Pools, Splash Pads, and Blow-Ups That Transform Your Back Yard Into A Waterpark

Summer Fun

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Beat the heat this summer without fighting crowded beaches, long car rides, unscheduled closures, and the general chaos of summer travel. These splash pads, pools, sprinklers and blow-ups can keep you cool and calm while your family enjoys all the fun outdoor activities that summer can offer. Bring on the slip n slide races or jumping through sprinklers with older kids, and get ready to introduce babies and toddlers to their first water park day at home.

The whole family can enjoy some friendly competition with this sprinkler that’s perfect for all kinds of sports. Whether the kids are learning to shoot soccer goals, enjoying that croquet set, or playing volleyball, everyone can stay cool and refreshed with this toy. The adjustable spray height lets you tailor the game to just the right skill level, and included ground stakes means a sudden storm won’t blow your new favorite summer toy down the block.

Unlike most splash pads, this combination sprinkler and mini pool can stay inflated even without the sprinkler running, so you won’t waste water while your little one splashes. Ideal for families trying to keep both older kids and toddlers entertained at the same time, little ones can sit and splash while big kids jump around in the spray.

Pair this generously sized inflatable sprinkler with a pool, slide, or bubble machine, and you’ll have a backyard water park that’s sure to entertain.

Take a bite out of summer vacation with this fun jumbo sprinkler! Kids can have a ball with this three foot tall sprinkler that looks good enough to eat.

The shallow pool this splash pad creates is ideal for letting babies and toddlers explore. Bring along their favorite easy to clean toys and watch them sink or float, while your little one learns to tolerate, then learns to love, the spray of this fun fountain.

The whole family can enjoy this durable fold-up pool, since dogs sharp nails can’t pop the durable PVC. Avoid patch kits and cheap pools that inevitably get tossed at the end of summer.

This 18 foot slide features built in sprinklers, so kids slide easily into the waiting splash zone. Double lanes means kids age 5-12 can enjoy racing across the finish line all summer.

Better for bigger families, this three lane slip and slide gets even more kiddos in on the fun, with sprinklers that keep all three lanes slippery and ready to race.

Toddlers who aren’t ready for a real pool can still splash and play during the summer heat with this water table. They’ll love manipulating all the spinners, ramps, floating toys they can fit into this fun summer toy.

Make memories this summer with this charming splash pool with rainbow arches and spray spouts. Fill it with pool or bath toys and you’ll keep your little ones playing outdoors all day.

The perfect solution to introduce reluctant swimmers to water, the AquaPod features a durable vinyl base and water filled edges to keep enough water to be interesting, without overwhelming nervous children. The included fish toys add to the fun, with enough color and motion to keep kids engaged.

Let babies splash and play without burning that sensitive skin! The ideal travel companion, your baby can swim, or use this travel tent as a portable napper, or it can be filled with plastic balls and used for an easier-to-clean ball pit.

An inflatable pool may not last as long as other, really nice and expensive above ground pools, but as a trade off they are maintenance free and, again, super inexpensive. You can still cool off and get in a good soak post workout, or chill after doing lawn work with this little inflatable. Target offers small round pools and wading pools, so no matter how big or small your space, you’re sure to find just the right size option for your needs.

Target’s Sun Squad has nothing but adorable summer gear, from pineapple gear to unicorn essentials, and more, but for shark lovers there are new arrivals, and old classics, to dive deep into summer fun this year.

Be the king of summer on your block with a massive inflatable water slide and splash pool. Multiple riders can race down the slide at the same time, while the sprayers at the base of the pool take aim and soak.

Enjoy lakes, rivers, or the pool this summer with a fun novelty float like this cheery pineapple. Perfect for relaxing on while sipping on a bay breeze from a floating drink holder.

Turn any trampoline into a splash pad this summer with this trampoline sprinkler. Easy to install and customizable to fit your space, kids will stay cool and comfortable while jumping this summer.

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