Best Nike Shorts for Men: 12 Top-Rated Styles Just for Him

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Nike shorts are a staple for any athleisure wardrobe these days. I mean, don’t they go with everything? Maybe you’ve only worn Nike’s traditional mesh basketball shorts — if that’s the case, you should definitely try out some other styles. Did you know they even have some fancier versions with a button fastener? Regardless, if you’re in the market for a great pair of shorts, Nike has you covered. We sifted through all the styles to bring you these phenomenal options.

Coming in colors like lemon twist and light mulberry, we love the fun vibe these shorts can add to an athletic look. However, the shorts are far more than just cool colors, they are made from sustainable materials that help preserve the earth. Soft 100% recycled cotton combined with polyester help create a soft fabric for these versatile men’s athletic shorts. The only tough part is  picking a color!

Dri-Fit is an ideal material for guys who just have really sweaty workouts. The moisture defying fabric is designed to move away from the skin, projecting liquid toward the outer layer, so it can evaporate quickly. No more soggy shorts on the drive home from the gym! The design of these is pretty basic, and they are multi use, made for just about any style of training or sports. The black colors with the simplistic Nike swish is a classic look.

While these are just basic shorts that dry quickly and have wonderful movement, they come in a variety of interesting colors, like camo and fire-engine red. However, for the more minimalistic guy, there is black, with a subtle Nike swoosh logo in the corner. The drawstring waistband means the fit is going to be just about perfect, whether ordering a size up, or down, depending on the fit that is wanted. Customers have noted that the shorts are a little bit longer than expected.

Sometimes guys want something that is soft, so here is this ultra soft terry material to fulfill. They don’t dry as quickly as some of the other shorts, but are ideal for hanging out around the house or maybe shooting some hoops in the driveway during the fall. We particularly like the Nike swoosh mark at the bottom of these, rather than the traditional smaller embroidered mark. It can be a nice change of pace for the athleisure wardrobe.

Men need breathability when running too! Less fabric means easier movement, and that’s why this is a great option for those men in your life who are super active. There is a brief liner, as well as convenient pockets that make room for the small extras that may need to come along for the run, such as a cell phone. Bonus: the materials for these shorts are sustainably sourced!

If you like a looser fit, then these are the shorts for you! While some customers didn’t love the extra-baggie, large-style shorts, some bought them for that very reason. They sit just above the knee and will definitely promote some breeze where it’s needed most on very hot summer days. Keep in mind, the material is not your average athletic shorts fabric, but can be a unique addition to your athleisure wardrobe. The material does allow for plenty of ventilation, which is a plus!

Are you a weightlifter? Or are you just into high intensity workouts that require quite the range of movement? Either way, these shorts were meant for it all — squats, weightlifting, you name it! The waistband keeps your shorts in place, preventing any unintentional slippage. Coming in those bold and beautiful colors, this is a wonderful option for an active dude. Workouts are hard enough, so the last thing you need think about is the durability of your shorts.

Need something that can go from play to professional? Nike has shorts that accommodate casualwear and even some light sports play! Heading to the golf course, but also plan to have a lunch somewhere nice? No problem. These delicately designed shorts are masculine and professional enough for your business meetings, but also great for a little bit of light activity. Choose from basic khaki or gold bold with mint green, the choice is yours!

Cargo shorts are an absolute staple! The multiple pockets, the durable fabric, the timeless look —it is all total perfection. You can wear a casual shirt with it, a T-shirt, or even a sports jersey and it just works. There are so many reasons we can think of to have a solid pair of cargo shorts in your closet. This Nike variation is made with ripstop fabric, so they truly are meant for the ruff and gruff activities of every day life.

Looking for something that’s really great to take on your next adventure? Being a little bit shorter, these hiking shorts have incredible movement, and the camo material will blend in with nature and surrounding foliage. They are resilient, and also waterproof, so no worries if you have to stomp across a gently trickling stream, or through a dewy morning forest. Plus, the fabric was made from recycled materials, so we’ll feel good about wearing these.

Are you really into yoga? Do you have a hard time finding something that can keep up with your super-skilled movements and logic-defying poses? While these shorts are made for men who love yoga, they look nice and neutral for any guy with style. To top it off, they look incredibly comfortable. Choose from interesting colors such as noir or redstone. Namaste.

We have three words for you: comfy, comfy and comfy! Made of fleece, these are oh-so-dreamy to the touch, and especially comfortable when wearing. There are a variety of colors to select from, all of which have a cool sun-faded look to them. The pair also features a signature zipper pocket  that will keep valuables extra safe. So yes, these are good to wear just about anywhere! Except maybe to a wedding, or business meeting. But who are we to say?

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