Our 12 Favorite Apple Watch Bands for Women (Cute & Comfortable)

Functional Style

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Apple watches are almost becoming as essential as a cell phone. They perform multiple tasks, from tracking our exercise progress, calories, to our overall steps for the day. Some even have more advanced health technology, like heart monitoring. Pretty neat stuff. Did you know you could change the look of your watch regularly? Simply, this is done by purchasing various bands. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

Jump ahead by size:

If you aren’t familiar with the Apple Watch size differences, know that the Apple Watch Series 4, 5 and 6 as well as the Apple Watch SE come in 40mm 44mm sizes, whereas the older models from first three generations of the Apple Watch are 38mm and 42mm sizes. The series 3 is still popular and available for purchase, so keep this in mind.


The leopard print on the burgundy band is so subtle, it almost is barely noticed. But that can be a wonderful thing, since the band is not overly loud and can be worn with just about anything. Accents include a modest metal clip, and a lighter leather interior.

While made of woven nylon, this band may appear to be totally unfriendly to the super sweaty Apple Watch wearer. Quite the contrary. The band is actually water resistant, so can be worn while you’re hitting the gym. However, it does have a cozy appeal, that seems like it would be a great fit for winter fashion.

How cute is the checkered design of this pretty in pink watch band? Add a pop of color to a spring outfit, or just look even more cute while at the gym. Made of silicone, this option is most definitely durable. But we can’t take our eyes off of that plaid pink pattern.

Kate Spade designs will forever live on for their premium quality and refined appeal. With a thin appearance, the light brown leather is visible, just enough. Of course, the iconic Spade emblem resides tastefully on the exterior. Coming in a beautiful pink box, it’s quite giftable.

Looking for something that is made for workouts? Something that can easily be wiped down after a major sweat sesh on your stationary bike. You found it. Made from a high performance, comfortable material, this watch can be worn through the most rugged physical workouts. The green cactus hue is refreshing.


This stainless steel rose gold Apple Watch band will give a dress, feminine touch to the apple watch. It’s sold on Amazon and the seller offers a 1 year warranty with a full refund, so you can order with absolute confidence. It goes for $20 and the ratings all seem to be raves. If rose gold isn’t your thing, you can also get it in black, silver, champagne gold, and with or without the stones!

If colorful patterns are what you’re looking for, there close to a dozen different options from Laffav on Amazon. It’s made of high performance material that is sweat and oil resistance, not to mention dirt proof. And it’s under 10 dollars and in numerous sizes, patterns and combinations. Plus, it’s hard to argue with over 10,000 reviews.

Fits All Sizes

Leather is timeless, classic and goes with just about anything. Women can definitely pull off this rustic band. Sliding the attachments on and off of the watch is absolutely seamless and super easy. A small handful of colors are available to choose from, from light brown to super dark, nearly black.

What is it about vintage that we love so much? Could it be a nostalgia? Could it be because it represents an era where products exhibited far more quality? Being quite gender neutral, the simplistic brown band features leather on the exterior and suede on the interior.

Leather bands can be extremely dainty, as proves this thin beauty from Amazon. Various colors are available, but what might be the most striking combination is the top grain leather exterior, with lighter brown interior and a rose gold clasp. Stunning.

Turn your Apple Watch into an elegant piece, that can be worn to a business meeting, or on a date. The stainless steel band has just enough shimmer, and has a touch of femininity while still remaining quite casual. Side buttons allow for easy release. Other colors available include a graphite black and gold.

To round out our list, we’ve gone with an Etsy product that has been crafted with care and unparalleled beauty. Bundles of gray suede strands weave together with subtle embellishments. The result? A stunning statement piece that securely fastens that valuable Apple Watch to your wrist.

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