16 Disney Products Kids Are Loving Most This Year

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Disney has been a part of childhood since the 1920s, and today, the characters from the past, and newer ones, are more relatable and loved as ever. No brand has been able to consistently identify with young ones from generation to generation, quite like Disney. Even adults remain loyal fans, whether they have kids or not. There’s no denying something really special is going on here. And with a successful name like Disney, there are an abundance of products waiting to be discovered, and we’ve tracked down some spot on ones for kiddos.

Camp under the stars in the backyard, or just set this Toy Story themed tent up in their room, as the ultimate fort. Kids already love tents, as they become a quiet space little ones can call their own. Then add a cool Space Ranger robot design from the beloved franchise, and you have something they’ll flip over.

Kids can watch a Disney castle light up from the comfort of their own bedroom. The princess castle is 3D printed, and vibrantly illuminated when turned on. Soft ambient light provides a gentle glow to the entire bedroom, just enough to keep away any monsters under the bed. It’s a special crafted piece from the minds of Etsy artists, and will give any room a touch of absolute magic.

Has your little princess merged over to the point where they are ready for a gift a little more delicate and special? Then these princess adorned teacups and pot, featuring Belle, Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella, might be that perfect item. Made with dainty porcelain, cups have an elegant gold trim, and each design is hand painted. You could even surprise your young one with a festive tea party.

With more kids owning iPhones these days, a good case is a wonderful gift. A Disney case is even better. Made with squishy silicone, this Minnie Mouse inspired design resembles a camera, and also comes with a polka dot strap to play off of its bold red hues. This item helps prevent phones from getting dropped, and the bouncy exterior protects even if somehow it hits the ground anyway.

Rugged and edgy, this bag looks like something Han Solo himself could own. A dusty appearance is adorned with the Millennium Falcon, and the chain strap with with charm accents adds a touch of shine. Whether used as a purse or just something to tote around goodies while at Disney World, the bag is both trendy and nostalgic.

While mom and dad will probably be the ones using the machine to cook, kids will be ecstatic when a real Mickey waffle is placed on their plate for breakfast. Nonstick plates and a stainless steel design ensure the waffles release cleanly, so all the detail of our favorite mouse is there.

So many iconic Disney movies were produced from the late 80’s to present day, and in this box is a variation of postcards adorned with art, from films such as The Little Mermaid, to more recent selections. As official cards, kids would likely love to help select certain ones to send to friends and family. Fill them out ahead of time and send them while on a Disney vacation, or just do it for fun to brighten someone’s day.

Does your young one love the stories of Disney Princesses and other adventures from the brand? Well they’ll totally melt when gifted an embossed version of their favorite story that’s also personalized on the hard cover, and on a dedication page. It’s a beautiful gift that comes in a lovely keepsake box.

Typical kids bedding is loud, hyper colorful and super fun—it’s definitely awesome. But if something more subtle is desired, with a touch more elegance and authenticity, this Toy Story embroidered quilt fits the bill. Light blue hues, and delicately sewn Woody, Buzz and Jesse figures embody that childlike look, while overall the blanket could almost be suited for a Disney loving adult.

A family friendly play on the original game, this Disney version will be extra special to those who love the brand. Each round, a different person reads out a Disney related sentence that needs to be finished by one of the other players’ ten cards. Their cards, which were dealt before the round, feature various phrases that will mesh up to make hilarious word magic.

Mouse ear print, a hood with mouse ears, pink trim, and Minnie Mouse herself front and center—this hoodie is for folks who really love this famous critter. It’s festive, yet still suitable for a range of ages. Sizes go from toddler all the way up to young adult. So pretty! (Price varies based on size.)

Okay Forkie is in this multipack of Toy Story socks, so basically we are sold. But Woody, Buzz, that dare devil guy from the last film and the Pizza Planet aliens sweeten the deal. Other variations include Bullseye, Bo Peep and more! You can’t go wrong with a solid assortment of Disney socks.

Somewhere there has to be a law that states every kid should have a battery powered ride on toy vehicle. This horse drawn carriage is basically that, but so dreamy! Galloping in all its majestic glory, the noble steed uses battery power to tote the swirly twirly, Disney Princess decal adorned carriage all around the house or backyard. Little dreams will come true when young ones see their very own fairy tale ride awaiting them.

Mickey has been an influential character for children through the decades. Today, he’s just as relatable and lovable as he was in the beginning. To tie together any young boy or girl’s bedroom, or even a play room, is this intricate lamp, that is accented with different variations of Mickey over past generations. Colors pop, but all in all the piece could be subtly added just about anywhere. Regardless, it’s a reminder of many years full of special moments.

What kind of kids Disney product list would this be without the new, yet globally embraced baby Yoda? He’s taken the internet and media by storm, and he’s ready to take over your little one’s stylish Disney look. This Etsy seller has done a fabulous job keeping the print simple, but super duper cute. Other colors are available, but we love the green!

A creation by The Lettered Lane, a popular Etsy shop, this Baltic birch frame can be engraved with a short phrase to commemorate the next Disney trip. The idea is for official Disney characters to autograph the perimeter, adding to the meaning of the gorgeously crafted frame that will encapsulate that special moment together, as a family, at the most wonderful place on earth.

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