The 23 Best Peppa Pig Toys Kids Are Loving

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Families of all ages and sizes are getting into the Peppa Pig craze, and it’s easy to see why. Aimed at preschoolers, the show features charming designs, kid-friendly storylines, and plenty of characters with big imaginations. There are tons of fun moments to re-enact or recreate with the wide assortment of available Peppa Pig toys.

This talkative, cheerful plush oinks, giggles, and makes a fantastic companion for naps, car rides, and more. Comes with 3AA batteries for a sound demo. Available in princess Peppa designs, you can also pick up a George doll, so siblings can each get their own go-anywhere friend. Available in a range of outfits, your little ones can play with “Princess Peppa” or choose the George doll design with a fun dinosaur costume.

The perfect night time routine set, this bedtime story and flashlight combination takes reading together to new heights- like space exploration! The flashlight interacts with the storybook pages, and kids can enjoy reading by themselves or working the light while mom or dad tells the story. Reading the story by flashlight makes a convenient way to stagger bedtime routines for families with multiple children without waking kids who have already gone to sleep.

A great bath time toy for enticing in reluctant little ones, this floating boat with removable characters offers tons of options for storytelling and make believe. Reviewers note that, like many bath toys, it does need to be drained after each use to ensure no water stays trapped inside.

A sturdier version of classic dress up toys like paper dolls, this magnetic dress up set functions like a puzzle. Tell stories, play pretend, and narrate Peppa pig’s day in fancy clothes, work uniforms, and more. With thirteen outfits plus hats and other accessories, you’ll never lack for just the right costume for Peppa’s adventures.

A traveling dollhouse/ princess castle combination toy, Peppa Pig’s deluxe castle playset comes with multiple characters, furniture, meal props, and more, and is sized to fit many other Peppa play figurines, so your storytelling possibilities are endless. It’s easy to clean up and put away with the fold close design, and travels conveniently too, making it a perfect overnight toy for staying at a grandparent’s house.

Help Peppa plant a garden with this pretend play set of gardening tools. The water pitcher makes pouring sounds and says several voice lines, so kids get an immersive play experience with their favorite cartoon character. They also offer a tea party pretend set with a talking teapot that makes pouring sounds whenever you fill a glass.

A sturdy foam puzzle is just the thing for rowdy children who aren’t ready for cardboard puzzles yet. They’re easy to clean and comfortable to hold, and with 25 pieces, this one isn’t so challenging that it will frustrate young kids. Amazon reviewers rate it highly, and many have commented on itss durability and ease of use in reviews.

Crayola’s Color Wonders series has been a favorite of parents looking to avoid messes, whether intentional or accidental, for a while now. The markers draw only on the included papers. This set comes with 18 Peppa Pig coloring pages plus five markers to color with. The mess free design makes it a convenient choice for travel, keeping kids distracted while out at dinner, or for coloring on car rides.

Let your little one bring along those favorite Peppa toys in this tin purse style carrier. Magnetic toys will even stick to the metal frame, so it’s a great play table in cars or other forms of transit.

Bring along Peppa Pig’s entire family with this four piece set of cuddly friends. Perfectly sized for small hands, these huggable stuffies are great for sleepovers, bringing along to story time or the library, or any other errand running where your little one may want the reassuring presence of a soft and squeezable friend.

You may have a budding cartoonist or animator on your hands, so why not get them started early with a mess free drawing tablet like this magnetic easy-erase tablet. The travel sized design means they can draw whenever the inspiration hits, and the attached stylus makes it hard to lose parts or pieces. Practice letters, learn shapes, and more with this magnetic tablet that’s comfortably sized for smaller hands, and half the price of a full sized MagnaDoodle to boot.

Shapes, colors, numbers, telling time; this is a learning toy with tons for kids to pick up on. Kids who are fascinated by clocks will love finally having one they can get their hands on worry-free, and young children will be delighted by the Peppa design on this easy to operate puzzle. Numbers are printed on both the pieces and the puzzle itself, so children can practice matching by the numbers, as well as colors and shapes.

