12 Nike Tennis Skirts That Look Cute On & Off the Court

Game. Set. Match

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When watching a tennis match on TV, don’t you just get the urge to buy an outfit even if you never pick up a racket? We don’t blame you, and neither could many other fashionistas out there who like to implement the look into every day style. Tennis skirts are often lightweight, moisture wicking, and super cute, making them an attractive, practical addition to your athleisure wardrobe. But hey, maybe you do play tennis! So then you have two reasons to keep reading our list of the very best Nike tennis skirts. We promise you’ll ace this look on and off the court!

This tennis skirt may look simple, but it’s functional and fashionable, making it perfect for any tennis player. The soft and stretchy material is comfortable while you’re on the court, and the super-cute side slit gives you extra room when running or even sliding on a clay court. It also provides easy access to tennis balls stored in the inner shorts, so it won’t slow you down when practicing the perfect serve.

The blue and red stripes on this playful skirt are just the perfect touch, so it can look adorable with a baseball jersey when visiting your favorite team, or a solid colored tank top. The skirt has been made from sustainable materials, so you can feel like you’re helping the earth out just a little bit every time you slip this lovely wardrobe essential on.

The straight fit of this skirt is ideal when opting for more coverage whenever hitting the court. The signature Dri-Fit material will help prevent sweat from sticking around too long during your extra exerting matches. We love the white color, as it is casual and neutral. The fabric is lightweight, and has just the right amount of stretch so you can perform at your peak ability.

Customers from all around the world have purchased this basic skirt that should be a part of any athletic wardrobe. The material is light and the fit is pretty seamless. The overall design is quite basic, which means the uses for this particular selection are abundant. The black color, with subtle white accents, is wonderfully designed to go with a variation of adorable tennis tops.

This is a three-toned clothing article, so one variation features white, gray, and blue all at the same time. Of course there are other color variations too. The playful skirt flows in the wind, while the under short portion provides all the coverage one would need for complete discretion. The pleats are too cute, and kind of reminds us of an old-school cheerleading skirt.

Coming in a white as snow hue, this fun skirt goes with just about any thing. We love how the double-lined fabric moves with the body during a match, while having a playful element about it. The waistband is designed to smoothly lay across the abdominal region, for minimal fabric bunching. You will be the sleekest mom in the school pick up line.

Actually labeled as a yoga skort, we think the title tells just how versatile tennis skirts really are. You shouldn’t have to be great at tennis to feel like you can buy one of these practical and super cute clothing articles. Shorts extend a little bit beyond the hem line of the skirt, and we think it’s a pleasantly unusual presentation. We can definitely see ourselves getting on board with wearing these during a hot yoga session.

Nike designed this double layered, multi-pleated skirt, so you could stand out while on the court. The fabric twirls and swirls in the wind, and you certainly will be making heads turn — in a good way! This is one of those pieces that when you put it on, you just want to spin around in different ways to make the fabric flow in the breeze.

Giving off those same vintage cheerleader vibes as some other picks, the pleats in the skirt add a nice range of dimension, and the length is perfect for those who don’t want something crazy short. Some customers note that it is actually quite adorable for older women, particularly those who don’t want to show too much leg. But you can still be flirty!

Sometimes an athletic outfit needs a pop of bright pink — fuchsia to be exact. And there is even a subtle pink Nike swoosh on the bottom. While the skirt isn’t as ruffled as some of our other picks, it has the right amount of wave at the hemline, to give it some gentle movement, and an absolutely perfect flared shape.

Some customers have noted that the skirt is a little bit shorter than expected, but overall really like the fit and comfort of this out-of-the-box option. The material isn’t as slick as the typical tennis skirt — it is actually made from a cloth like material that is still designed to dry relatively quickly. The comfy nature of this particular selection makes it a really cute option for wearing around the house.

How adorable is this striped pattern? What makes it even more interesting is the different directions that the fabric has been placed. It’s completely unique, and it is sure to stand out on the court, if that is what you are going for! We can only imagine the conversations this lovely piece would spark, when out on the court with your friends.

We’ve shown you lots of tennis skirts, but how do you feel about a tennis dress? Just for fun, we decided to throw one in, and the Naomi Osaka tennis dress is the perfect combination of fashion and sports. This match-ready dress features sweat-wicking fabric and zoned mesh for ventilation, so you’ll still look cool while working up a sweat. The overall fit is slimming, and the length is considerably modest.

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