16 Lunch Boxes for Men

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Finding just the right lunch box can seem overwhelming with so many personality-filled options out there. There are gorgeous handmade leather bags, tech-driven insulators that could keep an egg salad in the safe zone in a hot car, and effortlessly cool tin lunchboxes that feature all our favorite games and characters. No matter his personality or style, there’s a perfect match for everyone out there.

Hand-made and with the option to personalize, this Executive leather lunch bag is the gift your recipient will enjoy for their entire career. Ideal for students graduating from law or medical school, it’s a stylish splurge that makes a statement.

With eight color options, an optional pocket, and lockdown straps for bicycle commuters, this handmade lunch box is one of the most beautiful, versatile bags. While it lacks added insulation or ice packs, it’s certainly more than up to transporting your leftovers from home to the office fridge.

Thoughtfully designed, this Carhartt lunch cooler features an external water bottle pouch, making it convenient to stay hydrated without repeatedly exposing all your chilled food to warm air. An outer pocket keeps utensils accessible without getting them damp, ideal for paper straws or single-serve salt and pepper packs. The water-resistant exterior makes this great for use in the great outdoors- even when rain threatens.

Help your favorite superfan keep his lunch on ice with this Pittsburgh Penguins insulated lunch box. Whether he likes hockey, hoops, or Hotspur, Fanatics has the perfect lunchbox for him.

Yeti devotees can carry lunch conveniently in this day trip lunch bag that’s easy to clean and pairs smoothly with Yeti reusable ice packs. Available in eight distinct color choices, every crew member can have their own easy-to-spot bag.

Ideal for a day on the water, this lightweight and portable 9-can cooler can conveniently tote lunch and drinks and is affordable to boot.

Working men know the right tool makes every job go smoother, and this DeWalt toolbox styled cooler bag is the perfect tool for keeping lunch close at hand on the job site. Multiple small external pockets keep his keys and EDC from damping or chilling. The separated interior compartments make it easy to create temperature zones- so no more frozen and exploded sodas.

A vintage vibe and lifetime warranty combine to make this all-metal lunchbox a true workhorse. With a raised lid that holds a Stanley thermos and, in the 10qt sizing, overly generous proportions, this is a double shift companion that any man can enjoy.

Practical yet tongue-in-cheek, this lunch bag evokes the classic lunchroom staple but with an eye to sustainability and practicality. Made of 100% cotton canvas, it’s the right combination of lightweight, durable, and affordable for any man ditching plastic.

Adventurers will love this soft backpack cooler. Whether he’s taking the family on an all-day outing or getting in a solo hike, guys can pack all the essentials, a first aid kit, meals, and more in this pack.

City commuters and students alike can appreciate a lightweight, insulated bag that travels well. Available in a wide color selection, this JanSport lunch bag pairs perfectly with a larger backpack or duffel bag to help keep paperwork away from cold or damp foods.

Injecting some personality into your office persona is key, and this joke lunch box brings plenty. Sure to get some double takes, it’s a fun and functional lunch box you’ll enjoy for years.

The 80s and 90s kids are adults in the workplace now, and they’re sure to love a vintage throwback, like this tin lunch box featuring classic PacMan designs. If PacMan was never his jam, they also offer Tetris, Transformers, and a host of other throwback designs.

Another vintage design for gamers of yesteryear, this insulated lunch box is generously sized, though it lacks the variety of external pockets that many other designs include.

Perfect for a snack in between sets, this Fender lunch box is fun for any musician, whether hobbyist or professional. With raised 3D embossing, it’s an unmistakable design, and he can tote it along with snacks for the whole crew in style.

Perfect for the man who works out of his car, this thermoelectric cooler plugs directly into the 9V charger and heats or cools a full day’s worth of meals, drinks, and snacks as required. Fantastic for road-trippers, busy parents, and hard workers.

Luxe and stylish, this handmade waxed canvas and leather bag is one of a kind. With some added personalization, it can be even more so. Add a name tag, anniversary date, or other important info, so it always makes it back home.

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