18 Essentials For Your Pet First Aid Kit, Because Even Furbabies Need TLC

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In many homes, pets are as much a part of the family as any human, and learning to take care of their cuts, bumps, and tummy-aches is a necessary skill set to ensure they live happy and comfortable lives. With some basic first aid training and the right kit of essentials, you’ll easily be able to handle non-emergency medical care whenever it’s necessary.

Used by professional groomers to rapidly stop bleeding from the accidental cuts that sometimes happen while trimming nails or fur, styptic powder quickly stops bad bleeds that aren’t bad wounds. While it isn’t a substitute when stitches are necessary for severe cuts, it can come in handy for anyone who wants to try grooming at home.

Review Highlights

“Trimming your dog’s nails too short is something you never WANT to happen, but I feel much safer knowing that I have this product… It’s a great first aid product to have on hand, and I would recommend it to anyone who cuts their pet’s nails!”

Useful for preventing wound licking, these breathable, waterproof bandages don’t pinch or stick to fur. They’re also useful as a muscle wrap for older pups or after strenuous exercise. Comes in a multi pack, so you can choose a wide wrap for muscles, or a narrow one to cover bumps and bruises while they heal.

Review Highlights

“My dog sliced his pad so we needed a bandage that had grip so my lab wouldn’t slip on tile or wood floors- these worked great, stayed on, and provided non-slip support”

Versatile and useful for every kind of skin issue, Sulfodene helps patch up irritated spots caused by scratching and allergies, helps smooth over cracked skin caused by weather extremes, and creates a barrier over wounds that can help stop dirt and bacteria from intruding.

Review Highlights

“I normally use the spray form of this on any skin irritatations and it works great. It helps them heal faster. Kind of like neosporin for a dog. This works just as well as the spray.”

The best protection against extreme temperatures burning your pets feet is a good pair of booties, but if your furry friends have access to the outside while you’re at work for the day, there’s no real way to enforce that “shoes-on” rule. Soothe the after-effect with this wax balm, perfect for pets who have walked on ice or snow, been burned by hot sidewalk, or had their feet pads exposed to road salt by accident. You can also apply it before walks to help prevent damage. 

Review Highlights

“Living in the Northeast, I deal with snow, salt, ice, and blistering pavement in the summers, and this product is an absolute miracle. I purchased three more containers today.”

Just like the healthiest humans, even well-cared for pets are nearly guaranteed to need emergency medical care at some point in their lives. Whether it’s an accident or an illness, having coverage in an emergency can help you keep your focus on your fur baby, not on big bills. A smart decision for most pet parents, it’s even better for peace of mind if you’re adopting a pet with an unknown medical history, which is why so many shelters have started offering a year of free pet insurance to adopters.

Review Highlights

“The cost of my cat Bender’s care the first year was nearly $13,000. Petplan insurance means you can go the extra mile for your best friend. They even covered his stem cell treatment!”

Not just useful for cleaning wounds, hydrogen peroxide is an also a useful emetic for dogs. Do note this is only for dogs, because you should never induce vomiting in cats. The poison control hotline is the best first call for pet parents when a pup eats something scary, dangerous, or disgusting; some things you should never induce vomiting to remove, so it’s best to be absolutely certain before you administer peroxide. A call to the vet or poison control has to come first, and the dog must have eaten the offending material immediately beforehand, otherwise it’s a guaranteed vet trip.

Review Highlights

“Cheap, large size bottle and works great! A must have first aid supply in every household.”

Always confirm with a vet before giving your animals medication, because dosing varies based on age, weight, and other health factors, but keeping the correct dose of Benadryl on hand may stave off Anaphylaxis from bee stings or other insect bites long enough for you to get to an emergency vet and get the care your pet needs.

Review Highlights

“I’m never without it in my dog’s medicine chest, and I use it myself for seasonal allergies”

Some dogs are prone to frequent ear mites, infections, or wax buildup, and their miserable scratching is obviously uncomfortable. Pups that swim or roll in the mud are especially susceptible to needing a medicated rinse or wipe to prevent problems.

