The interesting crossover waistband contributes a super cute touch, so dress up this one with a business casual top and strappy sandals for an absolutely perfect upscale or beach date look!

Best Lululemon Shorts for Postpartum

Super soft and effortlessly comfortable with a stylish silhouette, the Inner Glow is perfect for any postpartum mama. The French Terry material means these shorts are soft to the touch, plus a drawstring waist helps adjust to the size you need. The pockets are convenient for when you’re holding that sweet baby. Reviewers say these are go-to shorts for wearing at home or while running errands, perfect for all those multi-masking mamas.

Best Lululemon Shorts for Travel

Do you love how comfortable basketball shorts are? If you haven’t tried them, you should! And Lululemon has created a version with just a touch of femininity, a slightly shorter cut, and delicate colors, like dusty purple. As with most of the varieties within the brand, these boxer-style shorts can be dressed up or dressed down and can be a notably trendy piece when paired with a business casual top.

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