13 Versatile Pairs of Men’s Sandals You’ll Love All Summer

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Choose the right pair for your tastes, location, and aesthetic. and you’ll find that a lightweight pair of summer-friendly shoes will be your staple footwear, especially for beach trips and backyard parties.

Just right for keeping bare feet off of hot pavement, these velcro closed Dockers sandals are perfect for enjoying nice weather outdoors. Whether you’re headed to a picnic or just taking the kids to the park, these sandals have a relaxed fit, and the velcro adjustment ensure they stay comfortable even after all-day wear.

A summer essential, in warm climates like Florida and California these vegan leather sandals are a year-round indulgence, and are worn dressed up or down for maximum comfort. The rubber and foam construction provide the perfect balance of cushioning and support, so these will always be the pair you reach for.

While we certainly won’t be seeing any of these on fashion runways this year, for long distance walks in uncertain terrain or wet weather, these Crocs are an amazingly comfortable and durable choice. If trekking through theme parks in a summer storm, there’s no better pair of shoes for drying quickly when the weather clears, and staying upright while you head to shelter.

Either you love Birkenstocks, or you haven’t tried them yet. While the price point can be pretty daunting, these incredibly comfortable shoes last for years and mold perfectly to your feet.

Inexpensive and comfortable, these easy-on slides are great for college dorms, hikers and campers, and anyone who needs a durable pair of go-anywhere shoes. Give your feet a break after wearing closed-toed shoes all day and let them breathe with these comfortable sandals.

Designed for all-day activities, fishermen especially love these quick drying shoes that are perfect for adventures on the water, when you’re sure to get wet if not soaked. Easy to clean and quick to dry, they’ll help keep your footing secure, whether you’re fishing from the riverbank, or heading out for the weekend on a deep water expedition.

Less expensive than other name brands, these Dr Scholl’s sandals offer the same kinds of supportive benefits that makes wearers fall in love, with foam and cork working to create a custom, pillowy fit for your feet.

These nubuck sandals are so effortlessly cool, with classic Toms styling that has us envisioning wearing them to every warm weather party this year, from 4th of July barbeques through to the start of football season. Available in three colors, sizes 7-14.

Lightweight and inexpensive, these flip flops feature a classic surf aesthetic, they’ll keep your feet from being scorched by hot sand or poolside tile, and aren’t going to get ruined if you get pushed into the pool, making them a perfect party sandal.

Good for outdoor work when you’re sure to get your feet wet, these closed toed water sandals are a great choice for ensuring breathability and comfort, so your feet don’t get waterlogged. Gardeners can trek through the muck without worrying about ruining nicer shoes, and these easily wash clean.

Beloved for their affordability, Old Navy’s sub-5$ shoes are ubiquitous anywhere one might keep a spare set of emergency flip-flops. Available in his and hers styles, they make such excellent shower shoes that they’re a must have for gym bags, and they’ll often appear like magic from a woman’s purse, offering blessed relief after a long day wearing heels.

Bid farewell to the monochrome flip flop style with these punchy blue sandals from Target’s house brand Goodfellow & Co. Perfect for a day at the beach, they’re stylish enough to be suitable for every day wear too.

A variation on the theme, the fabric strap on these light colored sandals offer distinct textures and colors that stand apart from the majority of men’s sandals, adding visual interest and making for a more put-together look.

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