Review Highlights

“We battle ear infections and this has been a great solution”

Reviewers rave about this best-selling fish oil for pets, notably focusing on how it suppresses the symptoms of arthritis in senior pets, seeming to help their mobility and their comfort while sleeping. Others love the glossy, healthy-looking coat their pets grow while on a diet containing fish, but dislike the smell of a fish-heavy pet food; this supplement lets them add a few teaspoons to other food flavors, minimizing gas and bloating while offering the health benefits of eating fish. That delicious fish aroma can also encourage picky pets to eat more, making it a great supplement choice for pets dealing with appetite-suppressing illnesses.

Review Highlights

“I’ve used Pure Alaskan for a few months now, squirting it in their food dish. I’ve noticed them appearing less stiff; quicker to get to their “feet” at the slightest noise, jumping up onto the couch like they’re not supposed to, and enjoying our long walks.”

Ichthammol ointment has a long history of treating eczema and psoriasis, but it’s also useful for the homeopathic treatment of other skin conditions. Pets suffering from bug bites, exposure to poison ivy or stinging nettles can find relief from this salve, and it’s even useful for drawing out splinters and ingrown hair and nails.

Review Highlights

“Great product. Highly underrated. Equestrians know all about it because we use it frequently on the horses, particularly to draw out abscesses and foreign bodies.”

Veterinarians prescribe a 1 percent silver sulfadiazine cream to aid in closing open wounds and abscesses, and prevent them from becoming infected. You can get a prescription for it if your fur baby is clumsy, aging, or gets frequent yeast infections. This OTC version isn’t as strong, but can be kept on hand for easy application to any skin problems or scratches.

Review Highlights

“Amazing stuff that we used on our dog’s paw pad after it tore. Didn’t seem to irritate her at all and it promoted healing. I recommend keeping this around for small wounds, scrapes, itchiness, etc.”

Sneaking pills into people food can be a good way to fool a picky eater into taking medicine, but vets warn against the high sodium options people frequently resort to, like meats, cheeses, and peanut butter. These tiny treats hide medicine in a healthier snack that still tastes great, and they’re available in chicken, salmon, and cheese flavors.

Review Highlights

“Found the magic wand for getting my 15-year-old kittie to take his medicine”

Hairballs are a common problem for cats, and this combination treatment and preventative works quickly to coat hairs in the digestive tract and make it possible for cats to pass them without vomiting. The main ingredient is cod liver oil, so be careful about pairing it with other fish oil supplements, as that can cause diarrhea.

Review Highlights

“My furbaby was miserable until I used this. Just one smear on her paw, and by the next day she was fine”

Pets often suffer from the same maladies as people, and urinary tract infections are a common problem in dogs, cats, and humans. While cats may have their symptoms treated best by a change in diet to prescription canned food, dogs can often get relief with OTC cranberry products like this urinary health treat.

Review Highlights

“Our female labradoodle developed a UTI when she was a pup … She has never had another UTI since I started her on the cranberry formula!”

Attempting to remove tics off an animal using tweezers, matches, or other home remedies can sometimes cause the tic to empty it’s digestive tract into your pets bloodstream; one of the worst case scenarios possible. The Tic Key is especially useful for pets that are frequently outdoors or anyone who brings pets along while hiking, camping, or hunting.

Review Highlights

“We’ve used them on dog and deer ticks, on humans and pets, works like a charm. We now have one on each key chain and one in the first aid kit.”

Milk of Magnesia is useful in the veterinarian toolbox as a laxative for dogs and horses. Also, if a dog eats something dangerous, a vet will sometimes direct you to administer activated charcoal or milk of magnesia to start absorbing the offending material or help pass it faster; always call before medicating an animal in this way at home.

Review Highlights

“Love this magnesium because it doesn’t include alcohol like most the others do. Price is reasonable too.”

A practical guide for all pet parents, this pocket guide covers everyday issues requiring first aid; best practices during emergencies, like evacuating before a hurricane; and common medical events, like how to provide the best care for a pet that is pregnant or nursing.

Review Highlights

“The illustrations were clear, the tabs make it easy to find in a true emergency.”

This lighted otoscope lets you check eyes, ears, and noses for signs of insects or infections in your pets. It’s easy to miss things with the naked eye, and taking a closer look can help evaluate when something requires more than over-the-counter treatments.

Review Highlights

” I brought with us to the vet, so she could show me how to use it properly and identify what I was looking for. My vet and the vet tech were both impressed with this product!” 

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