This Chicken-Themed Panda Express Line of Merchandise Will Leave You Wonton More

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If there’s one thing we love, it’s stopping at Panda Express after a long day and bringing home a steaming plate of fried rice and broccoli beef, or even better, having it delivered right to our door. The chain launched a line of mouth-watering merchandise so you never have to be without your go-to menu items. Read on for every delicious accessory so you can have your honey sesame chicken and eat it too.

Of course we’ve got to start with the most relevant item, the honey sesame chicken face mask! You can never have too many masks, especially one with mini pandas, honey sticks, and chicken legs all over it.

This is our personal favorite on the list: a candle that smells like honey sesame chicken. Add some flair to your living space and forget about the fruity scents for a bit — this one’s Tso yummy.

Then there’s the peppermint-colored mug with a family of pandas riding a bike. I repeat: panda bears riding a bike. What more could you ask for?

For those who love rocking a hat even on good hair days, you’ve got several yummy options: the honey sesame chicken cap, the “game-changer” cap featuring a yellow chicken embroidery, and the bold “nuff said” cap that lets everyone know you’re the true OG.

Next up are the orange chicken-inspired tote bags, perfect for our eco-friendly pals out there who love bringing along a reusable bag to the store. I’m getting hungry just typing this.

Complete the look with a colorful pair of shades (since your dinner plans are looking extra bright) and an adorable pin shaped like a takeout container.

And we can’t forget about the many clothing items, of course. They’ve got graphic t-shirts in multiple styles, so there’s something for everyone, and super soft-looking socks.

Last on our list are onesies for both kids AND adults — why not try a taste of both? For the grand fashion finale, there’s a pale yellow blazer (covered in pandas, honey sticks, and chicken, of course) that will make a statement no matter where you go.

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