Top 15 Potty Training Must-Haves

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Get the necessities together and hunker down, it’s potty training time. If your little one is showing the signs of readiness, it’s time to get prepared with plenty of rewards, useful aides like boosters and seats, hygiene helpers, and protection for car seats, sheets, and furniture.

Absorbency is key in training pants, and these cute Paw Patrol patterned trainers for boys work great to expose toddlers to the damp feeling of an accident without a difficult clean up. A great first choice for “Big Kid” undies. The stretchable elastic means an expanded fit range and easy on-off for quick changes after messes.

Learning all the steps at the same time makes for less work in the long run; help foster independent hand-washing skills with this durable, adjustable step stool. Three stage height adjustment makes it usable for years to come or for multiple children, and the sturdy design makes it a great choice for multi zone use, like in the bathroom for hand washing, then the kitchen for counter-height activities like baking cookies.

Keep germs at bay and matchbox cars out of the septic system with a locking lid. Many families going through potty training experience difficulty keeping kiddos bums on the seats and hands out of the bowl. A locking lid means a minute without supervision won’t give them the time to cause trouble- at least, not in the bathroom.

A waterproof, washable travel sack keeps dry clothes at hand, and makes it easy to transport wet gear home in case of an accident. These gender-neutral designs from Bumkins make it easy to use for multiple children, and they stay useful for dirty gym clothes or wet bathing suits, even after children outgrow the potty-training stage.

Great for an emergency “go” while you’re on the go, this fold-up non slip silicone potty cover adjusts standard, adult sized toilet seats to accommodate smaller sitters, while simultaneously forming a germ-proof barrier for little bums.

Talk about why you want your little one to learn to use the potty before you start toilet training. This lift-the-flap book full of Sesame Street characters is perfect for giving toddlers occupied while they practice sitting on the new potty.

For boys who want to copy dad or big brother, this easy mount urinal works just like a regular kids training potty; simply dump and rinse after use. The aiming toy makes potty training a game for young boys, and the urinal design makes it easier to use quickly, reducing accidents and messes.

Busy mornings dropping off older siblings or afternoons rushing to practice or appointments make for prime opportunities for accidents. Using pull-ups prevents kids from feeling guilty or embarrassed while they’re still learning their bodies’ cues.

Great for night use, or early exposure to the idea of sitting on the potty, these travel models are great to keep in the back of the car, at grandma’s house, or in the living room, especially if TV time is a reward your family employs for good toilet habits.

Chart your little ones successes with this dated star sticker chart. Perfect for taking notes about what worked and what didn’t, and motivating parents, as well as children, with a visual record of successes.

Nighttime accidents continue for many children well past the time when daytime potty training is accomplished. Keep night or naptime accidents from disrupting too much sleep with this waterproof mattress cover. Layer two sets of sheets, with a protector in between, for fast and easy changes in the middle of the night.

Keep accidents from staining car seats, strollers, or making messes in the grocery store cart with this travel car seat cover. Machine washable, and free from flame retardants or other suspect chemical coatings. Great for use even before children start potty training, as anyone who has dealt with a roadside clean-up after having a child vomit in their seat, or a diaper blow-out episode can attest.

When regular baby wipes get flushed, they cause huge problems down the line for sewer or septic systems that aren’t equipped to deal with them. These flushable wipes are a smarter choice for families with kids who still need the extra cleaning boost of a wet wipe instead of toilet paper, but aren’t looking to pay for a burst pipe anytime soon.

When kids are old enough to be trusted with nighttime access to the big toilet instead of miniature plastic portables, keep them from waking the whole house with this motion-sensing LED. Makes it easier to use the toilet without making messes, but without needing to turn on bright bathroom lights, disturbing melatonin production and making it harder to go back to sleep.

Unlike diapers, which wick moisture away from skin, training pants or other absorbent underwear often intentionally keeps messes near the skin to help children learn not to eliminate in their underwear. This, unfortunately, exposes delicate skin to the harsh effects of urine, causing rashes and breakouts. Soothe skin after an accident with a moisturizing barrier cream that won’t stain underwear or trainers, like Cetaphil’s lotion with Shea butter.

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