11 Best Nike Shorts for Kids That Are Stylish & Perfect for Playtime

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Nike makes some seriously slick looking shorts for kids. Kiddos can match mom and dad, or have their own style entirely. These all look great as a fashion statement, but many are highly practical, and made for your little athlete who is always on the go. From boys, girls, to itty-bitty toddlers, there is a wonderful Nike short option. Below is a list of the best Nike shorts for kids, according to reviews, and our opinion!

Find the perfect pair:

Nike Shorts for Boys

Do you have a kid who likes to stand out? Well these shorts would be great for them, as the design is a little bit outside of the box. However, it isn’t too untraditional, so just about any young one would like the interesting and colorful design. There are a handful of variations to choose from.

With a smooth and sleek design, these shorts look great while playing a scrimmage game on the court, or heading to the amusement park for the day. The moisture-wicking material gives these a wonderful practical element, so if riding water attractions, you won’t be dripping wet all day.

A blend of traditional basketball shorts material, and shiny silky material, really make for a beautiful presentation that can definitely be seen from the stands, if watching your kiddo play a game of basketball. The waistband sits flat, and comfortably, and the loose fit allows for plenty of movement. All the colors are great, but that soft purple is absolutely lovely.

These just look super duper comfy! Made from ultra soft fleece, we can imagine these being a solid loungewear option for kids. The plush material will keep them warm, but being shorts, they won’t get too hot. Coming in light and breezy colors, we are definitely getting some beach vibes. Look closely and you’ll notice the print is the classic Nike logo.

Nike Shorts for Girls

Girls will love either the rose-adorned pair, or the ones that feature pink and purple. However, for those who like more neutral tones, there are choices like red and blue. The design is excellent for any heart-pumping activities, and a liner prevents any chaffing, so they could be great to wear for a day at Six Flags.

A pink band featuring the traditional Nike logo lays flat against the stomach for a secure fit. More space is given within a looser fitting fabric that extends down the upper leg. We think these are a great choice for basketball, or even soccer. Sustainable materials have been partially used to create this lovely pair of shorts.

A compression under layer provides excellent protection when biking or running, and the lightweight exterior layer adds depth, and a downright cool look to the overall garment. A drawstring allows the waistband to be fairly adjustable, making for an absolutely perfect fit that will stay in place during cross country practice.

Colors meld together like a beautiful work of art on these summery shorts that come in pastel pink, purple, or green. A relaxed fit makes for an ultra comfortable wearing experience, and the thicker waist band definitely looks like it wouldn’t roll up or dig into the skin like some would. So if your kids are looking for a comfortable pair of lounge or play shorts, these might be it.

Jordans are for everyone! The iconic Air Jordan symbol is printed down the side leg of the shorts. The compression style fit isn’t too tight, and quite breathable due to the jersey knit fabric. Three different colors come together to make a block-like design, which is both fun and eye-catching. Coming a little bit below mid thigh, these will protect legs when going on long bike rides.

Nike Shorts for Toddlers

We had to include a pair for little girls as well, and these running shorts will be even cuter when she is matching with mom! The basic design is reminiscent of the most classic Nike women’s shorts, so your little one will be ready to take on any sport! The moisture-resistant material takes on a whole new purpose when a toddler is wearing it, and we think parents everywhere might appreciate it.

We can’t forget the teeny tiny ones out there! Made like traditional basketball shorts, these micro-size bottoms are made for toddlers. The mesh design, with traditional Nike swoosh on the side, will look so precious while tiny tots run around in them, paired with a hometown team jersey. Simply adorable!

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