15 Must-Have Pieces From The Container Store’s Marie Kondo Line

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Marie Kondo is the mother of organization. The tidying expert first took the world by storm with her 2010 book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The 2019 Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” led to a wave of de-cluttering, especially in the U.S. and the U.K., with thrift and charity stores seeing a massive increase in donations. Kondo recently teamed up with the Container Store to bring you organizing essentials that are minimalistic, functional, and aesthetic. Keep reading for our favorite products, from the kitchen to the closet to the playroom.

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The Bamboo Hamper features gorgeous latticework that is a nod to Japanese shoji screens, AKA room dividers that are used for privacy and to make good use of small spaces. The liner, made of coated canvas, can be removed and cleaned whenever necessary. The hamper can be used for throw pillows, blankets, linens, toys and other bulky items.

Your fridge can become messy without you realizing it. Made from FSC-certified paper, the Fridge & Freezer Labels allow you to organize fruits, veggies and anything your heart desires in a snap. The pack includes 48 pre-printed labels, 39 printed and 9 blank ones. Some of the options include berries, grab & go, kid’s snacks, spreads and leftovers.

Here are the perfect containers to use with the Fridge & Freezer labels! The three-pack of ceramic food canisters have wide openings and fit easily on any counter or shelf. The large size holds six cups, the medium holds four cups and the small holds two. Busy packaging can make a kitchen feel cluttered, and these modern staples create a sense of peace and calm.

How adorable are these? Organize tiny toys and miscellaneous items in your child’s room with the Letter-Size Kawaii Pouches. Cards, colored pencils, puzzle pieces, small pieces of paper, chargers – these pouches do it all. They’re translucent so you always know what’s inside, plus the different shades allow for color coordination.

Another kid-friendly option is the Indigo Blue Kawaii Cotton Rope Bin. The roomy bin comes in a number of different colors so you can mix and match your shelf space. It’s also gentle enough for clothing storage if you want to stow away sweaters, scarves and mittens for winter. P.S., it’s the perfect size for the Letter-Size Kawaii Pouches we mentioned above.

We’ve got another gorgeous latticework item, this time a shallow bamboo bin. Like the hamper, the coated liner can be removed and wiped clean, but this one is small enough to stick on a shelf, under a bed or in an annoyingly tiny linen closet (I’ve got one the size of a tack). Your pillowcases and sheets will have a new ultra-luxurious home.

Meet your closet’s new BFF. The White Nordic Storage Baskets have bamboo lids and ventilated holes, stylish touches that are durable and make organizing as easy as pie. They nest inside each other as a space-saving bonus. You can use dry erase markers to label each basket, then wipe off and re-label as needed. It’s also a good way to store spices, dry snacks and pantry stables in the kitchen.

Hikidashi means “drawer” in Japanese, so use these organizers to banish clutter and store your most precious items like earrings, watches, necklaces and rings. The set includes eight pieces, four deep boxes and four shallow lids, and they’re great to pack when you travel. The pattern reminds me of shooting stars in the night sky and evokes a sense of serenity.

The Serene Matte Metal Accessory Hanger is the closet essential you never knew you needed. Made of aluminum with beech wood accents, its small but sturdy frame is ideal for scarves, belts, hats, and other slippery items. It has an opening on one side for unhampered access. It comes in matte white and matte black.

The Calm Paper Drawer is made from recycled paperboard with elegant leather handles and optional rubber feet to keep everything from sliding. The drawers are designed for letter-sized papers and files and are deep enough for your trusty office supplies. They’re also stackable if your work-from-home space is feeling cramped.

Love, love, LOVE this pattern! The Clarity Hikidashi Closet Storage Box is made from heavyweight paperboard and is big enough to fit bulky seasonal clothing items like sweaters and cardigans. You can instantly create a drawer anywhere in your home, complete with a lid for concealed storage. The watercolor print varies with each piece, so you’re truly getting something one-of-a-kind.

“Ori” means to weave in Japanese. The Ori Rattan Honey Natural Curved Cubes are handwoven and ready to add beauty to your home. They have rounded handles so you can move them from room to room whenever you need. The natural rattan material is sturdy and flexible–plus, it’s an easily renewable resource.

The Parchment White Kid’s Wall-Mounted Bookshelf will fit right into your playroom. The bamboo shelf includes a grooved base that secures content in place. It includes installation hardware and drywall anchors so you can get right to organizing your child’s many, many coloring books. The shelf holds up to 15 pounds.

Overwhelmed by all of the spices you’ve accumulated? Give them a home with the Narrow In-Drawer Spice Organizer. This fits inside most kitchen drawers and guarantees easy access, so you can grab red pepper flakes in a pinch (see what I did there?). There’s a place for everything, so make sure everything is in its place! Each rack is designed to hold about six spice jars/bottles across each row.

Back to bamboo for our last entry on this list! Give your writing utensils stylish storage using the Shoji Bamboo 3-Section Pen Organizer. There are three convenient spaces for your pens, pencils, and scissors. The sections may look a little small in the picture, but one reviewer said they fit 25 regular-sized pens or 20 highlighters/markers in each one.

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