24 Practical Gifts That Will Make Life SO Much Easier


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Practical gifts are far from boring; they’re the things you can use every day. They save you time. They save you money. And most of all they let you maximize comfort by knowing you’ve covered every base and detail.

Never have that "where are my keys" panic again, just make sure to choose an easy combo.

Never worry about leaving out spare keys for family, guests, or anyone needing access with this Kwikset Smart lock.

Keep those leftovers and prepared meals fresh.

Preserve produce at its peak, or prepare meals in advance and store them in your freezer with with a FoodSaver.

Never worry about what's for dinner again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you spent less time worrying about what to make for dinner and more time enjoying it. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that takes the stress and guesswork out of cooking, making it an easy and delicious solution to that dreaded question of “what’s for dinner.” You choose the recipes ahead of time, the pre-portioned ingredients are delivered to your doorstep and in under 30 minutes, you’ll have a home-cooked meal without the hassle of planning or shopping.

Breaking down can be scary, stay prepared.

Be prepared for any roadside slowdowns with this kit by AAA. With a flashlight, poncho, jumper cables, and more; you can keep yourself out of a tough situation, or come to the rescue of someone else.

Because most of us hate to clean...

Make someone’s life a little easier (and cleaner) by hiring a cleaning professional from services like Handy.com. Scheduling someone to tidy up may not feel like a glamorous gift, but it will have their house sparkling like new.

When you want to know what happens next, but don't have time to open a book.

Anyone with a commute will appreciate audiobooks, and Audible makes it easy to always find your trusted standbys, or a new favorite.

Weekdays are busy enough, don't spend more time than you have to cooking dinner.

The internet’s favorite small appliance; the Instant Pot earns its cult following many times over. Use it as a crock pot if you’re a planner, or use it to pressure cook a meal as a last minute save if you’re staring at a near-empty fridge and thinking, what tonight?

Seasonal depression is a real thing, but this lamp will light up your life.

Winter; with it’s dreary weather and associated mood-ruining symptoms, has met its match. This therapy grade lamp will give you the boost of a day at the beach, even on the bleakest day of the season.

When you think the world is over b/c your phone is about to die...BOOM, power bank.

Phones are more than phones; they’re our calendars, our newspapers, our music-on-the-go. Keep yours going longer with this mobile power pack, good for recharging anywhere.

Meant to check temperatures, used to end arguments.

Any serious baker, BBQ Pitmaster, or devotee of any discipline of cooking where precision is key will appreciate this laser thermometer. Point it to your coals and instantly know whether you’re in range of savory, or are headed to singed. Or, if you’re getting ready for your summer pool party, check to make sure it isn’t too cold before taking the plunge.

Life can stink, literally...but this air filter will keep your home smelling fresh and new!

Air filters are the essence of practicality. Eliminate food odors, pet dander, smoke residue; they’ll guarantee comfort for all.

Because hot towels shouldn't be reserved for spas and first-class air travel.

Sometimes practicality is the strenuous pursuit of comfort; avoiding complications and enjoying every moment. Relax away with this simple, mini towel warmer.

When tangled cords are the bane of your existence, make life easier and just ditch them.

Make wireless calls comfortably, or enjoy your favorite music with freedom to move in these bluetooth headphones with built in microphone.

You can finally get to that family tree you've been talking about making.

Learn more about your family history with a DNA test from 23 and me. Research your ancestors only, or purchase an upgraded kit to investigate your unique gene patterns and how they affect your health.

Ample room for all your jewelry and ample room to admire its beauty after you put it on.

When closed, this jewelry armoire simply looks like a framed full-length mirror, but when unlocked and open, offers a generous amount of space for storage and display.

16. Airlines don't care if your luggage is designer, switch to a bag that can handle being tossed around.

Practicality sometimes demands paying more up front for a quality piece that you’ll use over and over. Stop buying cheap luggage that only lasts a single trip and enjoy a hard-sided case that will happily travel without complaints.

17. Dumbledore said it best, "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Small enough for a purse, pocket, or glove box; this mini Maglite has a powerful beam and sturdy body.

18. Everything deserves a space of its own...even your delicates.

Start every day off right with the sense of order that comes from planning and organization. These drawer dividers keep everything visible and in its place.

19. This book will absolutely spark joy, and should stay in your "keep" pile.

Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up can help anyone make their space a more peaceful, orderly, and enjoyable experience.

20. This isn't a regular lunch box, this is a cool lunch box.

There’s no gift more practical than one that can be used everyday. This multi-compartmented Bento box holds multiple small courses, for a diverse and enjoyable lunch. Pack a protein, a salad, and a small side, and the Bento keeps them all insulated until it’s time to enjoy.

21. We've all wanted to try our hand at calligraphy, these pens are step one.

A quality pen gets put away carefully, where it can always be found when needed. It’s a small touch that makes everyday tasks more enjoyable.

22. We all know you'll never get around to having those pictures printed.

Sometimes life gets busy, and you don’t get recent photos printed, framed, and displayed. But a digital frame eliminates all hassle, and with this model’s included motion sensor, you won’t even need a reminder to enjoy precious memories.

23. Give the gift of saving time in the morning

Kettles have long been popular overseas and are starting to carve their place in the US. Make breakfast quick and easy by boiling water for french press coffee or oatmeal, and gently cook hard boiled eggs after the automatic shut off engages. Well worth the countertop space.

24. While we're on the topic of morning routines...

Speaking of valuable countertop real estate, this stylish Keurig K-cup display makes it easy for guests to see what’s on offer, while hosts can keep up with what’s running low and place those refill orders on time.

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