24 Nerdy Gifts Your Mom Will Geek Out Over

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Show mom you love her nerdy side and all the fantastic worlds she’s introduced you to with these gifts.

1. After all this time? Always.

Cheer your real favorite team under the Friday Night Lights this year, with a Quidditch shirt.

2. Perfect for setting the mood to match her quirky attitude.

Personalize brightness and color of every room, any time. Control smart LED’s with your phone, or with home assistants like Alexa. Perfect for mood lighting for any party, whether it’s a book club digging in to the latest Stiefvater, or a group of adventurers in DND.

3. WHO wouldn't want this awesome pocket watch?

For helping her keep track of time, regardless of where she finds herself in it.

4. IDK about you, but I've never seen my mom and Wonder Woman in the same place.

Give mom an inspiring reminder you know her capabilities are limitless with this Wonder Woman Funko Pop.

5. The force is strong with this mom.

These curated Star Wars themed boxes by Funko Pop let mom keep the swag coming all year.

6. Mother of Dragons, sounds about right.

Help mom keep her treasures safe with this trinket box, carefully guarded by a hoarder’s best friend.

7. There's something nostalgic about polaroid pictures.

The Polaroid Snap combines instant printing with digital backups, so you get flawless prints, no ink required, but you also get digital copies for easy downloading or social media sharing.

8. Between soccer practice, music lessons, dinner...be sure mom knows what's coming next

Keep the whole family on the same page with this one page at a time planner. The adhesive backing makes it easy to attach to the command center; even if it’s just the kitchen counter.

9. Even gamer moms need a solid soundtrack.

Before she marches into battle, mom needs a theme song. This collection has every theme she needs to get hyped, from Angry Birds to Zelda.

10. There isn't quite a word to describe this game, but 'quirky' comes close.

The Oatmeal’s game for cat lovers, or anyone who loves original art and absurdism.

11. Mom says she knows everything, but does she really know EVERYTHING.

While it may have entered general knowledge through the hosts of “Mythbusters,” serious engineers and artisans have known about the invaluable index of all interesting knowledge for some time. Learn to tie a knot, understand radio shorthand, easily recognize military insignia, gauge volumes, learn about metals, gasses, wood, and more.

12. You can't go wrong with a coffee mug.

Busy moms sometimes have quite a long boot time in the mornings; let her know you feel her pain with this tongue-in-cheek mug.

13. Live long and prosper.

Car keys today, ship keys tomorrow.

14. Techy moms will definitely appreciate this!

Mom can’t take work- and play- with her anywhere with these ultra portable Chromebooks. A 16gb Solid State hard drive means rapid responses, and USB 3.0 guarantees you can quickly transfer content on and off as you need it

15. Who wouldn't want a set of colorful markers?

Know a serious artist or a dedicated hobbyist by the investment they make in their materials; make moms day with these Copic markers, the industry leader with rave reviewers by professional and amateur users alike.

16. When you have a mom who's out of this world...see what I did there.

Perfect for teachers, or anyone who finds the unending expanse of the cosmos magical.

17. As long as she doesn't step on any lego pieces, crafty moms will love this.

Instead of a framed print for the gallery wall, builder moms will love completing and displaying this Lego version of the London skyline.

18. Winter is coming, make sure to order this before it arrives.

Unframed 8×10, these handmade pieces of art make fantastic statement pieces for any fan of Game of Thrones.

19. Dr. Mom at your service.

For the kind of mom who could brew her coffee over a Bunsen burner, these cross-section scans of the brain make fantastic coasters for anyone in STEM or with an interest in the macabre.

20. Like I said before, mom might claim she knows everything, but does she...?

From the author of PH&D Comics comes this guide to the known unknown. We Have No Idea is a thought provoking, exciting, and inspiring work that reminds us all that sometimes even the experts are still figuring it out.

21. How do you know if you have a nerdy mom? She can tell time on this clock.

Help mom show off her nerd creds with this quirky clock; instead of traditional markings, every number is solved for in an equation.

22. Nothing says 'classy' liking sealing birthday cards with a wax seal.

Telosma offers your choice of personalizing wax stamps, from dinosaurs, to sea creatures, to holiday décor; help mom put her stamp on files, documents, and correspondence.

23. The perfect accessory to mom's Mother of Dragons vibe.

Bring an otherworldly glow to any outdoor party with Dragon Glass. For use in gas fire pits, it has no odor and is non toxic, and doesn’t burn up in the fire.

24. Gotta catch them all...am I right?

If mom is the best in the family at “Catching them all” let her show off her deck pride with this perfectly desktop sized Charizard.

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