14 Exceptional Nike Hoodies You Can Buy Now

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A hoodie is one of those unexplainable clothing items that is more versatile than we probably ever really think about. Seriously, think about it. Wear one with a pair of jeans, and you’ve got an acceptable outfit for a casual brunch. Throw on some pajama pants, and it instantly becomes the coziest winter night wear. Then pop on some basketball shoes and athletic pants, and you’re ready for the big game. Hoodies are great for all seasons, whether your significant other likes to blast the air conditioning during the summer, or if days get chilly during the spring fall and winter. Below are some of Nike’s best hoodies, whether they be pull overs or zip ups!

Probably most every kid of the 90s had some type of apparel that featured Nike’s famous phrase “just do it“. Today the tradition lives on, and adorns this fire engine red hoodie that is designed for athletic young boys. A front kangaroo style pocket is the perfect place to keep a snack, Pokémon cards, or whatever else boys this age would be into.

Are you tired of the typical fit of the classic hoodie? We know, probably not. But if you were looking for something a little bit different, the funnel neck of this option is interesting and practical. Covering up your neck for those extra chilly fall days, the fabric stands upward when the hood comes up, so all around your neck is going to be a little warmer.

Just toss this baby on when getting ready to play an impromptu game of outdoor basketball, or maybe if you need a casual style choice when going on a guy’s night out. Fully zipping up the front, taking it on and off is super simple, so it’s a good in between season option when the weather can be a little more unpredictable.

Are you that dedicated runner that will hit the road on a chilly 40 degree morning? If so, an essential front zip up hoodie like this should be added to your wardrobe. The material is just a bit more protective than the average zip up jacket, and the hood is double paneled for extra protection. Now nothing can stop you—well at least the lack of a good hoodie won’t.

Fleece is an incredible comforting fabric, that hugs us in softness and is totally irresistible. Get the guy in your life this basic fleece hoodie that is both great for wearing out on a casual day, or cuddling up in, while lounging around the house and watching Netflix. We truly adore the bright Ireland green used for one of the variations, but there are multiple colors to choose from that are equally lovable.

A lightweight spring or fall option for young girls, we love the different colors, all of which have subtly blended hues of cheer. The rainbow might be our favorite, because it is still somewhat neutral. The front hem scoops upward while the back extends for extra coverage. You’re young lady will almost certainly love wearing this to school, or just while hanging out with friends.

Tiny clothes are always adorable! So we had to take extra consideration when picking out a great option for a toddler. The zip up pick is practical and easier to put on then a pull over, whether they want to dress themselves or if you’re trying to get them ready in a hurry. Velour fabric is oh so soft, and will bring an extra comforting touch to your little one’s day. Two pretty colors are available.

Talk about high tech! The various textures not only make this hoodie look extra sleek, but the materials are temperature regulating, keeping you warm when you need it most, and allowing for ventilation. The practical three paneled design offers maximum protection, and thumb holes at the end of the sleeves prevent drafts from seeping in.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of color and outlandish pattern! Reminiscent of 60s tie-dye styles, this hoodie breathes some serious life into any basic wardrobe. Add a fun element to your basic Nike joggers, by throwing on this beautiful hoodie, that comes in interesting colors like a blend of peach and light tan. Expect a classic, comfortable hoodie fit.

Optimizing maximum body heat, the fabric used to make this option is designed to keep kids warm. Without being bundled in bulky material, they can run and play without anything weighing them down. The traditional Nike logo is placed strategically throughout the design for a unique incorporation of the classic image.

Take it back to vintage ladies! With a relaxed somewhat rugged look, the front zip up hoodie is both casual and cute. And if you need to take your dog out on a chilly night, just throw this on! Or maybe you’re looking for that perfect warm up before you hit the gym. Either way, it’s a versatile option that looks particularly great in the peachy pink color.

While the extra bold and giant Nike swoosh on the front center of the hoodie looks super cool, the design is quite effective when it comes to keeping individuals warm as well. Three layers of fleece come together in a strategic way, to keep you feeling warm and comfortable no matter what activity you are participating in.

What isn’t there to love about this Dri-Fit hoodie? Designed based off insight from actual runners, it has all the features that you might need for an outdoor jog or marathon. Thumb holes keep the sleeves in place, the material will work to keep you dry, while also utilizing reflective safety features. The design is bold and fun, being a breath of fresh air from other average hoodies. Also made of over 70% recycled materials, it’s just an all-around solid win.

Maybe you’ve never considered a cropped hoodie, or cropped anything. But the beauty of something designed like this is that it’s actually really versatile, and can be layered with tighter fitting under garments. However it can just be worn for an extra breezy experience on a hot day. Dreamy brushed fleece feels so soft against the skin, and the overall look is neutral, going with just about any pair of leggings or shorts.

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