14 Awesome Minecraft Toys for Fans of All Ages

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A worldwide phenomenon that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, Minecraft is a huge world that lets kids and adults unleash their creative sides. It encourages players to build amazing structures, collaborate with others, and research what resources will give them the edge in defeating horror-movie style monsters. If you can imagine it, you can do it, and it’s no surprise that kids want to have toys, clothing, and more to proudly proclaim their love of the popular game.

Craft or battle with this two in one life size convertible toy. Switch between axe or sword configurations with this pretend play toy that makes a great finishing touch for Halloween- or every day dress up- costumes. They also offer an enchanted bow and arrow design, if your Minecraft fans are more ranged fighters.

Full of the kind of brain engaging puzzles that Minecraft fans love, these mazes, crosswords, and other travel friendly games are perfect for keeping young kids entertained while on long car rides, or other extended errands that may leave them bored and restless. This is just the first activity book in a multi part series, so there’s plenty of Minecraft themed activities to keep kids busy for as long as necessary.

Perfect for bringing out those legendary building and designing skills into the real world, this 700 plus piece Minecraft themed build kit by Lego helps older kids translate their creative desires into tangible builds that they can proudly display. A set of mini figures let kids create a scene and act out storylines, and the large variety of other building blocks gives this set infinite replayability. Minecrafters and Lego lovers have a huge point of intersection with their love of building and creativity. If your whole family are building fiends, any of the dozens of Minecraft themed Lego sets may be enjoyable; there’s even a huge mountain cave build that comes with over two thousand pieces!

Entertain a crowd with this Minecraft birthday party set. With familiar designs and an emphasis on game familiar geometry, this 8 piece set includes a tablecloth, two types of napkins, and two styles of plates. While committing to going all-in for the theme is admirable, when it comes time to “dig” into the cake, we would discourage the use of shovels and pickaxes.

This twenty pack of figurines are great go- anywhere toys that encourage imagination and creative play. They make great gift bag treats for a Minecraft themed birthday, and are sturdy enough for every day play as well. The all-metal design makes them durable enough for years of use, but be sure to keep them away from younger siblings.

While this bedding set may not guarantee that sleep commands will work on your kiddo, hopefully the fun design will encourage them to dream about their adventures and plan the next day’s expedition. After all, even video game characters need to rest, repair, and rejuvenate sometimes.

Softer than freshly shorn wool, this squeezable sheep plus is a great comfort item for young children and a fun addition to a Minecraft themed bedroom for older kids. Bring along this huggable friend to new and scary situations like doctor’s visits or sleepovers for extra comfort and reassurance. A range of game-themed stuffed animals are available, so if your little gamer likes the pigs best, that’s an option too!

For parents looking to parlay a child’s interest in building, sorting, researching, and more into life skills and a greater interest in schoolwork, this series of Minecraft themed experiments for the whole family is a great place to start. An emphasis on experiential, hands on work is a great way to translate theoretical concepts into practical experiences. For introducing other STEM concepts, check out any of the number of workbooks and interactive activity books out there, like Math For Minecrafters. 

This multi pack of characters and accessories help children act out imaginative play with friends, and the diorama set up is the perfect state for their productions. Add a social element to their love of gaming by sharing those interests with friends and family, and learn more about the immersive world that fascinates them.

If you already have a frankly unreasonable number of Lego building kits around the house and can’t stand the thought of buying hundreds more pieces just to incorporate some Minecraft themes, this little set of Minifigs lets you offer a concession to Minecraft loving children. These unique skinned characters and their accessories add some Minecraft flavor to your existing build sets.

Plenty of room in your inventory is essential for carrying around all that cool Minecraft themed gear, so pick up a backpack that, at 17″, is comfortably sized for grade schoolers. Pockets and dividers make this a functional school backpack with plenty of ways to organize their inventory, and a water bottle pocket and gear clips let their adventures keep going for hours without needing a rest cycle.

Great for snazzing up notebooks or other school supplies, or for filling in blanks on reward or chore charts, this multi pack has hundreds of fun Minecraft themed stickers. They also make cute add ons to Minecraft themed birthday party supplies; add them to invitations or thank yous for a fun pop of color.

Destined to win any costume contest, this creeper costume is certainly creepy. Perfect for pairing with a Steve or Alex costume to make a fun sibling’s set, it’s great for every day dress up and pretend play, or for saving for Halloween and scaring the whole block. You should absolutely count on your kid waking you up while wearing it and making that horrifying Creeper sound effect though.

Yeah, we know, you already have this game, that’s the whole reason you’re reading this list, but hear us out; Minecraft can be a lot more fun when played together. For a cooperative experience, each player needs their own account, so if you’re the only one in the family who hasn’t gotten in on the fun, try it out for yourself! You’ll get to see exactly what all the fuss is about.

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