25 Best Beach Accessories: Must Have Gear for Summer 2024

Beach Please

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Summertime and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. With summer upon us, going to the beach should be at the top of your bucket list. Salty air, sandy toes, and great people-watching. What more could you want in a day? Whether you prefer East Coast, West Coast, or Gulf Coast beaches, you’ll want to ensure you are prepared with all the beach essentials. And we have got you covered! Read on to discover everything you need for a super fun beach day this summer!

Keep your brew as cold as when you yanked it out of the cooler with a great insulated can cooler.

If you’re headed to the beach, you will probably be there most of the day. Which means snacks and refreshments are a must. A good cooler will keep all the essentials fresh and ice cold for the entire day if not longer.

If you aren’t blasting Jimmy Buffet while at the beach you’re doing it wrong. Which is why a good portable waterproof speaker.

It’s no secret beach towels are a necessity for a day at the beach, but how annoying is it to dry yourself off after a refreshing dip in the ocean only to be covered in sand stuck on your towel. Once you’ve used Sand Cloud’s quick drying, sand resistant towel, you’ll want every pattern available! Not to mention, a portion of sales goes toward marine life conservation.

It gets windy at the beach and the last thing you want is to be chasing your towel down through a crowd of sunbathers. Trust me when I say towel clips are a lifesaver.

The right beach chair can set the tone for an entire day. Is it comfortable, does it lay back to ensure even tan lines, can you carry it easily…so many factors go into choosing the right chair and the guys over at 4ocean have made a great one. And while you’re enjoying the beach, take a moment to leave it cleaner than you found it with this cleanup kit.

Save your seltzer from tipping over in the sand by placing it safely on this portable beach table. Sturdy and just the right size, keep your drinks, phones and speakers safely above the sand.

One thing I’ve always found annoying about beach days is finding sand everywhere when pulling things out of your beach bag. A mesh bag will help shake it out before you shake it all over your kitchen floor.

I cannot say enough how necessary having a beach wagon is! A person only has so many limbs to carry everything they need for a successful day at the beach.

While you should keep valuables locked in your car when spending the day at the beach just to be safe, a secure portable safe is great to pack with you to throw your phone in while splashing around in the water. Plus SAFEGO easily hangs on the back of your beach chair or tuck it safely at the bottom of your bag.

It gets hot out there and getting overheated is not a fun time. While water alone is a great way to ward off dehydration, sometimes your body needs a little extra boost. Osmo Nutrition gives you the electrolyte boost you need.

Some people prefer an umbrella or other type of canopy at the beach and some don’t. Take it from me (a Florida native) a break from the sun every once in a while in a MUST!

An accessory that is not only ultra stylish but will also protect your gorgeous face from the sun? Sign me up!

This should be super self explanatory, but it’s always nice to have a reminder. DON’T FORGET TO PACK SUNSCREEN.

After a long day in the sun, give your skin a little TLC. Drunk Elephant’s whipped moisturizer is just what your face needs to protect itself from unwanted dryness and is a must for your summer skin care routine.

Maybe you forgot to reapply your sunscreen or your face is just screaming for extra hydration after sitting in the sun all day, whichever the reason Kinfield’s Sunday Spray is just what you need. Think spritzing your face with cold refreshing water, but with added moisturizing ingredients like spearmint, aloe and cucumber. It’s also a great excuse to get that skincare fridge you’ve had your eye on!


You packed the sunscreen, you applied the sunscreen (multiple times throughout the day), but you still ended up burned. It happens to even the seasoned beachgoer, i.e. yours truly. Make sure you have some aloe on hand (pro tip: stick it in the freezer for extra soothing relief) you’ll thank yourself.

Boogie boarding is the perfect beach activity for both kids and kids at heart. It doesn’t matter how big the wave is adding one of these to your beach day arsenal is sure to make for a fun time.

A day at the beach is fun for the ENTIRE family, so that obviously includes the dog! It gets hot out there and you want your pup to stay hydrated. Lugging the usual water bowl is clunky and takes up space, a collapsible bowl is the ideal way to keep your fur baby happy and hydrated.

Whether your pup is part fish or just prefers to get their paws wet, keep them safe with a life jacket made just for them! While you should always keep a close eye on your pup when playing in the water a life jacket will give you some extra peace of mind.

Your little one can only take in so much sun. Give them a shady place to play (or nap) where they will be protected from the harsh UV rays. Bonus points for being easy to fold up and carry around.

Who doesn’t love playing in the sand and building sand castles?! Pales, shovels and the makings of a great sand castle this fun pack will keep the kids busy for hours.

Water wings, but make them fabulous. A must-have for obvious reasons, there is bound to be a design your little one is sure to love! Whales, sharks and fabulous flamingos, this kids life vest is an easy addition to any beach day

A new summer season calls for a new wetsuit for all you wave chasers out there. Made with hydrophobic, ulta-flexible material the Dante wetsuit from Matuse is the perfect wave riding companion. Plus each suit is fair trade certified, talk about conscious consumption!

A good board wax goes a long way and Mr. Zogs is an iconic brand known throughout the world for it’s consistent quality. Weather you are hitting the waves in cold, cool, warm or tropical waters Mr. Zogs have got you covered

Nothing screams summer like lounging in an obnoxiously large blow up floatie. Make it a unicorn and you are on your way to the most instagrammable summer vacation yet!

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