20 Most Popular Products of 2020

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The dawn of the new year has us trailing back to 2020, sifting through various site’s best selling lists, along with raving product reviews. While 2020 was a metaphorical bag of garbage, some intriguing and downright awesome products came onto the scene. However, some of the most popular products emerged from past years. Regardless, people are really feeling these interesting, practical, and sometimes just super fun things.

This past year undoubtedly had us spending more time outside. And apparently, some folks enjoyed setting up these heavy duty trail cameras, that can detect wildlife. It does sound neat, taking a break from watching fails, to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Fire Sticks enable various streaming platforms, and this updated version is a lot more powerful than the last. In addition, it works with Alexa.

Crocs ended up in a lot of folk’s Amazon carts this past year. With an unusual look, the classic shoes are breathable, comfortable, and versatile. Wear them in water, around the house, or just on a quick run to the grocery store.

When the kids are home, more crumbs wind up n the floor. Stressed parents turned to robo vacuums to help keep up. Boost IQ is a super quiet, powerful vacuum that takes care of debris on carpet and hardwood floors.

Some spent 2020 trying to get healthier, so the air fryer continued to be a popular item. Cook things with much less fat content, while still enjoying all the crispy goodness that taste buds crave.

Last year, game night replaced movies in the theaters, theme park days, and going out to eat. Rated as one of Amazon’s best sellers, this game doesn’t take anyone too seriously. Players will find themselves participating in ridiculously hilarious challenges with various provided objects.

At the beginning of every product description, we can come up with a reason as to why it was so popular in 2020. Water picks can be effectively clean in between teeth and around the gum line. Since we all had to skip out on the dentist for the most part, these probably were quite handy.

If any authors know where to tell people to venture out in the United States, it would be those at National Geographic. Experts who know their stuff when it comes to the outdoors have come up with an endless, seemingly, list of really great exploration ideas. Social distancing at its best!

Once in a blue moon, there will be a tooth whitening product that the customers who buy it love! And this set is definitely one of them. Take your smile from pretty, to blindingly gorgeous, by just lightning things up a few shades.

Kids have phenomenal imaginations, that can be enhanced even more provided the right tools. While these tools, also known as toys, may seem pretty basic, kids can come up with a world of imaginative scenarios. Floor is lava anyone?

Leave it to Dyson to come up with a futuristic, out of this world solution for drying hair really fast. Since they’ve mastered the vacuum, they might as well move on to something else. Leaving hair significantly smoother, and drying without damage, it leaves one to think maybe it’s definitely worth the price. I mean come on, how much is one hydrating treatment at the salon?

Looking for the ultimate audio experience? Invest in a HomePod, a small sphere made by Apple, that disperses crisp, satisfying sound. From parties, to creating a magical holiday environment with Christmas music, each speaker you purchase is designed to work together.

This handy electronic device does something that might have seemed far in the future just a handful of years ago. It has various functions that allow doctors to do exams, over FaceTime or Skype.

AirPods were popular before 2020, but definitely seem to have become even more so during the time we will always know as the year of the pandemic. Maybe people just want to listen to music more, or maybe AirPods are easier to use with a mask, there may be multiple reasons.

Anyone who’s blow dried their hair and brushed it at the same time knows how awesome this hair tool is. A brush and hairdryer in one, the dryer makes styling extremely easy, while also adding intense volume to those lovely locks.

People got outdoors in 2020. And that is definitely one positive thing about the year. A lot of people bought this Ozark Trail family cabin tent, that sleeps 10 people. Maybe they tossed it up in the backyard and had a fun night roasting s’mores close to home, or maybe they ventured to one of the national parks that remained open.

We love that a lot of people took their time in quarantine to get in shape. Walmart’s  selection of resistance bands were pretty popular, with this set of four rising above the rest. Resistance bands are wonderful for toning up in small spaces.

Televisions always seem to be popular, to be fair. But this LED Roku smart TV took the cake at Walmart. High definition picture quality, and reasonable pricing allured consumers.

Some guys were looking pretty scraggly a few months into quarantine. And many took hairstyling into their own hands, and pretty much nailed it. Thanks YouTube! With multiple attachments to help get that perfect look, the trimmer is also rechargeable and simple to use.

And last but not least, our 20th popular item of 2020 is this fantastic playground.  The sky fort features a multi level treehouse, slide, two swings, monkey bars and more accessories. How else were parents going to survive with kids home all day?

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