Join Peppa Pig and Mummy as they go on holiday with this high-flying plane. Their bags are packed and the pilot is ready to take off. A great toy for children headed off on their first flight, or who enjoy story telling and pretend play, you’ll encourage their imaginations with this toy set. The plane also makes music and sounds, including playing Peppa’s “Flying High” song.

When it’s time to play fancy dress up party, this little jewelry box has everything you need to feel as pretty as a princess. Along with play jewelry, it also comes with a pair of hair clips and hair ties. Gives your little ones a place to keep all those outdoor treasures kids love to save, like seashells or feathers, carefully stored.

Give your little one an ideal working space, whether it be for an art project, or preschool studies. Sitting low to the ground, the small desk is easy to access for young kids. The worksurface is relatively large, and features bright and colorful displays of Peppa and her friends! We also like the built-in cup holder which can be utilized for sippy cups or crayons. Pull out storage is built in underneath, and is ideal for keeping other toys and school supplies. The product has a 50 pound weight capacity, and is made from engineered wood.

Attempt to create some positive association to doctor visit for kids, with this fun eight piece nurse kit, which comes with a nurse Peppa Pig carrying case. Inside, young ones will be delighted to find a pretend stethoscope, and a pretend syringe, along with a patient bracelet and other medical related accessories. Maybe you’ll inspire their future career!

There’s a lot going on in this little motor home of Peppa Pig. With four family pig characters, kids can interact with the various movable and converting pieces within the RV. Bunkbeds pull down, there’s an adorable little campfire, and a hammock is revealed for lounging on the roof. If your kids already have the family red car Peppa Pig toy, then they are in luck, because it well hitch to the camper to work collaboratively.

Of course we had to include the adorable red family car, that attaches on the back of the motorhome toy. More than just a rolling car for kids to push and play with, there are a few interactive aspects, such as the horn which plays music from the show. The trunk also opens up, and can be a fun place for kids to store Peppa’s imaginary luggage, for an adventure somewhere magical. A Peppa figure, and Peppa’s mom comes with the set.

Kids will be able to come up with numerous imaginary scenarios with this veterinarian play set. Peppa is dressed fittingly in a nurse outfit, and can scan her little turtle patient in the x-ray table to make sure he is healthy and well. Keep in mind that the parts with this particular toy are quite small, when it comes to choosing whether or not it is right for your child. The recommended age for this product is three and up.

Encourage kids to take a break from the sugar, and just enjoy some imaginary treats! The Peppa Pig ice cream truck totes around various molds, to create adorable ice cream cones. Popsicle sticks with pretend cones on the bottom are included, and even the back wheels of the truck can roll over Play-Doh to create sprinkles and other colorful toppings. Five canisters of Play-Doh come with the set. And if you are worried about kids making a mess with Play-Doh, just think about how difficult it is to get slime out of stuff.

Buying a smart phone for young kids is so overrated. Let them enjoy being a kid, and exploring their imagination, while still letting them experience having a handheld device. Device may be a strong word, but young kids will enjoy talking with Peppa, or receiving voicemails from the rest of the lighthearted piggy family. Four interactive games will introduce them to basic math skills. On Amazon, the product has over 4000 reviews, most of which are positive. However, aside from being durable, some note that the volume is really low.

Yes, this is an adorable Peppa Pig toy, but it also has a variation of uses. The most significant one is that it is a fidget toy, that can help ease anxiety and stress, or can boost logical thinking. Particularly, these toys can be a wonderful distraction or stimuli for children with autism. However, anyone can enjoy playing the game that is explained in more detail in the products description. Overall, this pleasantly colorful Peppa Pig shaped toy is a great addition to an Easter basket, or serves grade as a gift on its own. The material is also eco-friendly.

It’s really a watch, but it also introduces kids to early and essential concepts of numbers and counting. Kids can feel proud wearing their own personal watch, while being able to learn one of life’s most useful skills—telling time! Choose from two vastly different color patterns.

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