Top 20 My Little Pony Toys Your Kids Will Love

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The My Little Pony franchise is still incredibly popular with young children, and even parents have a lot to like about it. With plenty of lessons about kindness, responsibility, and manners, plus fun and unique characters, it’s beloved by a huge audience. So if you’re looking for a gift for a pony-loving little one, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

The attached sunglasses and microphone give this singing Rainbow Dash toy tons of personality, but it’s her variety of songs and spoken phrases that keep her enjoyable for hours of play. Three different music modes give children 3 and up the option to sing solo, pair up for a duet with Rainbow Dash, or just listen to her belt a solo.

Kiddos can DIY their own fashion statements with this necklace activity set. With over 150 beads and five pony character charms, they’ll have a custom piece for every day of the school week and can add some magic to every outfit choice.

This ten item set is an amazing holiday gift for siblings, with oversized ponies that are perfect for little hands, and enough ponies that sharing is actually a possibility.

This 3″ Twilight Sparkle figure comes with long, flowing locks and a styling comb, so your little ones can bring along a pony friend on all their adventures. This Twilight Sparkle toy comes with a cheery print design.

Scenes from the MLP series can come to life in little hands with this nearly two foot tall pony playset. Designed to accommodate the common 3″ high pony toys, kids will be delighted by the lights and accessories in this generously sized play school set.

This charming, smaller playset is ideal for bedrooms and play areas where space is more limited but imaginations run wild. Featuring dress-up costumes and a slightly spooky theme, it’s especially perfect for fall and Halloween-adjacent birthdays.

Finally, a My Little Pony toy that’s just right for even the littlest hands. Though many toys are designated for three year olds and older, this adorable treehouse playset is safe for kids from 18 months and up, so younger children can keep up with their older sibling’s interests. It’s easier to prevent fights by having designated sets for each child, and this interactive toy will keep younger siblings entertained for hours.

Everypony can travel in style in the Friendship Express. This vehicle and the accessory pack include tons of items for pretend play, from a conductor’s cap to luggage and more. While it does come with one pony to play with, it’s an even better toy for kids who already have a few pony figurines and are looking for new and inventive ways to play with them.

Take advantage of the pony fever to entice reluctant readers into expanding their vocabulary and improving their reading confidence with My Little Pony books, like this Celestia focused story from their princess collection.

Every day is a good day to wear this fun and flouncy pony dress. Available in a rainbow of colors and character choices and affordably priced, there’s no need to make your child choose a favorite. Available in toddler and girls sizing, it’s a charming choice for picture day and matching sibling sets.

This three pony pack makes a fantastic addition to playsets, which typically only include one pony to play with. Make sure there’s a whole stable full of friends with this affordable set that includes fan favorites Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

Long car rides often vex parents trying to minimize screen time, but this giant sticker activity book gives kids hours worth of quiet fun without requiring batteries. Hundreds of stickers make this fun for a crowd at sleepovers or class parties.

These 2″ ponies are smaller than the standard packs, so they’re great for travel or keeping at a sitter or grandparent’s house. The glitter effect and design variants give them a different, distinct look, so they’re great for kids who already have a ton of pony toys and are looking for something different.

Step through the magic mirror with these MLP spinoff dolls. All the girls of Canterlot High are available as fun and fashionable 11″ dolls with cute outfits and accessories and seven articulation points, perfect for posing and imagination play.

Help a birthday girl celebrate in style with custom party favors, invitations, or cake toppers, like this gorgeous personalized topper that features your child’s name and a choice of one, two, or three pony additions.

Etsy has a treasure trove of decor for a My Little Pony themed birthday, but it’s easy to miss out on some of their other beautifully handmade items. This cotton and minky baby blanket is perfect for expectant parents, but also makes a great nap mat for toddler aged girls. It’s even personalizable, so sending it in to preschool or daycare with your little one is practically risk-free.

This soft toy version of Twilight Sparkle is based on the tiara-wearing Twilight Sparkle from the My Little Pony movie. This interactive toy says more than 90 phrases, responds to sound and touch and has a unicorn horn that lights up. It’s the perfect pick for kiddos ages 3 and up – if you’re willing to splurge.

If you have a Play-Doh lover and My Little Pony fanatic, this is the toy for them! This set comes with four molds and nine colors to create each pony from My Little Pony Friendship – or customize your own pony.

Glitter, sparkles, and a cool secret pen – what could be more fun? This My Little Pony Glitter Activity set has a journal, stickers, mini markers, and a feature pen to inspire even the littlest of artists (ages 3 and up).

Fans of the My Little Pony: A New Generation will love this Sing ‘N Skate Sunny Starscout interactive toy. Complete with a microphone that also doubles as a remote control, fans can spin, move forward or sing.

This large playset is inspired by the royal Pegasus palace in the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie. Kids can use the zipline to send popstar Princess Petals to center stage, create adventures in the palace, or dress up the figures for a fashion show.

This set is a great gift for the kiddos that love playing dress-up. The My Little Pony Styling Pony comes with a 9-inch pony – in this case it’s Rarity -11 styling accessories clips, barrettes, stickers, extensions, hair ties, and a comb – the styling options are endless! There are also Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle versions.

Fans can create their own movie scenes with Sunny Starscout from the My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie with this gift set. Choose from 25 pieces and create make-believe smoothies for Sunny Starscout to sell.

Got a sushi-lover? This My Little Pony set could be the gift for them! The My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rollin’ Sushi Truck features Sunset Shimmer, a rotating sushi tray, and a food cart for her sushi business.

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