Everything You Need to Host The Perfect Oscars Party

Lights. Camera. Action.

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The 94th Academy Awards will broadcast Sunday, March 27, 2022, and will have us sitting on the edge of our seats more so than Daniel Craig‘s latest Bond film. Below are gathered a host of ideas for your Oscar viewing party, and we didn’t forget the decorations or games.

So, roll out the red carpet, throw on the Licorice Pizza and invite your friends to your star-worthy Oscar Night.

Where Can I Watch The Oscars?

Unless you’re hosting just a pre-Oscars party, you’ll need to arrange a way to watch the main event. The Oscars will broadcast over local ABC stations, so you can use an antenna, or opt for one of the following services. According to the abc website, “Live stream on abc.com and the ABC app is available with a participating TV provider account in select markets only. Visit ABC.com/faq for details.”

Hulu+LiveTV typically includes ABC in all of its plans, which start at just under $7 a month. The streaming platform offers a wealth of entertainment, and comes in at a far better price than traditional cable or satellite. Consider a free trial if you aren’t totally sure if it’s the right fit for your home, alternatives for this event include DirectTVstream and YoutubeTV.

Best Picture Nominees + Where They're Available To Stream

Any good host will want to prepare by brushing up on the nominated films. Visit The Oscars’ official site to see a complete list of category nominees.

Below are the Best Picture nominees in no particular superstitious order, and the streaming service where you can watch it.

  • BELFAST: Laura Berwick, Kenneth Branagh, Becca Kovacik and Tamar Thomas, Producers, Available to Stream On Amazon Prime Video
  • CODA: Philippe Rousselet, Fabrice Gianfermi and Patrick Wachsberger, Producers, Available to Stream Exclusively on AppleTV+
  • DON’T LOOK UP: Adam McKay and Kevin Messick, Producers, Available to Stream On Netflix
  • DRIVE MY CAR: Teruhisa Yamamoto, Producer, Only in theatres
  • DUNE: Mary Parent, Denis Villeneuve and Cale Boyter, Producers, Rent or Buy on Amazon Prime Video
  • KING RICHARD: Tim White, Trevor White and Will Smith, Producers, HBO Now
  • LICORICE PIZZA: Sara Murphy, Adam Somner and Paul Thomas Anderson, Producers, Only in theatres
  • NIGHTMARE ALLEY: Guillermo del Toro, J. Miles Dale and Bradley Cooper, Producers, Available to Stream on HBO Now and Hulu
  • THE POWER OF THE DOG: Jane Campion, Tanya Seghatchian, Emile Sherman, Iain Canning and Roger Frappier, Producers, Available to Stream On Netflix
  • WEST SIDE STORY: Steven Spielberg and Kristie Macosko Krieger, Producers,Available to Stream on Disney+ & HBO Now (Starting March 2, 2022)


Transport to Oscars past by clicking on the nominees as far back as 1929. There’s nothing like a game of traditional trivia. “Who won best actress at the 2000 Oscars?” “What was the best picture in 1971?” The first person to answer 10 correctly takes home their own Oscars goodie bag.

Sure, you could have the pre-filled ballots printed from Pinterest most likely, and the winner with the most correct predictions takes home a bottle of champagne, versus a trophy. Or you could utilize these way cuter notepads, that feature movie tickets, film reels, clapboards, and the ever iconic Oscars trophy, for recording answers as the night progresses. Make sure everyone turns in their submission before the category is announced!

Let everyone attending your party create their own star on the “walk of fame“. Coming with 12 star stickers, you’ll also get a permanent marker for personalizing each star. It should be noted that the reviews state these will leave sticky residue behind on your floor. So to avoid all of that, consider purchasing a cheap, novelty, red carpet and placing your stars on that, instead of directly on tile, wood, or other permanent surfaces of your home.

Oscar Night Party Decor

Balloon garland kits are fun to put together, and can even be something you and a crew of friends can do, while sipping on some pre-party champagne or Cabernet. When draped over a doorway, or just placed as a picture backdrop, the tones of these balloons are most definitely on the elegant side. However, this decoration is versatile, and can even go well with a more fun and novelty themed party. Have the kids join in, with a washable marker, and turn the balloons into interpretive celebrity portraits. TikTok gold! That’s all we will say about that.

Whether used for decoration, or prizes, you can’t go wrong with the classic Oscar statue – – although this one is plastic. We can also see this making a great cake topper, on top of a lush naked red velvet cake, with decadent cream cheese frosting filling. If kiddos are involved, have them perform their own creative skits, and award these trophies, in a ceremony like manner, of course.

With a little bit more of a novelty feel, rather than the upscale vibes glassware would put off, these paper plates are great for parties exclusively for grown-ups, or even kids. No worries about breaking dishes, or even having to wash a pile of plates. Not only do the cute plates add to the decor, they are great for cutting down the workload after a night of partying. We aren’t sure if these are recyclable, but please recycle if they are!


We will jump into the most anticipated part of the evening—food! Food doesn’t have to consist of elaborate sushi boats (although gold star for you if you go for that). Have a stellar pizza bar with a variation of Domino’s favorites—they have a current promotion where they’ll “tip” you if you pick up your own pies. Double win! Take the spread next level by placing high end add ons, like olives, homemade garlic butter, organic red pepper flakes, arugula and ricotta, on the table. Tomato-based pizzas are rumored to go well with rosé wine. Having tried it personally, I can confirm.

Serve delicious Asian food, inspired by various regions, by simply purchasing your choice of meat, vegetables, and whatever else, and adding in these handy flavor packets from Omsom. The idea is simplicity, while providing recipes and instructions to perfectly execute a solid meal, like spicy Korean bulgogi. Recipes that are vegan and gluten-free are also available.

Not only will you capture the taste of cinema, this machine will also capture the smell, as it takes us back to our childhood, when watching our first film on the big screen. The old nostalgic look is true to the theater origins, and will work totally authentic in the corner of your movie room. If there were a “cherry on top”, to your Oscars party, this might be it.

With textured gold exterior rims, these transparent glass plates are nothing short of stunning. So if you’re looking to take your party to more of the upscale side, we can definitely see these being absolutely stunningly set up on your dining room table. The best part is, these would also look wonderful during holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, or even just for a romantic “at home” anniversary dinner.

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